The origin and future of mana can be said that if this trace of pure yang is gone it will take a hundred times of

In the name of Buddha to confuse the heavens and confuse all sentient beings in the name of hypocrisy to steal merits and virtues, the devil’s heart is hidden deep in the name of ghosts to hide the number of days against yin and yang, in the name of life, birth, machine, annihilation, reincarnation In the name of Zhengxian Buddha, subdue the devil’s heart and destroy the body of evil spirits.
Chapter 1 Zhongnan Refining Equipment Leads the Thunder, the Sun, and the Godly Wind to Break the Boundary.
Zhongnan Mountain is also known as Taiyi Mountain and Difei Mountain. It is also the birthplace of Quanzhenism. It is known as the crown of celestial capital and the most blessed place in the world.
If the mountain is not there, there are immortals.
Zhongnan Mountain is a famous mountain of Taoism. Naturally, there are many hermits who practice immortality in the mountain.
It’s alchemy, even in this age of the end of the law when science is rising, there are many high-level people. The main peak of Zhongnan Mountain, Cuihua Mountain, is hundreds of miles east.
There is a small mountain with no name. The local people often call it Dongshan. There are small hills one by one, but there is a small hill on the top of the mountain. There is a cave in the middle of the mountain. There is a single lineage in the cave.
It has been passed down from master to apprentice for hundreds of years. The 12-year-old young Taoist said that this Taoist was originally an orphan, was picked up by his master and adopted as a mantle.
The disciple followed his master’s surname Li and took a name that was the same as his Taoist name. Chunyang Qisheng’s sword eyebrows and golden pupils, black pupils The golden spots are a special phenomenon of heterochromia pupils, which is a genetic variation.
The complexion is rosy and has a short beard. The face is resolute.
Wearing a purple gold crown and wearing a gossip gown.
He is a good person. It is a day of dark clouds and thunderstorms. Hundreds of years of savings and treasures of the cave lineage first set up eight nine-meter-long red copper needles on the top of the mountain according to the eight trigrams. In the middle of the red copper needles there was a special high-temperature alloy melting furnace, and a meteorite the size of a human head was placed in it.
The red copper needles are connected to the thunderstorms to frighten the hearts of the people. The Taoist of Chunyang actually wants to lead the thunder to refine the weapon.
In this era of doomsday, the great method of true cultivation in ancient times is reproduced. The thick rubber insulating clothing hides aside and silently waits for the electric snake to snake across the sky, hideous and terrifying. The echo of thunder is even more regrettable. After a while, a thick blue lightning is attracted by the red copper needle. Being attracted by the eight red copper needles, it is like seeing a thick lightning from a distance.
The huge current flows along the eight red copper needles and converges into the alloy high-temperature furnace. In a short moment, the eight red copper needles directly vaporize the alloy.
The furnace was heated by electric current to tens of thousands of degrees and turned into golden water, but the meteorite miraculously floated up. Countless currents converged on the meteorite, but the meteorite remained unchanged. How long did the lightning last, maybe less than a second, but this lightning broke pure It has been a minute since Yang Daoist’s cognition was drawn from the beginning, and what surprised him even more is that the meteorite is like a super lightning rod, and in this short minute, more than a dozen lightning bolts have been attracted.
Come time passes in the astonishment of Taoist Chunyang You can’t imagine hundreds of What is the scene of continuous lightning and gathering together? At this moment, in the vision of Taoist Chunyang, except for the meteorite at the end of the lightning, there is a trace of powerful electric lightning that can send him to see the Taoist ancestor. Human beings have always wanted but never.
Conquered natural energy, every bolt of lightning is a huge electric energy that cannot be compared with human power generation equipment. Now so much energy is gathered on the meteorite and is swallowed by it.
Taoist Chunyang does not know how shocked the meteorite collected by the patriarch is. What could not come true? What is the most precious treasure of the meteorite from the sky? The meteorite, which had no movement at all, was finally full.
Countless cracks were densely covered in the meteorite, and there was infinite light shining from the cracks.
The light became more and more intense. Pieces of debris fell After coming down, a ball of light bursting with infinite golden light appeared in front of Taoist Chunyang. The void of the universe is hundreds of millions of kilometers away from the earth.
A shrine, when the ball of light appeared, began to reveal countless gods and monsters that appeared in Chinese mythology in the shrine.
It is depicted as a decorative pattern. On a supreme and precious throne, a person wearing an imperial costume and whose face cannot be seen clearly sits on it. A round of mirrors hangs high above his head. In this magnificent world, there are also immortals, Buddhas and monsters. Haha, my blood is in it.
Mortals, our hope depends on you.
The powerful and overbearing voice resounds through the sun.
A golden light flies out of the sun.
In an instant, it travels across the speed of light and reaches the earth. Zhongnanshan Thunder dissipates.
Taoist Chunyang took off his heavy rubber clothes and wore a Taoist robe.
Immortal-like weather, he stretched out his hand to the light ball and just touched a thick golden light that fell from the sky and pierced through the clouds, enveloping Taoist Chunyang and the light ball. Countless suns and real fire drilled into the light ball. If lightning wakes up the ball of light, then the real fire of the current sun is turning on him. When the light of the ball of light reaches its peak, a bit of darkness is born from it.
A tiny black hole is bound inside by the ball of light. His huge gravitational force has not revealed the slightest bit of pure yang Taoist.
Looking at everything in front of him, the lightning before was enough to make people surprised. Now it is considered science fiction or a fairy tale, but before he could react, a simple copper bell covered him and flew into the black hole, and then the black hole disappeared.
The light ball followed.
Extinguishing the light, a piece of yellow talisman floated down and fell into the molten alloy gold water, protected by a layer of faint fluorescent light from being burned. The sun, when the Taoist Chunyang disappeared, the shrine also disappeared, and the sun returned to normal. Eight minutes later, the sun observation satellites of Britain and France transmitted the images back to the space agencies of the five countries on earth. Half an hour later, the heads of governments of the five countries secretly held a teleconference. One hour later, a special force arrived at the top of Zhongnanshan Jiangdongshan. take everything away