The one lying in the garbage dump Seeing the water pipe trio the old man coughed a few times and reminded him why Old man

Thousands of sails race across the seas of the world, and hundreds of boats compete for the current.
Come to this era of heroes. Do you choose to drift with the tide like a small boat or stand firm like a reef? Leave your own legend in this violent sea.
Ordinary people travel to the era of great pirates after the death of Roger the Pirate King. Tragically, they become slaves of the Draconians.
They are tortured.
After tasting the evils of the world, they try to overthrow the rule of the world government.
A cold wind whizzes past the port of Vilia, and a crumpled newspaper from the World Economic News Agency is suddenly blown into a dark street by the wind, and then it is grabbed by a young man in a ragged padded jacket. The young man in his hand took a look at the newspaper, dated the year, month, and day of the Haiyuan calendar, and found that it was read the day before yesterday, so he threw it away. It’s time for the kid to work and take the things to the designated place. Behind the young man is a man in black. The scar-faced man in the padded coat looked at his watch through the flames on the cigarette butt, immediately took a deep puff of the cigarette, exhaled a puff of thick smoke, and then pushed the young man coldly, commanding that the young man with black shattered hair is very thin Even though he is wrapped in a fairly thick old padded jacket, he still looks very thin, but he has a very good appearance. Even a beautiful woman can’t help but feel jealous when she sees it, and the skin is very fair.
The only pity is the right side. A burnt red mark appeared on the cheek, which damaged this beautiful face a little and made it imperfect. When the young man heard the words of the scar-faced man, his face flushed red from the cold suddenly showed a nervous expression, but he quickly took it. The scar-faced man handed over a package and a single-shot musket, and then he walked step by step towards the dark pier without any lights. The young man walked very lightly, even when he stepped on the snow, he could not hear a sound. In the snowy night, he was like a man. The ghost hovered on the quiet pier. Every step he took, Baal pricked up his ears to listen to the surrounding sounds. When he did not hear any abnormal sounds, he continued to take the next step gently, in order to minimize the friction with the ground. He didn’t wear shoes, but only wore a pair of cotton socks with holes in his feet, so his feet were blue and numb from the cold, and he almost lost consciousness After the real evil of human nature, he has no complaints about the pain. He just wants to live and become stronger, and then he will take revenge on those guys who treat him as a pig. At this moment, in order to survive, he needs to send the smuggled goods in his On a certain boat at the berth of the pier, he helped the Ram Gang transport smuggled goods.
This is his first job since he came to this place.
Today, this is the tenth time he has helped the Ram Gang to smuggle goods.
As long as he completes this time, he will be able to He officially became a member of the Ram gang, and has experience in the previous nine times. Barr, who has very good night vision ability, is now familiar with the road, and soon arrived at the scheduled location, beside a completely inconspicuous boat.
be vigilant During the miserable life of the Tianlong slaves, he learned to be cautious at all times, so that he survived under the cruel and inhuman slave rule of the Tianlong people, and he also developed some abilities to increase the chance of survival. Now these abilities Saved Barbar again, and found that the unremarkable boat was obviously sinking compared to the previous nine times, and the water surface under the boat was not small. After undergoing training, he heard the slight breathing sound, and his nose, which had long been used to the smell of blood, He quickly smelled a bloody smell mixed in the cold air. Barr immediately realized that something was wrong, and immediately retreated.
The smuggled item in his arms was a healing medicine unique to the Drum Kingdom, called the Goddess of Healing, which belonged to the Drum Kingdom. The gold from the sky that is tributed to the Tianlong people is produced very little every year.
After the annual tribute to the Tianlong people, there is not much left. Therefore, it has been regarded as a forbidden product by the Magnetic Drum Kingdom and is not allowed to be exported.
Once it is found, it will be given the death penalty. But in today’s chaotic world In the world, this kind of top-notch healing medicine that can stop the bleeding of wounds in an instant is undoubtedly very precious. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a life.
Therefore, the price of this kind of healing goddess in the black market has always been high, and it is often fired to hundreds of thousands.
A bottle of Bailey, faced with huge profits, the smugglers were of course moved.
Even at the risk of beheading, they still chose to smuggle without hesitation. The Ram Gang is one of the few gangsters in the Drum Kingdom who have mastered the smuggling chain of this precious medicine. The Mu gang is just a tool in this smuggling chain, and now Barr is a small part of this tool, and it is most likely not the key part. It is a common thing in smuggling that Barr smells blood. Immediately after smelling it, I knew what was going on on the ship. The smugglers of the Ram Gang on the ship must have died.
The murderers in the underworld are waiting for him, a small part that may be discarded at any time, to send precious healing medicine to life.
Going down is the only thought in the mind of the year-old Barr at this moment.
He started to back away calmly, before the murderers on the ship found him, he tried to stay as far away from the ship as possible, but Barr knew that he couldn’t retreat very far because he acted as a part like him. There are still a lot of people.
Since he has an accident, the situation of other parts is definitely not much better. When facing death, no one will choose to struggle. This is why the Ram gang will give Barr these cheap ones The reason for a single-shot musket was a bang, and a loud gunshot broke the calm of the night. As soon as the gunshot appeared, Barr immediately ran wildly in the snow.
At this time, the people on the boat also found out that the incident was revealed, and immediately came out with a flashlight. Following the direction of the sound of footsteps, I immediately found Barr who was running away, those people saw this