The most touching moment is precisely the unyielding spirit that defeats the objective and makes the impossible transformation possible That’s what I’m talking about Barclay’s

Chapter 1 My system is broken.
Congratulations to the host for obtaining a god-level talent. The system is randomly generating god-level talent options.
Please host carefully choose Stephen Curry’s three-pointer Allen Iverson’s breakthrough Russell Westbrook’s body Jason For Williams’ pass, the host is asked to choose one of the above options as the basic talent for the host’s future development.
I choose Xu Xuan. I haven’t finished talking yet, and there is a burst of buzzing sound from the system, like the one before.
The sound of a broken TV with a big belly.
The system is crashing. The system is trying to restart.
The system has selected a talent for the host. Westbrook’s body, Jason Williams’ pass, Xu Xuan was stunned for a while, but he immediately accepted the fact happily Perfect Career Xu Xuan A tense and exciting game is going on in the basketball arena Xu Xuan suddenly heard someone call yourself coach Your task later is to defend We need your defense now, understand? Keep an eye on the opponent who gets the ball The coach of my school’s school team is about forty years old and already a mediterranean coach I think I can attack and mediterranean looked at him in surprise no we don’t need offense we need defense I think I don’t want me you don’t think I want me I think I need to defend right now and do your thing well. The Mediterranean wording is very strict.
Xu Xuan thinks he might evolve into a Strait before his birthday, but you say it’s yours, I’ll hit mine, no big deal. Can you beat me? You mediterranean Xu Xuan gave his middle finger to the coach in his heart and trotted to the second half of the fourth quarter. Now Nandong University’s score is temporarily behind.
Here is a handsome guy. I don’t know if he has a girlfriend.
Why is he a nympho? Cough cough Solemnly declare that he has already been booked by this lady. You want to be beautiful, but he is really handsome Oh Xuanzi, they are looking at you Wang Hong belongs to Xu Xuan Good friends play in the right position on the field. Girls sticking together in a pile will naturally attract the attention of boys. Xu Xuan didn’t think so, but after he said so, Xu Xuan turned his head and looked at it.
And the one in the middle is really beautiful, if you want him to rate it, at least you have to rate it upwards, Da Mi Mi is for him, Xu Xuan politely and gentlemanly nodded towards that side, which immediately caused a burst of screams, humming, little boy It’s just that the opponent’s No.
1 is Yan An, who is also the main core of the team. In this game, he has already sent out points and assists, and his offensive and organizational skills are not bad.
What’s the use of being handsome and long? Talented and connotative men are reliable. Jealousy makes people perverted.
On the field, Xu Xuan took the serve and led it for half court.
Suddenly, he found that the number one on the opposite side seemed to be eating him.
Looking over like this, Xu Xuan’s eyes are red, Xu Xuan is a bit puzzled, but he doesn’t want to care about the stinky fish and rotten shrimp in front of him now, he is eager to know what kind of strength he is currently.
Anti-Xu Xuan, Yan An stared fiercely at Xu Xuan, and there was a fierce light in his eyes, boy, if you can score a goal from me today, I will do it. As if in a dream, this, this, this, Yan An’s eyes widened, and someone shot him in the face and scored a three-pointer. Is this the legendary Ganba? The audience was also stunned. The Mr. Mediterranean swallowed the words with a difficult grunt, which was already between his teeth. This is a clean three-pointer. The group of girls who gave out enthusiastic cheers also exploded.
They are too handsome. Although I don’t understand the ball very well, it looks very strong. Damn Yan An suddenly turned into Sima’s face, while Xu Xuan didn’t even look at it.
Seeing him, he immediately returned to defense and inserted a sentence.
I have been using recently to chase book scum.
There is a good weapon. Yan An is eager to get back the scene, but it is obvious that in front of Xu Xuan now, he is not even qualified to cook.
When Xu Xuan found the opportunity, he grabbed the ball so fiercely, and was directly cut off to counterattack. The Mediterranean coach on the sidelines also raised his arms and shouted with excitement, as if he had expected it. In fact, this ball has nothing to do with you beforehand.
Fang has only one person.
The opponent’s center is a big, muscular and fierce man.
He is in a good position now, but Xu Xuan is not at all timid and directly faces the difficulties.
I saw two fast-paced changes in a row while he was walking.
The ball flew directly. At the same time as he turned to the left, he also swayed to the left.
The opponent’s center, no doubt, his body followed directly, and it was this that Xu Xuan suddenly pulled back with his left hand, changed his right hand, dribbled back, changed direction, and went straight to the basket. When I thought about it, it was too late to come back.
Instead, my heels were unstable, my body lost my balance, and Xu Xuan fell to the ground, and at this time the opponent was already wide open. Super strong stagnating in the air, Westbrook’s tomahawk-style dunk scored a tie and the score was even. God, he’s really just a college student, shouldn’t he be at the level of a top player? Yan An behind Xu Xuan is also dumbfounded, compared to just now when Xu Xuan knocked them down as a center