The person is the Li family Li Yan Fang Li was stunned for a moment he was surprised that someone still talked to him like

Four kills, five kills, my team wiped out the opponent, Wei En, one fight, five moves, coquettish operation, who else is there hahaha, I am the world champion, the prize money and trophies are mine Why do you keep rubbing against me? You want to sign and sign on your white rabbit, and you, you want my phone number, no, no, there is a beautiful woman in front of me who has already asked for my room number. The championship trophy is hundreds of dollars Thousands of bonuses and the madness of countless fans. All of this is so beautiful. Of course, the premise is that Fang Li can get rid of the habit of dreaming. Suddenly, I was interrupted by a mechanical sound.
What is the input, and what is the face-slapping system? The voice from the Ionia zone sounded again, Fang Li felt a thump in his heart, and suddenly woke up, Nima fell asleep again.
Fang Li shook his head and looked like he was dreaming again. May I ask the host if he will immediately turn on the system and prepare to hang up and slap his face? Just when he thought it was a dream.
At that time, a voice sounded in his head like a thunderbolt from the blue, making him sleepless, who is talking? Fang Li glanced around, his nerves all over his body collapsed, and he was so nervous that he asked the host if he would turn on the system immediately and prepare to hang up and slap his face.
At this time, the voice sounded again, Fang Li was finally sure that the voice came from his own mind, what was going on, and what was the face-slapping system? Turn on this thing, what is it? It’s the League of Legends, and at this moment, he thought of the voice in his sleep saying that he was assigned to the Ionia zone. Could it be that what he did just now was not a dream? Fang Li pinched himself hard. After a sharp pain came, he was finally sure that all this was not a dream. He was stunned for fifteen minutes, looking at the two options of opening and not opening, Fang Li finally chose to accept the reality, click to open the host, choose to open, please prepare for the sound to sound at the same time A data reading bar appeared in Fang Li’s mind, and soon it showed that it was 100% unlocked. The face-slapping system was successfully activated.
Now, I will demonstrate the initial use of the system to the host. At this time, pictures flashed in Fang Li’s mind.
These pictures are all from this system How to hack in League of Legends Entering the hacking requirements in the system can change the effect in the game.
Is this true or not? Fang Li looked at these demonstrations and felt a little unsure. He is a second-line member of the Phantom team.
The thing is obviously disdainful, but he couldn’t bear the curiosity in his heart, he still decided to try this thing, and soon he turned on his computer and logged in to his new account, so goddamn big brother, he has an account of all heroes and all skins.
A small habit is that every time I log on to an account, I will look at my personal information.
It doesn’t matter if I don’t look at it It’s fine if it’s full of heroes, but it’s full of skins, some limited skins are no longer on sale, and there are all of them.
I’m afraid this account can be sold for a lot of money.
Fang Li took a deep breath and clicked to start the game.
This is a new account. He has never played a game, and his rank is even zero, so he started his own positioning match.
Soon he was matched with his teammates. It was you again, a silly old man.
The last positioning match was the one you cheated. Don’t retreat in a second, you can figure out what to do, who is afraid of who, come, hurt each other, the big deal is to send the game together, and even a hero has not been banned. There is already a quarrel in the room. Fang Li glanced at it and sighed deeply. This situation is nothing more than the grievances from the previous game brought to the new game. As a driller player, he has seen such things a lot, but he doesn’t take it to heart anyway, even if the two of them don’t play, he can bring it up. Don’t fuck it Nonsense, quickly ban the hero, then go in and send it away Fang Li said lightly, what kind of garbage are you? I ignored it and waited quietly before the two parties moved to the other side. The two who had a quarrel immediately chose Han Bing and the wind girl, took the teleportation and sprinted away, as if I don’t want to send it to you, it’s your grandson. Up and down, I hit the two sides. Seeing the posture, I know that no one will go to the bottom lane, and he is not at ease if I hand over the bottom lane two-player lane to others. He is the strength of Drilling One. It is not a problem to fight wretchedly, okay? Ah, the remaining two teammates obviously have no confidence, don’t worry, don’t send a package to win Fang Li went back to the past with great confidence, cut and don’t send a package to win, you really are a man who is like a kamikaze as his name suggests, typing at this moment to taunt me to send you 20 One, let me see how you play The other player who wants to give away also said, whatever you want, anyway, there is no difference between you playing and giving away, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean to call you garbage, I mean both of you are garbage Fang Li said congratulations lightly The player activates the face-slapping system to reward a bit of pretense. Just when this sentence was said, a voice suddenly sounded in Fang Li’s mind.
He was stunned for a while before he realized what the face-slapping system is.
In real life, you will get system rewards for slapping and slapping and pretending to be coercive. At this time, Fang Li finally figured out what the slapping and slapping system is. It’s in real life to slap the face and pretend that the two are connected to each other to get random rewards and use it in real life.
This system is awesome.
After that, I’m not cheating in the game