The mountain products and local products I hope everyone can eat happily please come here please go this way After finishing speaking Song Yong who

Content Tips I was crazily trampled on the shared bicycle, and even the pedals were trampled away in a panic. Behind the speeding bicycle was a primitive native who drove a giant mammoth. Every step I stepped on was shaking.
At this moment, the unknown Sanhe God appeared before, and Song Yong, a famous grilled skewer vendor in Shenzhen City, was about to cry.
From the beginning to the end, he just wanted to get some mutton back to the modern world. There are so many lamb skewers to sell. Buying an ID card is a road of no return.
Hard work at noon is the most reliable. There are such warning and inspirational banners hanging in various obvious positions in the talent market. At first glance, it looks like chicken soup for the soul. The smell makes everyone here feel extremely ironic.
The scrolling screens at the entrances of various intermediaries in the talent market are repeatedly displaying a message in bold and bright fonts that is extremely tempting.
One day is enough to play for three days, and at the same time, the intermediaries wearing white short-sleeved shirts and vests that can be regarded as work clothes are holding an electric horn in their hands, and are yelling loudly at the people passing by in front of them.
Come, five people, go. The hospital queues up for two hours, a total of 80 yuan, or is shouting for another content, ten people go to the construction site to tie steel bars at noon, and take care of meals for 8 hours a day, 160 yuan. Now it’s only before seven o’clock in the morning.
The entire talent market has become extremely lively inside and out.
There are thousands of people shuttling in the dark area, let alone thousands of people, all of whom are trying to find a good job that pays a lot of money but has an easy job. They looked at it.
The eyes of the recruitment notice boards everywhere are full of hope and longing for the future, because it represents their income in the future for a long or short period of time, and it can even be said to represent their future destiny. Song Yong, with a backpack on his shoulders, is walking in the talent market with weak feet at the moment. No matter who has not eaten for a day, his hands will be weak and his feet will feel weak.
These normal physiological conditions are actually only 26 years old. Yong is a great god in legends, but unfortunately, this kind of god is not the kind of omnipotent god-man with mana in the legend, not even the kind of great god writer who earns several million a year among Internet writers, he is just A person who is jokingly called the Great God Sanhe God by the majority of people who eat melons with excitement in their eyes and mouth. There is a place called Jingle New Village, Longhua New District.
In Jingle New Village, there is a famous Sanhe talent market. Every year, it attracts millions of job seekers from all over the country. Tens of thousands of them choose to stay near Sanhe.
After being paralyzed, they became unemployed vagrants, relying on temporary jobs to maintain their income.
After the previous day’s daily income, the daily income can make them happy for three days. The reason for this is that they have never thought about working for a long-term job, such as black-hearted black intermediaries, black-hearted black factories and bosses, none of these people have experienced it and have been cheated More or less wages have been deducted, so after a long time, they would rather starve to death than work in a factory for a long time, which has become the iron-clad purpose of these people. Of course, with such a little money, they want to survive for at least three days. The quality of life is naturally unsatisfactory for them. Eating and drinking five yuan a bowl of noodles in clear soup and drinking a two yuan bottle of clear blue mineral water. If anyone drinks a bottle of iced black tea in front of them, it is like showing off their wealth in Chiguoguo. The place to sleep at night is to live With a temporary bed of 15 yuan a night, or happily spending 10 yuan in a small Internet cafe to play a night of games, in short, there are dense small restaurants, Internet cafes, game halls, and rental houses around the Sanhe talent market. They are here.
You can easily find all the services you need. The premise is that you must be able to spend money to get these cheap services. In fact, even if you don’t have money, it’s not a big deal for them. Under the eaves of the alley, there are places where people can deal with it for one night.
As for the trivial matter of having nothing to eat, it is just a trivial matter for a qualified Sanhe God to go hungry for a day or two. I don’t know when these people have been There is an extra cool nickname Sanhe Dashen, some people who are paralyzed like rotten meat in the surrounding area of ​​Sanhe talent market, waiting to rot and stink, and can’t see any future. It’s not that they don’t have a home. It’s just that he has no face to go back, and Song Yong is just one of them who has no reputation at all.
He drags his weak steps.
Song Yong is like an old lion patrolling his territory.
To the same extent, he even saw a lot of people around every recruiting agent, his eyes were filled with deep contempt, yes, it was indeed contempt, just looking at the appearance of these guys, he knew that he had just come to Sanhe not long ago, otherwise he would definitely Knowing that it is normal to go to the hospital to queue up for two hours, one hundred yuan, and work on the construction site for two hundred yuan a day. Song Yong, the veteran Sanhe god, will never compromise with these black intermediaries, even if he only has one yuan in his pocket now, but so what, I will not give these grandsons a chance to earn black money. About eight o’clock Song Yong, who has already wandered around the Sanhe talent market, still hasn’t found the day-to-day job he likes.