The meaning of Wen Sui drank a little wine forgetting about sex and almost finished speaking he threw it behind his head just patted him

Qingxi Road is more crowded than ever before, and there are people in a hurry everywhere.
A little unconsciously, it becomes a blur in the sight. The air is still very dry as the evening approaches.
After staying in the humid climate in the south for a long time, I suddenly feel bored and panic. He raised his hand, took off his baseball cap, played with it, and looked sideways at the person dragging the luggage. Don’t give it away, hey, your hair Ji Xiaoyu instantly forgot to take it back. If you asked curiously, it was Mr.
Wutiao. His eyes fell on the boy’s fair and slender knuckles. Wearing only a simple shirt, he moves his hands and feet, but he can’t hide his cynical and expensive eyes.
When he looks at him with darker pupils, it’s easy to make people unable to look away. Unruly short silver hair, I don’t know what kind of tricks this young master is playing.
Rumor has it that he is absent-minded at the age of 20. He is ugly.
He intentionally scares my parents. Ji Xiaoyu suspects that this person is doing a Versailles-style dimension reduction attack. Wen Sui has been like this since the beginning, obviously life goes smoothly, but he always likes to find things for himself. He is not afraid of anything. He is arrogant. When the results of the college entrance examination came out, Wen Sui instantly occupied the media.
One post is beautiful enough, but the silver-haired thick chain skull shirt in the promotional photo is really out of line. A group of little girls are screaming like crazy. The Wen family was so angry with this little rebellion that they almost kicked them out. I just asked my subordinates to buy a draft tout how perfect and decent your future successor is.
I got slapped in the face and my company’s product sales soared that day. Why should they ask me to make a semi-permanent Wen Sui fingertips? Turning on a baseball cap, I became addicted to playing. Ji Xiaoyu has mixed feelings. I am most afraid of being a rebellious son. The logic is impeccable. He ended the topic quite rationally.
Pushing the suitcase and slipped away.
Anyway, you are free, I’ll let you in. Let’s pay my respects.
The love in a dream is as big as you Wen Sui didn’t care much. With a group of girls all staring at him, he entered the rather grand door. The phone vibrated several times in a row.
He lowered his eyes and glanced at the incoming call.
He quickly pressed it down. He was obviously far away from home.
But it was not as pleasant as I imagined. I always felt that I owed something.
I walked to the report office. Wen Sui stood at the end of the report line with great interest So I raised my hand and loosened the two shirt collar buttons and finally felt more comfortable. I dreamed about my brother last night.
No one has ever seen a layer of cocoon in my ears.
Ji Xiaoyu is commonplace. One hundred and four times, Wen Sui lifted his eyelids and corrected him three years, three hundred and four times on average, twice a week, he remembered clearly, there was no difference, what dreamed about Ji Xiaoyu turned his head and looked in the past, and his eyes fell on the other’s furrowed brows, and he saw someone silence him Impatient urging is not to say that there was thunder for half a day, Wen Sui clicked his tongue and thought it was absurd. I dreamed that the two of us lived in the same dormitory. Maybe and doubt One more sentence, but why is he not the No. 1 pick in Wucheng this year? It’s not that he was surprised that he hadn’t won the first prize in the competition, but he didn’t dare to easily deny the content of this dream.
In the past few years, he had had many dreams about Jiang An, almost all of which were bystanders. The fulfillment was that time three years ago when he dreamed about Jiang An’s departure, but he didn’t expect it to come true. That day the family was in a commotion. I still remember the look in his eyes at that moment, the same as when he came to his home more than ten years ago, with a stubbornness in the alienation and unwillingness to compromise, obviously doing nothing, just standing there makes people feel distressed.
Of course, Jiang An’s life experience itself makes people feel sad People feel bad that he has no blood relationship with Wen Sui. His mother ran away when he was born. His father, Jiang Feng, is the bodyguard of Wen Sui’s father, Wen Zhongqing.
In a kidnapping case, Jiang Feng died in order to protect his boss. The elderly grandma has no other relatives.
Out of compensation, Wen Zhongqing took the three-year-old child home to live with him for more than ten years, and then Wen Sui didn’t want to recall it anymore.
He was so annoyed and panicked. Ji Xiaoyu changed to eating melons.
He asked curiously, if he really met you, would you cry and beg him to forgive Wen Sui, who was stunned for a second and moved his wrist slowly, no, I would press his head and walk the rivers and lakes with me and my good young master, so arrogant really Won’t he be beaten to death? Ji Xiaoyu carelessly gave a thumbs up to watch you perform. Wen Sui scolded and his smile faded. He must know that I will definitely avoid it after passing the exam.
After all, Jiang An probably doesn’t want to see you anymore.
Ji Xiaoyu muttered to himself and said that it was also three years of exile, a bloody feud, and it was hard to let go of this matter, it hurts, it hurts, let go Wen Sui grabbed the suitcase and added weight, clasped the person’s shoulders, turned back and went out the door to the right If you don’t want to turn around, then I’m really gone. Ji Xiaoyu reluctantly takes one step and turns back three times. Yes, back to seeing Wen Sui holding the lever with one hand and sliding the screen of the phone with the other.
He didn’t lift his head. Ji Xiaoyu walked slowly for a few steps and heard a ding from his pocket. He turned his head and shook his phone to show off. Is the country doing targeted poverty alleviation recently? I heard that the country is distributing wealth. The country should give you an old lady by the way.
Move your eyes down to Ji Xiaoyu to pay attention. When the money transfer person laughed awkwardly, I owed you a whole lot of debt. Now that I’m in college, I can go to work. Besides, don’t you have a stiff relationship with your uncles and aunts? Keep it for yourself, don’t pay it back, it doesn’t matter, it’s all mine scholarship