The old woman doesnt want Zhang Weibing to be kicked out of this place quickly put on her clothes and follow them to meet Brother

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Zhang Guangrong, who was born again in 1977 and became an eighteen-year-old farmer, will show you a simple rural life with wild ambiguity and full of rural flavor. Stepping on people to see the life of a farmer’s monster, Volume 1, that era Chapter Chapter Rebirth 1977 Chapter Rebirth 1977 The season has come to Qingming and it already feels like early summer. It’s stuffy and wet. This is the typical weather in southern provinces. The Qingshan Brigade of Yunshan Commune, which is five kilometers away from the county seat, is now part of the first production team. The members of the small village have already left for work. In the village, only a dozen or so dogs were seen chasing each other, and one was so skinny that it was almost boneless.
The old sow with rough black skin is walking leisurely in the alley of the dilapidated small village, followed by seven or eight piglets who are also thin and wrinkled. Suddenly, there is a mournful cry in an old yard in the village. Oh, it’s glorious, your father has been gone for a few years, you can’t go away, you are the only man in the family, what should we do if you go away, I’m sorry for your biological parents, this sad cry broke the village It was so quiet that even the dozen or so dogs stopped chasing their heads and turned their heads in the direction of the crying.
In the house where the crying was coming out, there was a shop made of several planks against the back wall. Awakened by the crying, the young man moved his closed eyes a few times and opened his eyes a little. All these people who were crying did not see me. What happened? They were still fighting with someone just now. The hooligan wanted to tease a woman. He couldn’t stand it anymore, so he stepped forward to stop him, but he didn’t want to start a fight with those people, and he didn’t expect that the other guy pulled out a pistol and fired it at his chest, so he didn’t know anything.
How could it be? Lying in this kind of place, the sound of crying also felt strange. The young man felt glorious when he heard this extremely sad cry. It seemed that the name was suddenly startled.
He saw a calendar hanging on the wall.
The date on it was the year, month and number.
I seem to have heard about rebirth. Could it be that when I was reborn, my name was called Guangrong? The young man sat up immediately, and the crying stopped abruptly.
Just now, five people were crying together. The one who cried the most miserable must be Guangrong’s mother in her forties. At the age of one year old, the ending of the cry just now is not only elongated, but also has a vibrato, oh, glory, I woke up, and I will not twist your ears in the future.
With the cry of surprise, a petite body hugged the young man tightly, and the two siblings still had scruples What kind of boy’s head was buried in my sister’s chest by my sister’s arms Nothing is worn inside. Indeed, in this day and age, rural women can’t afford the cost of bras. Oops, I’m so scared.
I’m out of breath just now. Okay, God bless our Zhang family’s ancestors, the mother’s hands clasped together, facing the gray I have prayed to the roof for several times, and I will not burn it down. Really If you don’t believe me, the one you’re talking about must be my younger sister. The two older ones look like thirteen or fourteen years old. The younger one, eight or nine years old, Zhang Guangrong is still stupid and blames luck on his grandma’s back. It would be nice to be a high-ranking official who has passed the officialdom, but he was born again in this helpless age and became a rural lad gloriously. I think back then, the old man became a soldier of the People’s Liberation Army. Just in time for that war, with his agility Skills and a flexible mind, I was unlucky when I became a scout.
After retiring from the army, because the rural household registration government did not arrange it, the village seemed to give it to a security officer as a reward.
I ran to Guangzhou in a fit of urgency, but I learned fashion design by accident. After so many years, although Not exactly a fashion designer, but the name is also the number one in the company. Glory, are you okay? My mum, who is strong, walked up to Zhang Guangrong, and leaned heavily towards him.
The bed creaked a few times, and reached out to touch his forehead.
Mom, it’s okay. Zhang Guangrong had no choice but to admit that since he came, he would be happy with what happened.
The mother’s cry was quite smooth. Zhang Guangrong felt strange when he heard his mother’s cry just now, and asked in a low voice, “I’m not your father’s biological mother.
” It was his forehead just now that he said he slipped his mouth, now let his son know, anyway, sooner or later he would have to say sigh Hey, you were only two years old at the time, your parents were sent to our brigade for labor during a movement. Knowing what happened, I insisted on keeping you and saying that it was for us. Your biological father has a very good relationship with your dead father, so we are also happy.
Zhang Guangrong thought about it and wanted to ask what happened to his dead father. Damn, but if you ask this question, it will make mom feel strange, so I will gradually understand this question later, mom turns to sister and says that Hongyun is cooking A short-sleeved red homespun shirt, when her face was hugged and buried on her chest just now, could smell a faint smell of sweat.
Sister took a one-centimeter cauldron, the outside of which was covered with black soot, and walked to Zhang Guangrong’s shop.
While squatting down, it turned out that the rice urn was placed under his shop, but after a while, my sister stood up again and whispered to Mom, that’s all. Seeing that mom didn’t speak, my sister turned around and went to cook.
Mom saw that my son was fine and couldn’t figure it out.
He had a high fever since last night and said it was fine. He sat on a bamboo chair in the courtyard and weaved bamboo baskets for me. What does it look like? Zhang Guangrong slipped down from the shop and looked into the house.
He found a small mirror hanging on the wall. He walked up to the mirror and took a look. He couldn’t help but be delighted.
He turned out to be very handsome.