The master is not chasing his enemy the lieutenant colonel on the side returned to them after cleaning up and stared at Jiang Minghaos eyes

With a military thorn and a pair of see-through eyes, from a bastard to a soldier, the son of a soldier king is a dragon who screams at the end of the nine days, an empty tomb, and a green military uniform, carrying expectations and bearing in mind resentment, fighting the outside world, keeping the inside and shocking the enemy, a courageous and passionate man who stands on the road of serving the country, and I am in Xiongguan The U.S.
military is mighty and the motherland is strong. The six sabers are the indispensable weapons of the country, whether in peacetime or in wartime.
The people do not hesitate to smear blood on the sabers of mad slaughter.
They are the nine-day mad dragon. The motherland and the people are their rebels. Those who touch me will be punished even though they are far away. They are the abyss. The motherland and the people are their homeland. They are special sabers.
The motherland and the people are their scabbards. Those who hurt me will be punished even though they are far away. In the Dragon Kingdom of Huaxia, there are six sabers. These six sabers protect our motherland and people.
Some of them have special warfare skills, while others With extraordinary technology, some even have special abilities, but each of them has the willpower and blood of a soldier. These six knives are as follows. The first conventional saber is what we often call the standing army of sea, land and air. This is the standing armed force that any country has.
Whether it is military expansion or disarmament, they are one of the indispensable sabers of the motherland, but in the eyes of those real professional soldiers, they are just boy scouts, and in the eyes of special soldiers, they are just ordinary soldiers.
The second ordinary saber is ordinary.
Although the militia and reserve forces in China are not even qualified as soldiers, they can change the whole campaign and even the whole country qualitatively through quantitative changes. This is also the reason why guerrilla warfare can win.
To put it bluntly, the electronic saber is the art soldier and the information soldier. These arms are the easiest to get promoted and get rich, but the actual military power is pitiful, but don’t underestimate them, especially the information army. Modern warfare no longer wears rubber-soled liberation shoes and holds a rifle like it used to fight in the Vietnam War. Desperation is so simple. Information confrontation can often determine the final victory or defeat, so they rely on their brains to fight battles. It can be said that they can strategize and win thousands of miles.
Be careful when you encounter them, because what you encounter is not just a scientific research soldier, but a technological saber and a mobile ammunition depot. They can use rubber, wood chips, glass slag, gasoline and other things that can be found everywhere to create bombs that are more powerful than others.
Beside them may be a dozen anti-tank missiles, or it may be a nuclear warhead, ready to die with a group of desperate enemies at any time. The fifth professional saber. Professional soldiers kill machines, from hand-to-hand combat to the use of cold weapons to pistols, rifles, sniper guns, tanks, cannons, mines, any weapons and tools at your fingertips, and the only purpose is to do it in the shortest possible time The ordinary battlefield that kills the enemy is their stage and the stage where the god of death dances. The sixth special saber is also a category that this book will focus on.
They have unique abilities and even superpowers, which can be said to be rare in a hundred years. A rare genius.
There are countless figures like MI5 in Eagle Country in the United States. Their abilities are unique and unrepeatable.
They are acquired and strengthened to serve the motherland and the people. In special departments like Dragon Country, they are directly led by the Military Commission.
They will appear on any battlefield at any time. The jungle in the city and abroad gave the enemy a devastating blow. What I want to talk about today is this special saber.
Although God has given you special abilities, there will always be people who don’t receive the gift from God. It’s not because you are dissatisfied, but because you are afraid that God will open you up. I will close the door for you after you open the window.
If one day the window is also closed, you can only wait for death.
It is Jiang Minghao, a saber, a special saber of the motherland and the people, Chapter 1, special missions, the dark night, without a single star, on an uninhabited island in the English Channel, a sniper lying in the mud, the stench of rotting leaves and animal carcasses The smoke is almost suffocating, but he is already used to this smell, fully armed, buried in it, motionless, as if fused with the muck, he is waiting for the prey to appear, and there is an inaudible gunshot, which is clearly seen through the scope. Suddenly, I saw a mass of blood mist rising in the woods 500 meters away from the silt pond, and only heard a whoosh sound, a figure burst out of the mud and rushed towards the woods like a ferocious cheetah. A layer of rotten leaves could not reach the ankles with every step, but this person’s running speed was not hindered by this, and his figure was erratic without any pause.
The distance of 500 meters was just a dozen seconds, and he came to the body that had just been taken by himself. Beside the headshot corpse, he has the innate speed of a cheetah, which is unmatched by any normal person. The corpse is a short Asian man. Seeing that his lower body is exposed, he should have come out to scatter, so he was singled out and killed.
The sniper quickly picked up the guns, ammunition and supplies from the corpse. Suddenly, a gleam flashed in his eyes.
It was an Ontario saber that originally belonged to the US Navy SEALs. Now when he pulled his pants off the Asian man, he clearly saw that it was like cloth. The people of the island nation seem to believe that the international public opinion is true.
The United States sold the complete set of SEAL commando equipment to the island nation to support them in forming a central mobile force. This bastard from the island nation is obviously a soldier of the mobile force. In public or private we have no reason to stop you She is your wife