The moment I was dying I loved you all the time no no Xiao He suddenly raised his head and opened his eyes wide to

Xiao He randomly filled out an online questionnaire and received a job. As long as he perfectly meets the requirements of the other party, he can get a reward of 30 million RMB.
The world of psychopaths treats this severely deranged patient with a black belly, violence, murder, mania, gloomy, spooky, paranoid, various personalities, and a spiritual world with ever-changing changes. Thirty million soft girl coins are not so easy to earn, I hope he is not already in a mental hospital after he earns money Don’t go into too much detail when you’re making an empty modern day. This is an article about Su Wen Su Su Su Su Su’s important things need to be repeated three times, but don’t worry, the author is very serious. Da protagonist Xiao He Fan Shen supporting role Long Qi Seven Dragon Ball mother editor comments Xiao He randomly filled out an online questionnaire and received a job as long as he perfectly meets the requirements of the other party, he can get a salary of 30 million RMB The poor boy Xiao He instantly became popular The eye immediately accepted the task, and his job was to enter a world of mentally ill patients to treat severely deranged patients. Thirty million soft sister coins are not so easy to earn. I hope he will already be in a mental hospital after earning the money.
This article is set Novel and various personalities, the ever-changing spiritual world Although the text is fast-paced, the concept is unique, the plot is fast-paced, the emotional context is clear, the plot is ups and downs, the writing is smooth, and the writing is full of sense of reading.
It is worth collecting.
The exclusive chapter of the elves.
The spacious and luxurious hall walls are dense. The house is filled with expensive works of art and antiques. Even people who don’t understand art at all will linger after seeing it.
It’s gorgeous like the dream manor that the proud nobles in ancient Europe spent a lot of money to maintain. Walking in from the outside is like a king getting up and driving back to his palace.
Three hours ago, Xiao He would not have thought that he could get in here if he was killed, but at this moment, he is sitting on the expensive soft sofa, his eyes are blind. Looking at the contract in black and white without blinking, all of this was wonderfully like a dream, so he couldn’t find the slightest sense of reality, but his thigh that was pinched red by himself was still spreading pain, and the man in an expensive suit was still in front of him.
Calmly introduce Mr. Xiao to him. If you sign this non-disclosure agreement, we will give you the priority of paying you one million yuan as an employment fee, and the remaining 29 million yuan will be paid in full after you complete the task perfectly. Ah, it’s not a full 30 million.
Xiao He sat there steadily, but his palms were already sweating.
In his life, his bank card savings have never exceeded four figures, but there is a full 30 million waiting for him to earn back. This is so much faster than selling a kidney, but is there really such a good thing in the world, and it was so lucky that it hit him on the head? Xiao He closed his eyes and forced himself to calm down, reviewing the whole thing again Xiao He is 26 years old this year and has graduated from university for two years.
He is a freelancer. His parents are both parents. There is no best in the family.
There is a twin sister.
Let me give you more details. It is also the most ordinary family of four.
The one who insists on being different is probably Xiao He’s younger sister. She was a school bully when she was young. It doesn’t matter much. Although Xiao He and Xiao Rong are twin brothers and sisters, except that he crawled out three minutes earlier than his sister when he was born, there is nothing that can compare to her.
However, Xiao He has a good temper and is suppressed by his sister. It doesn’t matter what’s going on, it’s okay, I’m quite proud of it, after all, not all brothers have such awesome younger sisters, he is also with You Rongyan, but recently he’s a little bit upset at the age of twenty-six, whether he’s old or young, but he’s never talked about it Having been in love made Xiao’s father and Xiao’s mother very worried.
The daughter is married to a career son. Don’t marry the second dimension, yes, classmate Xiao He is a good young man in the late 1980s and an otaku. He is obsessed with the second dimension. He has risen to the point where he can use this to eat, so the so-called freelancer is just writing some novels to earn some manuscript fees to support himself, and he has been out of the house with a bag on his back because he can’t stand his parents’ nagging.
I went to visit my sister, but actually went to evacuate.
Because of work, Xiao Rong has a lot of money and lives in a spacious two-bedroom and one living room.
Because the owner has not been at home for a long time, it is covered with a thin layer of dust.
It is not the first time Xiao He has come to eat and drink. So I have already brought my own key and easily opened the door and bag to check in. It’s a coincidence that Xiao He just settled down and found out that the password of his sister’s apartment has been changed. As a house, how can there be no internet? Waiting madly for her to come back, I guess he won’t be able to go online for three days. Fortunately, there is a public computer at home.
Xiao Rong played games for him before.
A series of questions popped up, Xiao He looked at the world of the top student, he didn’t understand, hey, logging in to a computer is all it takes to check the account like this, but Xiao He has a good temper, happens to be free and has nothing to do, so let’s answer these seriously.
The questions are really similar to some psychological questionnaires, such as favorite color, learning ability, communication ability, various hobbies, and eloquence. There are nearly a hundred questions. Xiao He actually finished them all in one go.
After finishing, he took a deep breath and continued. I saw a line popping up on the screen. Xiao He was stunned that it was so high.
But what does this degree of compatibility mean? Could it be a blind date questionnaire?