The method of absorption is very simple just soak the whole body Breathe in the jade dew and perform exercises it will be absorbed into

Ye Ling, a young man who died of terminal illness, was reborn into a strange world with the Nine Suns Mantra of inner strength and mental skills taught by an old man who he once thought was a magic stick. Here, there are countless special creatures. The largest number of human races is handsome.
The elf is sexy and charming, the succubus is vicious, the devil is titan, and the dwarf is reborn.
Ye Ling’s family is impoverished.
With him, there is only one little elf maid who has a little knowledge of elementary magic.
The first time he opened his eyes, he couldn’t express his surprise.
Didn’t I die? The place of death was a hospital. His parents died young. He was born as an orphan. He didn’t have any relatives.
He came and went alone, so Ye Ling was sure that it was him. No one will worship the tomb, and he heard the crying sound of grief, who is the crying person? Ye Ling sat up from the bed suddenly, and then he found that he was not in the tomb but in a room.
The Western European style decoration in the room is definitely not the style of a hospital.
It is clearly a bedroom. Seeing Ye Ling bouncing up and crying, the person was shocked and overjoyed. Master, you are alive.
Seeing this person, Ye Ling even stunned her Is it really human? This is a girl about 16 or 17 years old, but she has green hair, which Ye Ling has never seen before, and it looks very natural, without any signs of dyeing.
If the hair can be dyed, the color of the pupils of that person’s eyes can never be changed, but this girl has a pair of extremely beautiful emerald-like eyes, and her facial features are also very delicate cherry lips, fine nose, eyebrows and eyes Ruhua is simply perfect to the extreme, and what surprises Ye Ling most is her ears.
The girl’s ears are as long as rabbits, which is not a normal human characteristic.
Let’s treat her as a human for now.
This girl is like a manga. Ye Ling, who came out of the middle school, really can’t imagine that there are people like her in the world, even the former college belle and even movie stars are too inferior in front of her, not to mention that many stars are created by makeup. This girl’s complexion is as fair as jade and as tender as tofu, but she has no makeup and no foundation, etc. Ye Ling clearly remembers that he was just a child who grew up in an orphanage, and later studied in a work-study program and was admitted to a university.
But before the happy life came, Ye Ling was diagnosed with a serious heart disease and died after treatment failed A person is like possessing a soul.
This is the only explanation Ye Ling can give, but it is too unbelievable. A burst of pain hit Ye Ling, touching his head and moaning. Oh, the girl hurried to the bedside, her face full of concern, Master, you It’s okay, the pain fades away Seeing such a beautiful woman so close to me, I can even smell the musk-like fragrance on her body Ye Ling’s heart can’t help but jump, you know, due to physical reasons, he was in a previous life I’ve never been in a relationship before, I’m fine Ye Ling said with a confused face, who are you? The girl is stunned, I’m Weiwei, what’s wrong with you, Master? The number of girls is quite limited, so you can’t be wrong, I’m sorry, I don’t think you and you have misunderstood the wrong person, Weiwei’s beautiful eyes widened, you know, she and the young master have lived together under the same roof for ten years, and he unexpectedly Said that she had identified the wrong person, could it be that the young master hit his head on the table just now and something went wrong? She tentatively said, young master, do you really not remember? This time it was Ye Ling’s turn to be surprised.
What kind of world is this? There are still slaves, Ye Ling nodded.
Worried, it seems that her conjecture has unfortunately become a reality, young master, he has lost his memory, his body is very weak, and now he has lost his memory, it will be even more troublesome, what should I do? Coincidence or other reasons, the pre-rebirth self is also called Ye Ling, after a small family, and the place where he lives is not the earth, but a strange world called the star world.
The star world is composed of a large number of planets, the smallest of which is only five times the size of the earth. The area of ​​a large planet is about one-tenth of that of the earth, and the area may be more than a hundred times that of the earth. Some of these planets are connected together by star bridges and nebulae. The nearest one is even only tens of thousands of kilometers.
Ye Ling has never heard of such a strange star pattern. It seems that this The universe and the universe where the earth is located are very different.
The environment of each planet is very different. There are angel stars that look like heaven, and there are horrible hell stars. The furnace star is full of volcanoes. The ice and snow stars are extremely cold all the year round. Intelligent creatures, humans, elves, dwarves, werewolves, dragons, phantasmagoric barbarians, demons, undead, these highly intelligent creatures are inherently kind and love nature and peace, such as the elves, and there are also some extremely vicious ones, such as the demons, who are quite violent and cruel.
Le, so no one dares to approach the Hell Star where demons are active, and the Glorious Star where Ye Ling is located is a planet with the highest proportion of human races. It is the largest among all races. Although their physique is relatively weak and they are not born with special abilities like many races, the high technology and huge groups created by the wisdom of the human race make them a force that cannot be ignored in the star world.