The pillar didn’t move what are you shouting about Ji Wu is wronged Li Baobao has nothing to love at this time can you stop

Started his path of self-cultivation, life and death choices again and again, life and death parting scenes, scenes of hilarious life, he has a brother who lives and dies together, a lover who is inseparable, and a universe that only experiences once in three million years The order to return to Tibet in the defense battle has been issued this time.
The deer dies easily. Chapter 1 The robber was robbed. An ancient religion was broken. The flower on the other side. The weeds on the road were continuously rolled down and crawled on the ground, just like countless heroes of the rivers and lakes, bowing their eyebrows and falling to the ground in front of the power, everyone around the carriage looked tense and solemn.
Beads of sweat rolled down everyone’s faces, and with that expression, it looked very strange. From their flustered footsteps, one could tell that this was a group of ordinary people, but the three carriages did not look ordinary at all. Decorated with exquisite silk, inlaid with firefox fur at the gaps, and decorated with gold and jade curtains, the curtains are lowered, and it is impossible to see what is inside. The five horses pulling each cart are purebred rouge beasts. Such a group of people that ordinary rich and noble families can have together with such three carriages looks a bit nondescript.
Even if these people are not worthy to be the drivers of these three carriages, they seem to be protecting these three carriages.
Drive along this long-abandoned ancient road like a car Some things don’t happen if you don’t care about them Even though they care about it, dozens of tough people suddenly rush out ahead and block the way. Holding a knife and gun, there was faint blood spilling out from the body, and it could be seen that they were all fierce characters who had killed people. The leader looked a bit human, with thick eyebrows and tiger eyes, and he saw these people rushing towards the dozen or so people who were originally following the carriage.
Immediately curled up around the carriage, showing panic all over the body, a few people had short knives in their hands, but at this moment they were all shaking into a mess, not knowing what to do, the other party took the lead and looked at these dozen people contemptuously Take a look at your cowardly look, then look at your outfits and expressions, do you match this carriage? Now I give you a chance, as long as you get out immediately, your ants’ lives can be saved, but after he finished speaking, the dozen or so people not only did not leave Instead, the carriage got closer, and those with knives in their hands suddenly straightened their chests. The knives in their hands were held tighter, but there was a certain look in their eyes, but if no one answered the other party, it seemed that they could die under their protection.
Beside the carriage is their greatest honor in this life I really don’t know if it’s good or bad, then I’ll let you guys say it, and then the figure burst out and kicked the person in front flying away.
The skinny guy’s kick is not weak. This kick actually kicked the opponent three feet away and fell into the road. In the chaotic bushes nearby, there was an oops, and then they disappeared.
The dozen or so people guarding the carriage were not frightened by the skinny man’s kick that he thought was earth-shattering. On the contrary, he was confused by what he said. One of the older skinny men stood up and stopped the thin man who wanted to do something. He cupped his hands and said, “Hero, move slowly and listen to what the hero said. You are the skinny man who robbed you.” What is robbery? We are doing business without capital. Do you understand? Hahaha Dozens of people laughed unscrupulously.
Unexpectedly, the older man let out a sigh of relief after hearing this.
The whole person looked much more relaxed and wiped it The sweat on the forehead said that everyone was asking for money, so you said it earlier, you scared me to death, all the robbers couldn’t help but staggered, you are not afraid of robbery, so what are you trembling about? You are not afraid of robbery, you are afraid of it He, who was a little older, stepped forward and bowed deeply at this time, and said to all heroes, if you are asking for money, here is a few thousand taels of gold for you to buy some beer wine.
It is my master’s kindness. This sentence immediately made everyone present stagger A few thousand taels of gold to buy wine. Even if everyone here becomes an elephant, they will drown a few times. Besides, these robbers have worked on this road for many years. For a few thousand taels, I want to go home, renovate my old house, and buy another ten acres of land. This time, I can marry Widow Wang to that woman. That slut has always been a showman but not a body. Every time I see her, I feel itchy all over.
Her chest, waist, legs, and mouth will definitely let her show off her art and body this time. She must use at least ten postures to serve my mother. This time, she has to be like a big sheep. It’s a good bet that this grandson will use money to overwhelm me every time. This time, I finally have the money to treat my brother. He is paralyzed. All the robbers have various stars on their faces until they cough and beat. Only then did everyone wake up, at least a dozen of them woke up, and the first thing they did was to wipe their halazi quickly.
The front lapel was soaked, and after tidying up, they saw that the gold had been placed neatly in front of everyone. Six big gold pieces There are still some scattered pieces of gold on the box, and the big gold box is five hundred taels, which means that the gold is at least three thousand taels, but gold is not silver. Heroes, this is just waiting for all the belongings, just because the owner has urgent matters and needs to hurry, I hope all the heroes can wait for me for a convenient day, and then I will give my thanks to the robbers. It took a lot of effort to pull my eyes out of the pile of gold. I sneered. You thought I hadn’t seen gold.
As soon as I finished speaking, I heard someone whispering that you must have seen it, but have you seen such a big pile? Stop pretending, hurry up. take the gold and go