The pig said it but then again you snatched my Change Fairy its so powerful bang Shi Fan gave him a chestnut what your fairy

Content Introduction Shi Fan accidentally connected WeChat to the ancient Guanghan Palace in Journey to the West.
At this time, Wukong was still in his infancy.
Learn spells, chat with sister Chang’e about private affairs, it’s okay to tease the dragon girl, tell the three saints some adult stories, when the spider spirit falls in love with Tang monk, this is a different journey to the west, a love that spans time and space Looking at the avatar that came out on WeChat, Shi Fan pinched it painfully. If you were Chang’e, I would be the Jade Rabbit.
No, I am Sun Wukong.
I beat you to death with a stick.
Yes, no. Just about to close WeChat, Shi Fan suddenly stopped and looked. Looking at the woman on the head portrait with high cloud temples and jade bones and ice muscles, it hurts your uncle even more. This is too realistic, isn’t it? The woman on the head portrait has snow muscles, jade arms, wide sleeves fluttering, what is the legendary golden step shake on the cloud temples? It’s definitely a fake.
Shi Fan shook his head speechlessly. Women these days want to be famous.
They want to go crazy. How many times do they have to grind their skins to have this effect? Deceived by technology, mobile phone smart whitening technology can make you white even if you are a black man, er, no, it is a white woman. Face-lifting and slimming technology, I am afraid that even O’Neill can make you a fair lady, right? Who are you? Who, Shi Fan, keeps in mind that there is a risk in making a date with a gun and you need to be cautious when meeting.
You must never reveal your name and address easily. You must first ask the other party to confirm that you are not an acquaintance.
After all, the news about dating your own daughter has been reported in the news, let alone an acquaintance. Chang’e pretends to continue to pretend that Shi Fan is pinching the human being, the little fairy is Chang’e, may I ask who are you? How tall is the head of the female fairy? I failed to find a girlfriend again.
I am unlucky. Snake spirit disease.
What kind of disease is the snake spirit disease? Shi Fan, don’t pretend to be dead, get up quickly, and Yao Zhu is still waiting for you to go to bed! Looking at him with worm-like eyes, it turned out that it was just a dream.
I said it was so realistic. Only then did Shi Fan realize that he was dreaming just now. He quickly recalled that today is Yao Zhu’s birthday.
She specially held a birthday party and invited many classmates and friends. Among the invited people was Shi Fan.
During the dance, Yao Zhu invited himself into her room for a visit. As a result, Shi Fan saw Yao Zhu who was changing clothes. Not the most important, the most important, everyone knows that young master Shi is impotent and incapable of human affairs, this is the most terrible thing. Let everyone come to Qi Yaozhu and say directly, you dare to come and peek at my old lady, I just agree that you can sleep with me With just one sentence, Young Master Shi lost his battery. First he was accused of being indecent, and then he was ridiculed and despised by others. Many people watched Shi Fan completely fainted in a fit of rage. As a result, he had an unbelievable dream that he was shaken by Chang’e Shi Fan. You toad want to eat swan meat, you even broke into Zhuzhu’s room to peek at her changing clothes, you don’t know how much you weigh, you think you are still the young master of the Shi family, you are now a fallen phoenix, not as good as a chicken, knowing that the one who doesn’t speak is one A proud young man in an Armani suit. His name is Song Yuanqing. He is a rich young man. While speaking, Song Yuanqing stepped forward and hugged Yao Zhu’s waist, which is not too thin, showing that the possession of this woman is also a kind of Shi Fan. A blow in disguise.
The person you fancy is already someone else’s woman.
Isn’t that a blow? Haha, you really think that you are still the same young master Shi. You are just an outcast of the family.
It’s just trash, there is laughter all around again, Yao Zhu made a sweet gesture and leaned into Song Yuanqing’s arms, snuggled up to him, walked forward a few steps, looked contemptuously at Shi Fan, who was still lying on the ground, and sneered arrogantly, Shi Fan, I will tell you now The truth about you is that I specially invited you in and let you see this lady changing clothes and humiliating you to your heart’s content.
You know why Yao Zhu broke free from Song Yuanqing’s arms and walked around Shi Fan with a sneer, because you are impotent or impotent I heard that you are so young and pitiful, so my family Yuanqing is not afraid of any misdeeds from you, so I boldly invited you here just to humiliate you, you really dare to come, I just agree to have sex with you, can you? Can it go on? It echoed in Shi Fan’s ears over and over again, like a thunderstorm hitting his eardrums.
He just fainted just because of this. This is definitely a slap in the face for an inhumane man, and it’s a severe blow to the sky. It’s Shi Fan.
An eternal nightmare.
During a physical examination, he was found to be suffering from this hidden disease. The good news did not go out.
The bad news spread thousands of miles away, and no one knew who spread the news. As a result, the news of Shi Fan’s impotence spread throughout the capital overnight, and the Shi family felt deeply.
The Shi family, who was ashamed to be in the midst of internal strife, made an appraisal and abandoned Shi Fan on the grounds that he was not a member of the Shi family. Anyway, this matter is controlled by them alone.
Who really knows whether he is a member of the Shi family? In the end, the Shi family arranged for him.
After arriving at Zhonghai University, he didn’t even pay much for living expenses, and he became an outcast of the family.
Because of this incident, Shi Fan began to blow himself up, and those dudes who respected him when he was a young master also began to laugh at him for finding Opportunity to ridicule him, Song Yuanqing is one of them. For some reason, Shi Fan, who fell after being abandoned by his family, had a clear mind after having that strange dream, and swept away the previous decadence.
He got up and stood up indifferently.