The older one even drank a glass of wine in one gulp heaved a sigh of satisfaction and poured another glass and waited until everyone

With a ding from the platform, the stainless steel sliding door opened to both sides at a constant speed. Huo Chong followed the flow of people from the entrance of the underground parking lot into the elevator.
Crossed over in front of him and carried his briefcase until everyone else had run out of the elevator before taking Huo Chong to the company floor.
This is the second-to-last tallest floor in the entire building. The entire first floor is rented out to answer the phone for customer service. The liaison department occupies more than 2,000 square meters of space. Looking in through the glass door, the workstations are closely arranged like a honeycomb, empty, and a few employees who arrive early are preparing customer information, sorting out computers and headsets, or simply making tea.
Follow the process provided by the company’s courses to start a day’s work. Go up the stairs to a higher level.
The space is divided into several large offices and several small offices.
Customer Information Department, Customer Information Department, Customer Operations Department, Finance Department and other departments are set up in Here, Huo Chong belongs to one of the heads of the project department who has an independent office here.
He entered a familiar office.
Huo Chong put the briefcase still on the sofa, sat in the chair, turned on the computer, and retrieved the files.
There were more and more footsteps outside.
Huo Chong didn’t stop.
Start the work at hand until the internal landline rings, and the secretary’s voice comes from the phone. Mr.
Huo is about to have a morning meeting. Huo Chong hums, but continues to look at the documents and emails. After a while, the phone rings again, urging Huo Chong to go. After the meeting, Huo Chong went straight to the conference room of the morning meeting.
The conference room was already full of core members.
The chairman saw Huo Chong coming in last, and his face was a little unhappy, but he didn’t attack and continued to preside over the meeting. The meeting was not long. After the meeting, Huo Chong followed the directors.
The chairman walked out of the meeting room and the chairman felt that something was wrong. He was overnourished because he invited people to eat every day.
His brows were slightly frowned on his round face.
Speaking alone, Huo Chong replied in a calm tone as much as possible. Dao Huo Chong lowered his voice, did the platform’s capital chain break? The chairman’s lips tightened instantly. He looked left and right, pointed at the chairman’s office, and waved his hand. The two entered the room.
Huo Chong also asked directly how long the capital chain had been broken. You said that the capital chain was broken without approving your project. The chairman said angrily. This chubby figure and head are a bit scary once they look fierce, but Huo Chong is not afraid at all. How long will it be broken? I resigned, Huo Chong already got the answer, put down the words, turned around and walked back to the office, Huo Chong crackled and typed a resignation letter These days, it is difficult to write a letter of resignation, but it is very easy to write a letter of resignation. I, Huo Chong, died on the date of year, month, day because of my personal inability to complete the work.
Apply for resignation and stop working on the same day.
The so-called application for resignation is just a polite statement. For private companies, as long as they don’t care about settlement of salary and other benefits after resignation, it’s just a word. It’s actually easier to pour a glass of water on the boss in public Scolding you useless thing, get the hell out of here, you can achieve a perfect resignation in no time There is no need to write a resignation letter.
If the boss who has suffered such humiliation does not immediately shout that you are fired now, get out, then you don’t have to mess around anymore. Of course, such a drastic approach needs to worry that the boss will rush to beat you, but Huo Chong has earned money in the past few years. Huo Chong has finally fulfilled his martial arts dream since he was a child.
He spent a lot of money to hire a real fighting master to teach martial arts. After several years of hard, meticulous and scientific training, let alone the boss, it is a company. Huo Chong also has the confidence to beat up ten printers at one time, Huo Chong did not save the company, and printed ten copies. During the printing period, Huo Chong sent the resignation letter to the person in charge through the internal office network.
Huo Chong didn’t turn off the computer, got up, took the briefcase and the resignation letter, and went to the personnel department to hand in two copies, then picked up a roll of tape from the head desk of the personnel department and went out to stick one copy on it.
One copy was posted at the entrance of the chairman’s office and posted on the company’s big bulletin board, and then two copies were given to the head of the finance department, two copies were given to the marketing department and the legal department each. Looking at the resignation letter earlier, Huo Chong’s heart was full of evil fire, and he didn’t greet everyone as usual, he passed the corridor and stopped in front of the elevator.
The screen showed that the elevator was on the first floor. Chong didn’t want to stay here for a minute, so he went straight to the stairs and walked down the stairs.
It’s been a long time since he walked up the stairs. It just feels weird. It just so happens that the phone rang at this moment, and the loud ringing echoed in the corridor of the stairs.
Huo Chong slid the watch panel and hung up the phone, and went to the underground parking lot.
The chairman called again.
Huo Chong sat in the car and answered the phone. What are you doing? The chairman’s voice is extremely severe. Resign who made you resign, you come back to me, the chairman said angrily, Huo Chong wanted to hang up the phone directly, his fingers almost touched the screen, then stopped Just when Huo Chong decided to hang up the phone, the chairman suddenly laughed hehe who said that to you? Huo Chong also laughed and said Huo, is it right time for you to leave? Blaming Huo Chong only felt that his conscience had been pricked. Indeed, it is not righteous to slap his ass and leave at such a time. However, Huo Chong became angry in an instant. We used to say that the company’s capital chain has a problem.
You have to say something happened now. How long have you lied to me Well, you say I’m not righteous, what about you, you’re a liar, just go away