The places where the attack is the weakest part of Konoha such as with the big snake Marus simple mention of a few place names

The All Heavens Office can accept all kinds of business from the heavens and the world, but not everyone who wants to invite the All Heavens Office to do business is not qualified, and only someone appointed by the original will of the world can come here to negotiate business. Threats demand the eradication of the sacred tree, as long as the price is right, there will be no problem. The situation in the world is chaotic, and catastrophe will continue to be needed. As long as the price is right, there will be no problem.
Evil traversers appear in your world.
They are extremely greedy and even threaten the balance of the world. As long as the price is right, I’ll help you kill him. Someone in your world is traveling through a system called a plug-in to dominate the entire plane.
Urgently need help. A little bit of cold light first arrives, and then the gun shoots out like a dragon. I use my hands to fulfill your dreams. My hands are already stained with sin. I slapped the alarm clock on the bedside to turn it off, and then Ling Yun’s body sat directly on the bed. After getting up, I slowly opened my eyes and glanced at the electronic calendar on the opposite wall. My blurred eyes instantly recovered. I got up, washed, washed, combed my hair, and dressed. All the work was done in one go, and it was completed in the elevator in just ten minutes. He took out his phone and checked the time again, then put it in the inner pocket of his coat, then raised his head and silently counted the number of floors on the screen, went out, and ate two steamed buns and a bowl at the breakfast shop at the entrance of the community Congee walked to the company not far from home, refreshed. From the moment he opened his eyes, all of Lingyun’s activities were so orderly. From waking up to breakfast, no more, no less, exactly 20 minutes It’s also the same precision. If you don’t know, you will think that he is a soldier who has just retired. In fact, Ling Yun has never been a soldier. The good habits are all due to his own personality. Passing through the park in the middle of the street, Ling Yun found the forest trail. There is actually a fortune-telling booth set up on one side of the booth, which attracts people’s attention, but sitting behind the booth is an old man with a ruddy complexion and smooth skin, but with three strands of snow-white beard trembling slightly in the wind, which has a somewhat fairy-like charm.
It is a newly set up Gua booth.
Ling Yun is very sure of this because he passes this park at this time almost five days a week, but he has never seen this Gua booth before. However, although this Gua booth is novel, it does not attract Ling Yun.
Stop for even a second, as a good young man who was born in New China and grew up under the red flag, Ling Yun doesn’t like these feudal superstitions from the bottom of his heart, this little friend, please stay in Ling Yun, walking at the same pace from Ling Yun When passing by the hexagram stall, the old man with a sense of immortality suddenly said, Ling Yun stopped subconsciously and cast a puzzled look at the old man who told the fortune teller, but saw that the old man showed an inscrutable smile and said indifferently, “My little friend, Tianting.
” There is a roar between the square and round brows of the plump ground pavilion, I still have the red luan star shining! Ling Yun curled his lips in disdain, but still took out ten yuan from his pocket and threw it on the stall It’s not easy at your age.
I’m still in a hurry to go to work. Don’t bother me. The old man didn’t even look at the money that Ling Yun threw on the divination booth. He stretched out his hand and put three copper coins into Ling Yun’s hand. He smiled slightly and said, little friend. Don’t worry, I see that your lucky star will shine brightly soon, and you will have a great fortune.
Why don’t you let the old man make a divination for you? It doesn’t work.
You don’t need money.
While talking, you seem to inadvertently throw Ling Yun on the divination booth for ten yuan.
The movement of kicking is called flowing water, but at this moment, Ling Yun did not despise this money-greedy old man, but looked at the copper coin in his hand suspiciously. He clearly remembered that he did not reach out to pick it up, and when the other party handed it to him, he did not force the copper coin.
Why did it run into my own hand? Although he was puzzled, Ling Yun still didn’t intend to delay his working time because of the fortune-telling, so he casually slapped the copper coins on the five-element plate on the table of the hexagram stand and said impatiently, “I’m really in a hurry to go to work.
” Don’t bother you, I’m rich.
Goodbye. After finishing speaking, he turned around and left.
The old man subconsciously looked at the hexagram stall. Suddenly, a gust of breeze blew past. Originally, such a breeze could only blow a few sheets of paper at most, but at this moment, he moved the three copper coins in an unreasonable manner. As soon as the blow came up, it slid out of the five-element plate and the table fell to the ground one after another.
The old man couldn’t help but shouted loudly when he saw this I said, I don’t plan to become a monk, you should convert yourself, but you don’t stop at your feet, but you don’t stop planning to get away from this old liar quickly.
Hearing this, the old man hurriedly explained loudly, My friend misunderstood me, which means that my friend’s fortune is profound. There will be a great opportunity to escape from the three realms and six realms of beings, you are a zombie, your whole family is a zombie, Ling Yun replied fiercely without turning his head, but he couldn’t help speeding up a few minutes, and he had already walked out in a moment. Looking at the back of Ling Yun leaving in a hurry in the big park, the old man couldn’t help but shook his head helplessly and muttered, “How many young people nowadays don’t believe in fate, they always like to say what I want to do It also means a big responsibility, but judging from the hexagram of this kid, it seems that it won’t take long But fortunately, there was still time before Ling Yun resumed his usual speed and walked towards the company unhurriedly, because his daily habit is to arrive five to ten minutes earlier than others, but it is not too early or late, but it has a lot of advantages Even if there is a delay of three or two minutes, there is no need to worry about being late. When Li Lingyun stepped into the company’s gate, many people had already arrived in the company.
He glanced at the wall clock on the wall, and it turned out that it was only three minutes before eight o’clock.