The moment Tian Jing met Gong Yu a familiar aura quickly penetrated into Gong Yus body along Tian Jings palm rushed to her heart along

In this life, she is armed with an artifact and possesses supernatural powers.
With her left hand, she slaps the white lotus in the face.
With her right hand, she hangs and beats top-quality scum.
The professional killer is decisive, iron-blooded and ruthless, but she is the son of the enemy, oh the son of the enemy, so what? Take this Yan Kingdom down and marry you with this Yan Kingdom.
How good is Yan Kingdom and you? A cruise ship is sailing on the dark sea, and amidst the bright lights, one can vaguely see through the window the human world inside, like blood-red handprints, incomplete corpses, and the mess all over the ground, in stark contrast to the luxurious cruise ship. There are five corpses standing in the sea.
The expression is indifferent, covered in blood, like a murderer coming out of hell. The target person is dead.
Gong Yu wiped off the undried blood on the dagger. The bloodthirsty mouth is slightly raised. The mission is over, everyone.
Think about where you want to go on vacation, Maldives, Sri Lanka, I just want to Go home and have a good sleep Gong Yu smiled and walked to the side, took out his mobile phone and dialed a series of unfamiliar numbers After a few seconds, the video call was connected to Yan Luo. The mission has been completed.
Please answer Gong Yu and turn the video to the mountain of corpses and sea of ​​blood behind him.
No waves, no moving feathers, I did not misread your video.
A beautiful woman with heavy make-up is holding a glass of red wine, her scarlet thin lips are slightly parted, and her attitude is leisurely. It’s a pity that as soon as the voice falls, the video screen changes.
A middle-aged couple was trapped in a sea of ​​​​fire and was alive Burned to death Gong Yu’s heart was stinging, his eyes were bloodshot, Yan Luo’s low laugh echoed in his ears, Yu, your parents were already waiting for you to reunite on Huangquan Road, after the bang and the explosion, the whole cruise ship disappeared into the dark sea After school in the afternoon of the 1st, after school, Fengling County, Fengling County, Guizhou City, Yanguo City, Classroom 1, Class 3, Fengling Middle School, Grandpa died yesterday, you shamelessly came to the school today to seduce Zhang Hao, it’s so despicable, you must teach this despicable son a lesson, aren’t you the best Do you love your hair? Don’t you let people slam your hair? I will burn your hair today and turn you into a nun. Let’s see what face you have to seduce Zhang Hao. Gong Yu’s nasal cavity made her open her eyelids, her dark pupils shrunk slightly, and swept towards the direction of the stench, her waist-length black hair was held by a palm at the end of her hair, and a green lighter was emitting red flames quickly. She devoured the end of her hair, then climbed up quickly and burned her hair. This familiar scene, Gong Yu didn’t have time to think about it, raised her foot and kicked at the person who imprisoned her two arms, slashed with a knife, and grabbed the scissors on the table to stop her The fire cutting action was done in one go, clean and neat.
The black hair fell to the ground and instantly burned to ashes, and was blown away by the wind, which made everyone present astonished.
Gong Yu, who was so desperate for his hair, actually cut off his black hair.
Is this still the Gong Yu they know? Zhao Rui’s eyes were flushed and she hugged her wrist in astonishment. A sharp pain came down her veins. Her originally white wrist was swollen and swollen. She bared her teeth and grinned. The same astonished eyes around her fell on her as if silently laughing. She bullied and was bullied Zhao Rui was furious and glared at Gong Yu fiercely. Since she was a child, she has been beaten since she was a child. It has always been her beating others.
Gong Yu, did you take the wrong medicine? How dare you hit me Zhao Rui? Shouting out of his throat, he instantly touched Gong Yu’s dark eyes, and his heart tightened, subconsciously avoiding his eyes, and then annoyed himself why he was afraid that this bitch would stare fiercely at Gong Yu again, what do you think, believe it or not, I’ll dig you up Chapter Dog’s Eyes Burning Hair Gong Yu frowned and said nothing Gong Yu’s silence made Zhao Rui think she was afraid and smiled complacently Gong Yu If you shave your hair now and kneel down to apologize to me, I might still let you go, otherwise Don’t blame me for being rude, Xiaorui, she dared to resist.
We must have felt that she was seducing Zhang Hao during the mourning period.
That’s right. Zhou Jianing got up from the ground and came to Zhao Rui’s side, howling, and stared jealously at Mo, who reached Gong Yu’s shoulders. Zhang Hao said that he likes Gong Yu’s ink hair Zhao Rui Zhou Jianing Gong Yu indifferently looked at all the memories in front of him, quickly retracted and finally stayed in a sea of ​​flames. Didn’t she die? The scene of burning her hair in public humiliation? Could it be that she was reborn and returned to the junior high school? Gong Yu was stunned when the thought came out, but more than ten years of killer career had already allowed her to practice the state where mountains and mountains collapsed in front of her without changing her face. Xiaorui, I think Gong Yu is unrepentant, let me help you to teach her a good lesson, Zhou Jianing saw Gong Yu standing there in a daze, how dare he ignore them in public, stepped forward angrily, raised his hand and slapped her in the face of Gong Yu The movements are quite proficient, it can be seen that Gong Yu has been slapped many times, and seeing that the slap is about to slap Gong Yu, but still has not regained consciousness. Everyone exclaimed that Zhou Jianing was knocked over by Gong Yu’s slap, covering his hot face in a daze.
Staring at Gong Yu in confidence, tears of anger, anger, and humiliation flowed down his face.
It would be a great humiliation for anyone to be slapped in the face in public, let alone Gong Yu, who had been bullied by her all the time, fighting back.
Suddenly Zhou Jianing saw The scissors fell on the ground, the pupils were spitting fire, and in his heart, he quickly grabbed the scissors, got up, pointed at Gong Yu, Gong Yu knelt down and apologized, Gong Yu frowned and stood indifferently, looking at Zhou Jianing, as if he was watching a fool kneel down to the palace Yu’s disdain drove Zhou Jianing crazy. So many people looked at Gong Yu.
If she didn’t kneel, she wouldn’t have any face in the class. If Jianing didn’t kneel, she would stab me hard.