The moment it landed the great magician exploded It had already smashed towards it but just like that it still dodged and dodged but after

Chapter 1 Desperate mother and child In the afternoon, there is a sense of laziness everywhere. The sun spreads down, as if covering the earth with a layer of leisurely clothes.
This day should be a comfortable meal and then take a nap, but today I don’t know Because why the originally lazy sunshine seemed a bit depressing.
Under the eaves of the Marquis’s old mansion in the south, the two almost bare trees in front of the door fell and the last few leaves fell from the trees.
The wind blew up these few leaves. A leaf drifted coldly past the mansion door. At this time, the mansion door suddenly opened with a creak. An old man dressed as a butler brought a beautiful woman in ordinary clothes and a skinny woman who was only as tall as the waist of a beautiful woman. The child walked out from the inside, let’s go out, don’t come back from now on, the old housekeeper waved impatiently at the beautiful woman and the child One day, I, Lin Feng, will come back, Nena, take care of your son’s mouth. The old butler, Xili, didn’t care about Lin Feng’s scolding, but gave the beautiful woman a cold look. After saying this sentence, she turned around and walked through the door without waiting for the beautiful woman to answer. Zhong closed the door heavily, child, let’s go. Nina was extremely calm, but her voice sounded trembling. She took her ten-year-old son, Lin Feng, and walked quietly into the distance.
The little hand left the Marquis’s mansion and walked less than 200 meters away, looking at the helpless tears running down the face of Naina who had been pretending to be strong, the young Lin Feng suddenly opened his mouth and said firmly, mother, don’t cry, we are I won’t starve to death. One day, I will definitely seek justice for my mother.
Nina looked down at Lin Feng and saw that his immature face was full of serious expressions, but the grievance in her heart flooded up like a flood. She knelt down and hugged Lin Feng, who looked a bit thin, and forced a smile into Lin Feng’s ear, tremblingly saying, “I believe you, my child has always been a genius, I believe that when you grow up, you will definitely do it for me.” I preside, Nina’s trembling voice revealed her helplessness.
Although she said so, she was only comforting Lin Feng.
No matter how talented her son was, he still wanted to eat.
Now the two of them have been kicked out of the Marquis’s mansion, and on my body What’s more, they don’t even have a copper coin, so how can they talk about the future if they don’t have any money for the next meal? But Naina, who hugged Lin Feng, didn’t realize that her son was pointing a middle finger in the direction of the Marquis’ mansion. A trace of electric current flashed silently on the tip.
Although the current was extremely weak, in such a world, no one would recognize that the spark that flashed across Lin Feng’s finger was something called electric current.
Walking with Lin Feng on the small town, glanced at the setting sun that was about to go down the mountain, squatted down, held Lin Feng’s small face in his hands and said, child, you must be very hungry, I am not hungry, Lin Feng replied stubbornly, but grunting Seeing this, Nina didn’t say much, but took a deep breath.
Standing up and continuing to lead Lin Feng forward, the two of them were kicked out by the old housekeeper Heli.
It was just in the afternoon. After an afternoon of aimless wandering, the two of them were already hungry.
Two meals, but she couldn’t bear her ten-year-old child.
Soon Nina brought Lin Feng to the door of a tavern. Hearing the chaotic and excited roars of the men inside, Nina frowned. But thinking that his child was still hungry, he bit his lips hard, squatted down and said to Lin Feng, Lin Feng, wait here for me, I will go in and find something for you, I don’t want it, I want to follow my mother, Lin Feng Xiaoxiao His hands tightly hugged Nina’s arms, and his eyes revealed a determination that didn’t match his age.
Be good, I’ll come out after a while, and Nina couldn’t bear to let the young Lin Feng see the next ugly scene. She couldn’t help trying to persuade her to pull back her arm, but before she finished speaking, Lin Feng’s words shocked her heart. I know what mother is going to do. I would rather be hungry than see my mother staying in the group of vulgar and disgusting people. Under the man’s body, what nonsense are you talking about? Nina didn’t expect her son to be able to guess her own thoughts.
She was shocked. Why did Lin Feng understand this kind of thing? A slap in the face, but after seeing the strong expression on Lin Feng’s thin face, she couldn’t take it anymore.
Another feeling of grievance came to her heart. Nina didn’t know what else she could do to fill her stomach besides selling her body.
Way, you are actually a beautiful woman, everyone, come out and have a look! A man’s shout came from behind Nina.
Nina heard the sound and turned around, and saw a man with a round belly and a big beard smiling. Beckoning to myself, beauty, that child must be your child, look at you, could it be that you were kicked out of the house by your husband hahaha I didn’t mean to bring up your sad things, little guy, don’t look at me like this if you want to fill your stomach If that’s the case, then come in, huh, we won’t go into that kind of place. Little Lin Feng plucked up his courage and yelled at the fat man in front of the bar, but the fat man didn’t care.
He tilted his neck and didn’t care.
Lin Feng shrugged his shoulders and Lin Feng is good, I’ll go and come, Rao was guessed by Lin Feng, Nina still decided to enter the bar because she really can’t bear to see her children continue to starve, if mother wants to go in, I will follow Otherwise, I will die in front of my mother.
Lin Feng stubbornly replied, grabbing Nina’s arm and not letting go.
Nina took a deep breath and looked at Lin Feng in a daze for a while before sighing deeply. She didn’t.
any choice