The person quickly turned around and left here with neat steps third uncle you should go back too report the matter here to grandpa listening

Chen Hao, a mysterious man. From the glory of Huaguo, he became an ordinary student. From the pride of the family, he became the outcast of the family.
Three years ago, he became a world-famous blood Shura, but disappeared mysteriously. On Your Own King’s Road Volume 1 Dragon Dive Chapter 1 One Year One Hundred Thousand Haichuan City is a small city located in the south of Huaguo.
Due to its remoteness from the center of Huaguo’s capital, gangsters are rampant here.
One of the famous cities, Han Batian, the real boss in Haichuan City is known as the godfather of the new generation in the underworld of Haichuan City.
There is a saying in Haichuan City that you may not know who the secretary of the municipal party committee is, but you must know Han Ba. God, who is there in the outskirts of Haichuan City? There is an extremely large and luxurious villa complex covering an area of ​​nearly 10,000 square meters. This is the Peaceful Villa built by Han Batian.
As long as the veterans of the gang will live in the Peaceful Villa, naturally this is also Han Batian. The great thing about using this to win over the elders in the gang is to give them the protection of their lives and to consolidate their status. You must know that gangsters who are not afraid of death when they are old may be able to rely on their enthusiasm when they are young.
Dare to fight, dare to fight, don’t care about life and death, right? From the moment Ping’an Villa was established, this place has become a forbidden place in Haichuan City. Even if the secretary of the municipal party committee wants to visit, it is impossible to enter here without Han Batian’s permission.
If you can violate the rules here, on the road leading to Ping’an Villa, a young man dressed in plain clothes is walking with a smile on his face. He is Chen Hao. When he touched the small box in his trouser pocket, Chen Hao thought of the one in his heart with joy. The girl couldn’t help but fell into the memories.
Han Feifei was her girlfriend of three years in college. After graduation, Han Feifei brought her home. Only then did Chen Hao know that Han Feifei’s father was Han Batian, the man who called the wind and rain in Haichuan City. I still remember the first time I saw Han Batian, you are the Chen Hao that Feifei said Han Batian frowned slightly Han Batian’s tone revealed a trace of domineering that could not be rejected Yes Uncle Chen Hao Although he was a little scared in his heart, he has been there since he was a child Being used to this kind of situation, he didn’t show it at all because he believed that Han Feifei believed in himself even more.
Looking at Chen Hao’s unfazed appearance, Han Batian was also slightly surprised. Is this really a college student who just walked out of school? You must know that even the mayor of Haichuan City is not so calm when he sees him, but if you want to be your son-in-law, you don’t just need this courage Naturally, the power of Chen Hao can clearly know that everything about Chen Hao doesn’t value this kind of good student Han Batian who only performed well in school.
What’s more, he only has Feifei, a daughter, which means that everything about him will belong to Feifei in the future. If you can’t find a son-in-law who can inherit everything from you, then sooner or later the country you conquered will fall, so He doesn’t value Chen Hao. If it wasn’t for Han Feifei, it might not even be possible to meet Chen Hao. After all, where is his identity? Now, it doesn’t mean that there will be no future. Chen Hao can naturally understand Han Batian’s meaning, but he doesn’t.
Worried that he believes in himself, I will give you one year, as long as you can give Feifei a wedding ring worth 100,000 yuan, I will agree to your marriage, and you will not be able to meet each other within this year to test whether your love is so steadfast Thank you, I believe that I believe even more that Feifei has already left the villa that I came to for the first time after saying this, and even Han Feifei did not go to see Han Feifei for the last time, as he said, he believed that Han Feifei thought of this, Chen Hao felt happy for himself Can I finally see her in my heart again? Because today is the last day of the one-year period, which is why Chen Hao can appear on the road leading to Ping An Villa.
For a year, Chen Hao worked several jobs at the same time to eat every day The worst thing is that I haven’t even bought a new piece of clothes, just because of this agreement, this persistence, I finally made it within the agreed time, and before I knew it, Chen Hao had already arrived at the gate of Ping An Villa.
A security guard saw Chen Hao coming over and told him to go away, this is not the place you came from.
In fact, the security guard here is the member of the Han Batian gang. Naturally, he would not take Chen Hao seriously. You must know that Chen Hao did it for that one. The ring didn’t even come out with a decent piece of clothing today. What I’m wearing now is still the clothes I bought a year ago. No wonder the security guard said this. What is this place? Is this the headquarters of Han Batian? How can it be made by ordinary people like Chen Hao? Hearing the voice of the security guard at the place where he could come, Chen Hao suddenly woke up and looked at the environment in front of him, only to realize that he had arrived, so elder brother, can you send a message to Uncle Han and say that Chen Hao is here as agreed, and you want to see him too Mr.
Han, don’t you look at what you look like, get out, don’t make me angry, the security guard looked at Chen Hao with disdainful eyes, he simply dismissed Chen Hao’s words, if he can also know Han Batian, then I’ll still be Han Batian’s old man Dad, I’m thinking about it and I’m about to leave Big brother, please go and announce that Uncle Han is meeting me It says here that you wait here for less than five minutes to get in, then the security guard came out and walked to Chen Hao’s side Mr.
Chen, Mr. Han, please lead the way after finishing speaking, thank you Chen Hao smiled lightly, I can find you by myself, right here Wait, the security guard was a little taken aback, but he was actually able to call Mr. Han as his uncle, he must have a good relationship, naturally he knew how to go, so he said