The power and dominance of the fourth patriarchs spiritual map Hum Chu Xian imitated the fourth patriarchs spiritual map let out a cold snort let

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The head is broken and the blood is bleeding.
In September, the summer in Ancheng is over. In the southeast of Liangcheng, the chief examiner in charge of this year’s rural examination is sitting in the hall. At this moment, he is frowning. Then I said to the little official below, you mean the flat-sized house was in disrepair for a long time and suddenly collapsed, smashing a candidate who took the exam in it? Didn’t I say that the maintenance fee of the tribute courtyard is included in the payment issued by the household department every year? This kind of thing will happen again, when the examiner said the last sentence, the examiner threw the teacup on the wooden table with a stern tone, and the lid of the cup fell on the table, making a loud noise.
The matter has already been ordered to be investigated by the lower officials, and I will definitely give an explanation to the adults. Fortunately, the life test was just a hole in the head.
Although he bled and passed out, the medical officer looked at it and said there was nothing serious.
Make a diagnosis and treat it. Life is worry-free.
It’s just like if someone dies, you can’t afford to walk around.
At this time, the chief examiner’s tone softened a little, adjusted his clothes, then got up and walked away, and took the official to see the examinee. The little official hastily wiped the sweat from his forehead.
Candidates are killed because of the collapse of the number room, which will definitely cause trouble.
There must be a group of people who are unlucky. This definitely includes the chief examiner. Just a lack of supervision is enough to make him bear a fault. If another opponent takes this If you make a fuss about attacking him, his life will be difficult in the future, but if there is nothing serious about people, big things can be turned into small things.
This makes sense. Everyone knows that a remote numbered room in the Gongyuan can be seen in front of this numbered room.
Halfway through, lying on the front steps was a young man with a bloody head and blood all over his body.
At this moment, his teeth were clenched. I don’t know how many people are around him.
Heal the young man.
As soon as the chief examiner came, everyone stood up and saluted. The chief examiner waved his hand and asked what happened. It’s nothing serious. He was really relieved to hear the medical officer say that. Since there’s nothing wrong, let him rest well and seal up this room for me.
Don’t disturb other candidates. After all, the rural exam is the most important thing My lord is also full of affairs, how can I be distracted by these trivial matters? Thank you, lord, after finishing speaking, he thought of something, and asked again, now that he has passed the second subject, right? This time the township examination is based on the usual practice, and there are five subjects in total. After two days of exams, today is the first day of the first subject. I just finished the first subject and took a short break before starting the second subject. Hearing this, Mr.
Xie shook his head and glanced at the examinee whose face was covered in blood and was still fainting. It’s a pity. After he finished speaking, he turned around and left what he meant. Everyone knows what it means. When the five subjects of the provincial examination were finally evaluated, there was no less than one subject. The candidate was knocked out before finishing the first subject. I can’t keep up with the score of one subject, and the rest of the subjects are no matter how good the test is, it is useless and impossible to pass, so Mr. Xie said it’s a pity. After Mr.
Xie left, someone immediately carried the fainted candidate to the Gongyuan Hospital After all, it’s not a problem to lie here in the middle of the hall. It’s even more unsightly. The officer in charge of the records of the Gongyuan needs to record the process of the rural examination in the record. In the autumn of 1995, on the third day of September, at a quarter of an hour, Yuzhou Ancheng Township was absent due to illness, and Kao Chuxian woke up the next day. The blood on his head had been wiped clean, and the wound was healed by the doctor with a small rejuvenation technique, but the scars did not After waking up, Chu Xian still felt a splitting headache.
It wasn’t because of the wound, but the very real dream he had experienced before.
In the dream, he actually experienced more than thirty years until he was nearly half a hundred years old It was interrupted because he woke up, the things in the dream were too real, as if he had personally experienced it for a year, every day, every day, and he remembered it clearly.
If he hadn’t woke up suddenly, looking at the things in front of him and slowly recalling the memory, Chu Xian wouldn’t even know it. Before he was in a dream, there was a dream of yellow beams in ancient times, so I don’t think it’s been a long time before Chu Xian muttered to himself. At this time, he also remembered how he was dizzy before.
At that time, he was taking the first test in the number room, and the result had just been written. Halfway through, I heard a strange sound above my head, and then there was a click, and the beam broke and hit my head.
Everything came back to me. Chu Xian looked at the sky outside the window, and suddenly jumped down from the bed with an exclamation. What’s going on with the second subject? You know he didn’t even finish the test papers of the first subject.
Chu Xian ran out in a hurry and just ran into a medical officer.
From the doctor’s mouth, he learned that he had been in a coma for a day and a night.
Afterwards, he almost didn’t faint again. It turned out that it was already the second day, the fourth subject was just finished, and the exam for the fifth subject, strategy, was about to start soon, which meant that he actually missed the entire four previous exams.
At this moment, Chu Xian stood still.
If you are struck by lightning, the medical officer knows that for a candidate, the township test is completely useless this time, let alone the name of the top student, so he comforted him and said that he will take the test next year. You must know that even if you pass the five subjects, you can really pass Only less than 10% of the candidates who passed the examination to become the top students were less than 10% of them. At the beginning, I took the local examination and took the exam for five full years. Then I finally passed and became a top student.
Then I entered the official career.
There are many people who fail to take the exam for ten or twenty years.