The only difference is that there must be a human body in the armor and be recognized by the armors control mechanism before the armor

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The introduction of the suffering of the empire is not only from Today’s sinking comes from the glory of the past, but one day the emperor’s will echoes in the trillions of worlds, and the return from the darkness is not only for redemption, but also for an oracle. Once again the golden throne shall be forged of iron and blood and the supreme majesty shall be placed on the name of the ordinary His enemies shall tremble at last and his legend shall be engraved on the epic of the conqueror Update time of the guide.
The number of words in this chapter. The side story and the main story have a contextual relationship. You can read them continuously or separately.
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Because the side story was written earlier and is naive, and now it feels too different, it’s listed as a side story. The story is about the protagonist who just traveled The beginning of the story, the main story, begins to tell the story of the protagonist returning to the capital of the empire, planet Earth, the beginning of the story. Some thoughts on the protagonist’s problem raised in the book review area. Update time. The word count of this chapter. When writing this book, I always think that Warhammer is a very cold world.
Many of the Warhammer novels I read describe from beginning to end war betrayal and forgiveness, true tenderness, etc. In fact, it is rare to see Sanguinius being tortured to death by Horus with spiritual power for his father, even his own. The blood angels of the interstellar battle group have this kind of shadow, but what did his father, the great emperor of the empire, do? Because the emperor always loved Horus and did not believe that Horus rebelled, he was brought to the verge of death by Horus until A small soldier who broke into the duel field was killed by Horus before he felt remorse.
Killed Horus. What did you guys see from inside? I only saw that in the eyes of the emperor, my child is not as good as a small soldier, the thousand-scarred son of the Space Marine Legion. The head of the Cyclops, Jungle, is the most knowledgeable of all legions. He has already foreseen the rebellion of Horus and even understood the whole process. He passed the news to his father on earth, His Majesty the Emperor, regardless of being blamed by his father.
In his eyes, what did he get? His Majesty the Emperor was so enraged that he immediately cut off all connections in the dense forest and asked his other son to lead the Space Wolves Space Marine Legion to attack the home planet of the Thousand Sons Legion, destroying a large number of documents.
Once countless precious historical materials were burnt, this complete rebellion was exchanged for the Thousand Son No matter whether the protagonist is poor, timid, or a dick, he is at least close to normal people and has the feelings of normal people. He likes women and believes in the truth.
Facing the enemy, he goes forward.
I even designed a few talents for the protagonist, such as self-righteousness, such as dying. See The names of these talents You can roughly understand what kind of person the protagonist is. I don’t like a protagonist who is too cold-blooded, but in the indifferent world of Warhammer, the protagonist has to be cold-blooded and must fight constantly. Make him cry all at once, make him painful and unable to extricate himself In fact, the protagonist is just like us, he will also be afraid, he will also long for love and be loved, he will also feel lonely, his heart will gradually change, and he will find the path that truly belongs to him, but in him Before these changes, you can see his helplessness, no matter whether it is the previous Earth or the current Warhammer world, he is actually just constantly passively adapting, no one cares about him, no one cares whether he adapts, so he can only rely on himself to be poor.
It doesn’t matter if you pretend, it’s not just to tell everyone in the crowd, but I don’t forget that there is no difference between me and us.
The only difference is that he passed through that world, found himself, changed himself, and finally succeeded. The protagonist came to this world.
Stopped battles, one-on-one, one-on-one, team battles, future battles, fleet battles, Star Wars, and future battles. If battles hadn’t become the theme, you obviously wouldn’t be watching an alien world full of love stories, no matter whether this alien world is a year later. Occasionally there will be time for the protagonist to rest on Earth, and I will do everything I can to make sure that this precious time is not so cold-blooded. This is done to highlight that the protagonist is our current human nature, but everyone doesn’t like it very much. I will reduce those things later and try to change as much as possible, but in any case, if this process makes you very dissatisfied, I deeply apologize here, but I still hope to give the protagonist a little time to grow and adapt, gradually growing from a fluffy boy to a reckless guy For the heroes and warriors of this world, after all, he is an ordinary otaku on earth, not an indigenous race in Warhammer. Let the protagonist have feelings and make this novel have feelings.
This is my original intention. I hope you can accept it. Thank you for the text. I am reading prompts. Please enter the update time for this chapter. The number of words in this chapter. The side story and the main story have a contextual relationship.
You can read them continuously or separately.
It has no effect on your reading. Because the side story was written earlier and is relatively naive, and now it feels too different, it is listed as a side story. The main story begins with the story of the beginning of time travel. The main story begins with the protagonist returning to the capital of the empire, planet Earth. The main text of the first chapter.
He is weak in reality and now he is dreaming every nerd likes to dream