The one in front looked left and right and saw that there was no one around so he took off his scarf wiped off the

Jiuhe Xiashao Tianjin Wei A bloody case A frightening demon The ancient road Monsters are living in the world Strange murders occur frequently Every case is unimaginably cruel, but no one can tell the truth The Sancha River mouth has a strange man with six real fires on his body Chapter 1 Shooting at the Beauty Terrace Chapter 2 Collecting Corpse Pagoda Chapter 3 Jin Mazi Selling Medicine Chapter 4 Du Dabiao Catching Monsters Chapter 5 Sloppy Li Bibao Chapter 6 Fighting Skills Chapter 7: Zhang Blind Goes on a Misadventure Chapter 8: Sun Xiaoshou Goes to Shandong At the mouth of Chahe, there are six strange people who wear six real fires on their bodies.
There are so many strangers on the bottom of the Nine Rivers.
Later, Zhu Di, Emperor Chengzu of the Ming Dynasty, dug a city here and set up guards to store grain and renamed it Tianjin Wei. It is 240 miles away from Beijing and controls the water and drought of the North and South Canals.
A vast place, no matter rich or poor, you can make a living here. Those who are capable eat meat, and those who are incapable drink porridge.
If you want to make a name for yourself, if you want to make a name for yourself, if you eat delicious food and drink spicy food, you will not be able to lower your abilities. Ordinary people will be able to speak well.
Since the end of the Qing Dynasty, Tianjin Wei’s talented people have been known as seven unique monsters, such as Du Dabiao, who carried the tripod, with a golden gun, Chen Scar, who had eyes open, Wang Bao, who ate warehouses, and the silly young master who digs graves. Li Dazui, who is just doing things for nothing, blind Zhang who guards the city gate, storyteller with braids, Jingjie Wang who bets on treasure, Feng Laizi who robs the road, Bai Sihu who picks the river, sloppy Li who pours dirt, Huang Zhian who shaved his head Thirteen Knife kiln sisters who play monkeys at night, Lian Huaqing, who sells wild medicines, Jin Mazi, who mourns, stone widows, who sharpen scissors and cut kitchen knives, Yan Lao fart, who drink tattered flowers, bears, nest necks, straight eyes, Mao Yanyu, who rides a wooden donkey, etc. Or Occupy a unique or a strange, among them there are good and evil, good and evil, some native people also come to Tianjin Wei Chuang Wharf to become famous at the lower end of the Jiuhe River, different ages, and the people involved are also different. There are more than 15 people, as the saying goes, people are divided into three classes, six classes, nine classes, five flowers and three layers.
There are people above the sky, there are Tian Tianwei, strange people and strangers emerge in endlessly. Above the seven unique and eight monsters, there are also four gods and three demons. These are not self-appointed, but folk.
The titles given to them by the common people are the Four Gods from the end of the Qing Dynasty to the 1950s and 1960s. The deeds of the four of them are intertwined. Knowing Dou, Zhanlong, Conquering Monsters, Catching Monsters, Cui Laodao repeatedly solved strange cases, Guo Deyou, chasing murderers, taking thieves, Liu Hengshun from Zhongxin, any one of them is worth a big book, Three Demons will be introduced in the book one after another Looking back, it is called the Four Gods Fighting the Three Demons and the Fire God is just one of them.
It is only said that the director of the Huoshen Temple Police Station, the speedy Liu Hengshun, this master Liu is as fierce as fire, jealous as hatred, and born with a pair of speedy legs. He has solved many major crimes in his life.
The stubborn thief took countless people. According to folklore, this person is God of Fire, the lower realm. The Fire God Temple Police Station where he works is located at the mouth of the Sancha River. Nonsense, why is there a Fire God Temple on the mouth of the Sancha River? Because there used to be a Fire God Temple on the riverside. In the village, there were no households with foreign surnames. Most of the households were surnamed Liu. Most of them were related to each other, so they all made a living by rolling firecrackers. In the past, let’s talk about firecrackers.
It has a wide range of uses.
During festivals, weddings, funerals, weddings, and business openings. Even monks and old-fashioned monks have to use firecrackers for red events. The short firecrackers jump up high and hit far away.
If you hear the smoke, what do you want? What kind of business is there? The firecrackers come here to live together because this place is full of saline-alkali land. No crops grow.
Only saltpeter is used to make gunpowder. One sulfur, two nitrates, three charcoals. The gunpowder made from local saltpeter makes the firecrackers particularly crisp and loud, and the place is close to the water, so it is easy to prevent fires. In addition to rolling the firecrackers well, the people of Huoshenmiao Village are also good at practicing family members. They used to practice martial arts and pay attention to the martial arts Divided into five sects, thirteen sects, eighty-one sects, southern boxing, north leg, knives, guns and sticks, all are taught from masters. However, the styles in this place do not belong to any sect, let alone among the eighty-one sects. The crops have no style, no kung fu, but it’s not bad. The villagers practice martial arts when they have work. Quickness and strength pay attention to one move and one style well. Therefore, the firecracker gunpowder from Huoshenmiao Village is evenly coated with fire, and it is crisp and loud without any strain. It is also close to the canal and water transportation is convenient for marketing from Beijing to Jiangnan.
All places are well-known far and near.
In the past, there was a pair called Nantongzhou, Beitongzhou, Nanbeitongzhoutongnanbei.
It was said that this is the Grand Canal.
North Tongzhou is located in Beijing, Nantongzhou, and Jiangsu. It’s the merchants in Huozimen. People from the village gathered together to build a fire temple beside the mouth of the Sancha River to enshrine the statue of Huodezhenjun in order to make business prosperous and keep the party safe.
Huodezhenjun is a god in charge of fire. Some people say that the God of Fire is the incarnation of Suiren, one of the three emperors. Suiren drills wood to get fire to remove the smell. Later generations call it Huo Zu. Some say that the God of Fire is Zhu Rong.
Zhu Rong is not a personal name but an official title.
It is also called Huo Zheng. Even the ancient fire official also said that he was Jie Zitui, who was loyal to the emperor and served the country.
He died saving his mother in the fire, and some people simply said that the fire god was the third prince of Nezha because the statue in the temple had three heads and six arms.