The person who hugged him from behind in the room also woke up no wonder he had a dream of being entangled all night Lianhuans

Zhang wind blows across the lake, causing circles of ripples, even in the summer morning in the mountains, it is cold enough to go around the lake for a week, the gravel road and the runway have been repaired, but because it is a private resort, there are not many people who jog and exercise here in the morning Goal World During the transmission, the countdown counted down to 1981.
Emotionless mechanical sounds sounded from all directions. After the last second counted, a white light flashed in front of Shen Bai’s eyes, and then he opened his eyes and stood on the red runway by the lake.
Congratulations to the host for successfully entering the target world. The voice sounded, Shen Bai looked around and saw that the cold wind was blowing, his face was covered with ice, he stretched out his hand and rubbed his cheeks, but found that his hand was relatively small, he opened his mouth subconsciously, he didn’t expect that even the voice was different, even if the memory was blank, but subconsciously I also know that I should not be so young.
I am only ten years old now.
Shen Bai is a little disappointed, but within a few words, a small figure appeared in the distance. He looked at the person in the distance and asked if it was him.
It was the system’s answer, still straight-forward.
The first time he was doing a task, he couldn’t help but get nervous. There was a flower bed next to the runway.
I don’t know why he didn’t want people to find out, so he hid behind the flower bed and used flower trees to block himself.
Is it really okay for the system? He lowered his voice and asked.
Dao Lake is very far away, and the figure in the distance is still very far away.
I can’t even hear the sound from this side. His nervousness and lack of self-confidence are detected.
The system has switched to an intelligent anthropomorphic mode.
The attack is none other than the host. The naive and lively tone sounds very firm, which eased Shen Bai’s anxiety a little. The novice world mission is very simple, as long as the host completes the task according to the script, it will be fine. Even if it fails, there will be no punishment. The host must be confident.
Constantly comforting Shen Bai, he finally lifted his spirits.
This is a novice world for practicing hands. It will not be difficult. Even for the new body, he has to work hard.
He cheers for himself from the bottom of his heart.
As long as the mission is completed, he can get mission achievement points and earn a lot. After achieving the points, he can buy a new body in the system mall and return to his original world to live again.
And if he has extra achievement points, he can exchange them for money one-to-one. Maybe he has a lot of money and wants to buy anything without worrying about it. The task hasn’t started yet.
What to do after earning money has already been quickly passed in my mind. I hid behind the flower bed and observed secretly.
After seeing that figure slowly running over, Shen Bai began to take a deep breath. The eyes are big and moist, and when you take a deep breath, your small chest keeps rising and falling, and you have a serious face as if you are facing an enemy.
No matter how you look at it, you find it funny.
I am a scumbag.
I am a scumbag.
I am a scumbag.
After gaining the belief in Gong, he cheered himself up again. He was super attacking and would definitely be able to complete the task. The self-confidence came up, and the whole person was not nervous.
This confidence was inflated after the encouragement of the system. Working together, we will definitely be able to win the honorary title of the world’s number one scumbag. After a lot of cheering and cheering, the mission goal finally reached the nearby location.
When the system is near, I’m going, Shen Bai said in his heart, let’s go, his eyes were firm, so Shen’s confidence burst out, Bai just rushed out of the flower bed and stopped in front of Lu Wen, his arms stretched out like a bully in broad daylight, and his tone was arrogant. I stopped, but when I got close to him, I realized that it was wrong to speak. When he raised his face and looked at the thin boy who was half a head taller than him, the scene suddenly fell silent. The immediate answer seemed to be shocked by the scene in front of him. The 1.
2-meter hot-blooded atmosphere cooled down at this moment, and a lot of system voices were suspicious. He was stopped by a child with a milky voice. Lu Wen lowered his eyes and showed no expression. Shen Bai stopped talking, he planned to bypass Bai Bai, and the protagonist is about to leave. The system became anxious. This is the first task to set up Shen Bai’s scumbag. He is a bully who likes to bully people since childhood Poor, he was bullied since he was a child and grew up to be a substitute for Bai Yueguang in his heart. Of course, the more pitiful the better, you don’t want to go. Shen Bai is also in a hurry.
Take a step back to stop people. The melodious lines blurted out who are you? I’ve never seen you at home. The resort belongs to Shen’s family. He would come to live here every summer and said it’s not surprising that it’s home. Lu Wen raised his eyes and spoke softly. Lu Wen is really the protagonist. Even his voice is so weak, but when Shen Bai meets those big, ignorant and clear eyes, he can’t remember anything. Lu Wen is so weak but also so cute.
His pupils are black Youliang is trembling but pursing his lips. He feels aggrieved and feels aggrieved.
He is so cute.
Lu Wenmeng’s heart trembles. Even his voice is so soft. I have never seen him so cute before.
And the poor child Shen Bai suddenly became entangled.
Scum Gong, this creature is really good or bad.
Seeing that everyone wants to bully him, he felt really depressed. He remembered the candy in his pocket, when he was hiding behind the flower bed, he unconsciously put his hand in his pocket. It turns out that there is a lollipop, it should be fine to eat a candy, right? The system didn’t say you can’t eat it Immediately remind him, okay, immediately take out the lollipop in his mouth, his hands are still holding the stick, and his face is straight.
The sweet taste relieves the tension, not to mention that the opening line has already been spoken, and the next words will go much smoother. The little bully imitated the old-fashioned tone of an adult, put his hands behind his back and swaggered and said, I tell you this is my place, you want to live here