The part of the nutrition he ate was the best part and at this moment Ye Tian came over with a bowl and said to

Chapter 1 I have tangerine wheat skin, I don’t know if I should be a paddle or not, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to save my life, Ye Tian woke up from his sleep, isn’t Laozi dead? Why is he alive again? Where is this? Why is it so noisy? At this moment, Ye Tian was sitting on the plane, everyone was screaming in horror, accompanied by the vibration of the fuselage, Ye Tian found out that the plane might crash, I had just been resurrected, and I was going to let me go Die again Ye Tian loudly complained, just after finishing speaking, the plane seemed to have hit something, and the fuselage broke in two, but there was no explosion as imagined, but a lot of water poured into the cabin, and soon the airport was destroyed. The water was filled to the brim.
As soon as Ye Tian unfastened his seat belt, he was hit on the head by something and passed out.
When Ye Tian woke up again, he could hear the sound of waves crashing on the shore, and then he felt pain in the back of his head. Tian wanted to open his eyes, but the oncoming sun was dazzling. When his eyes gradually became familiar with the strong light, Ye Tian opened his eyes and looked around. This is a deserted island. He was on the beach, recalling the short time after waking up.
Ye Tian remembered that he had encountered a plane crash before, it seemed that he had fallen into the sea, and he did not die, but floated to this small island. At this time, a large number of memories flooded into his head, starting from a person’s consciousness.
It wasn’t until I fell asleep on the plane that Ye Tian realized that he should have passed through. Such bloody plots can happen to me.
I went to Ye Tian and said to himself. From his memory, Ye Tian knew that the original owner of this body was also Called Ye Tian, ​​even the appearance is exactly the same, it is a direct copy, but the fate of the two people is similar.
Aside from this handsome appearance, I am still poor.
Even if the result of time travel still does not change my fate, Ye Tian laughed at himself. Looking back at this deserted island, Ye Tian stood up and looked around for a long time, not knowing if there were any other survivors. Ye Tian took a deep breath and shouted loudly, is there anyone? Reply Ding has successfully found the host, the binding is successful, the system has injected an abrupt voice, and it rang in Ye Tian’s mind Ye Tian stammered while looking around and said system you are? Shaking his head on the beach, sitting on the ground and panting, he said oh no, I’m out of breath, the system is here to help you, why are you scolding me for helping me, I’m just waiting to die on this deserted island, what can you do for me? That’s enough, don’t match the emoji, don’t be too cute Ye Tian asked the system, actually I’m a lucky god.
The system can raise your lucky value to the highest level, but you need to connect to a live broadcast platform called Douyu to broadcast live. You will get corresponding rewards based on popularity.
reward leaf Tianyi was stunned, brother, is what you said true? If the lucky value is full, will I win a first prize when I buy a lottery ticket in the future? Is the system okay? Let’s first look at your attributes, name, Ye Tian, ​​age, height, weight, and physical strength. The average data is the human body’s ultimate luck value.
So, can you explain what this is? Damn it, then you fill me up quickly, what are you doing in a daze, the system luck value injection is completed, the luck value is injected, yes, I feel full of strength now, you big head ghost, you don’t feel anything, are you selling fakes? Product, I want to make a complaint to you Ye Tian asked about the system or talk about the live broadcast.
Every time there are main and branch tasks, all you need to do is to complete these tasks. What is the first task? Ye Tian asked the system first.
Reach 1 million followers within a week for a task Start opening the novice gift package to get items Wilderness Knowledge Encyclopedia What are you kidding about a million? The system luck has already been injected.
It is impossible to cancel the mission. The loser will be obliterated in place.
How can I obliterate you? At this moment when the live broadcast started, a lot of knowledge about the wilderness flooded into Ye Tian’s mind. Deserted islands, virgin forests, mountains, snow mountains, handmade, climbing, diving, swimming, etc. All knowledge about the wilderness. Do you want to consider coming out of the closet? Fuck, the picture quality is Blu-ray.
It’s so clear.
I’ll give it 98 points for this picture quality.
Where is this place? The scenery is really good. The system is messed up and I want to regret it.
I guess it’s useless.
I can only do my best to get the attention down to one million within a week.
Cough, cough, what? You are a monkey sent by the rescuers, hahaha this anchor is too funny hahaha this person is really stupid Let the host tell a story to the water friends first. In ancient times, there was a merchant who bought a batch of oranges, ramie, wheat, and animal skins in the middle of Sichuan.