The master has not abandoned us this is almost the voice of all the little monsters here their most worried thing has not happened nothing

The first chapter is reborn as a snake.
The towering green mountains are surrounded by clouds and mist. The transpiring vegetation is rippling in the wind.
The streams are gurgling. Na Rusu, a blue snake whose whole body is green but with a red spot between its eyebrows, pokes its head in the grass by the stream, pauses for a while, then quickly swims to the stream, crosses the stream, sinks into the rice paddies on the other bank, swims across the criss-crossing rice paddies, and is about to see one for several miles The big village came into view, the little green snake was familiar with the road, and sneaked into it without a sound, dodging countless chickens and dogs, and then got into a stone wall piled up with stones.
Then the sound came into his brain through the hearing system of the jawbone, and it was a pleasure to learn from time to time. It was such a joy to have friends come from afar. In the private school, a group of boys with hair buns shook their heads and recited the Analects of Confucius, all dressed in black gowns. The wife with a goatee puts her hands behind her back, strokes her beard, shakes her head, and looks very intoxicated When he came to this world, he felt angry, angry, and wanted to die. Just when he resolutely refused to eat raw food and wanted to seek relief through this method, but he was dying of hunger, he met a snake charmer.
After a unilateral exchange, he picked him up and took him home, and then took good care of him. Seeing that he didn’t eat raw food, he made cooked food for him. There is a green snake that is bigger than him named Daqing Daqing is very friendly to Erqing not only because of the snake charmer’s earnest teachings, but also because Erqing never snatches its food, but this does not make Erqing feel relieved, so he This is the only way to make myself remember that I was once a man, not a snake Gui Daqing, he is less than two feet long. The audience only likes to see the red spot on his forehead. At this time, one foot is equivalent to about 25 centimeters.
Ten feet is one foot.
As for why it grows so slowly, he thinks it might be a picky eater. The reason is that the elements of Daqing, Erqing and the snake charmer remind Erqing of the snake man in Pu Songling’s Strange Tales from a Liaozhai Studio.
He thought he was in the world of Liaozhai, but he saw this through observation and understanding of the outside world and combining some rumors. The world is obviously not because there are four major states in the same world, that is, Dongsheng Shenzhou, Xihe Niuzhou, Nanfangbu State, Beiju Luzhou, and they live in Nanfangbu Prefecture and combined with some information from the outside world. This period should be at the beginning of the Jin Dynasty, and Dong Wu was still lingering, which made him wonder whether he was in the ancient world of the original world, or came to the world of Liaozhai or the world of Journey to the West.
Is there that monkey in this world? If there is, it must exist. Monster, he is full of love for this world Full of curiosity, I really want to see if this world is still the one he was familiar with, and if there are still those famous historical figures he is familiar with, but these are all things in the future. It is dangerous for him to go out now, and come here as an auditor.
You have to be careful when you come here, not to mention the coldness and heat of the outside world. Two years have passed quickly.
Erqing knows a lot of characters, Xiaozhuan and Lishu, and he can even use his tail to curl up branches and write on the sand, but he dare not do these things.
Let the snake charmer know that he is worried that such an evil person like himself will be treated as a monster by those wandering Taoist priests passing by, and his body has grown from less than two feet at the beginning to nearly four feet now.
This is a bad news.
But he gave him a blow. Daqing died of illness. Daqing died of illness. In this period, people are often helpless when they are sick, let alone a snake. Erqing stared blankly at the lifeless Daqing.
So fragile, a domestic snake like me that never eats raw food, what will it do in the future to face the cruelty and danger of nature, but the furry mouse and the slippery frog Erqing are very spineless and obediently become domestic snakes Without Daqing, Erqing’s workload has increased.
Many snake charmers feel distressed seeing this. Erqing often said that he would find another snake to accompany Erqing to share the pressure. But for some reason, this rough guy never gave it to him.
He was looking for his little brother one day when he went up the mountain and was tired from walking, the rough man sat down to rest in front of a ruined temple Seeing this, Erqing climbed out of the bamboo basket and slipped into the grass, and waited for the rough guy to wake up and found that Erqing didn’t see him, and he called out anxiously for a few times, but there was no response, and finally sat down dejectedly, with a secret snake heart in his heart. The crescent moon rises in the east, the tired birds return to their nests, and the tired beasts enter their nests. At the foot of the mountain, the smoke curls up. On the mountain, the old crow shakes his head and looks around, but he still hasn’t seen Er Qing returns.
Suddenly there was a rustling sound from the grass next to him, and the rough man looked sideways, but saw Er Qing coming out of the grass, majestic and vigorous, like a general coming triumphantly, and behind him was a little green snake that was much smaller than him, which seemed a bit strange As timid and cautious as a little daughter-in-law, it turned out that he ran to abduct the younger brother while the rough man was asleep, but the younger brother did not abduct, but abducted a snake.
The little girl saw Er Qing coming back, crying with joy, and she hugged Er Qing into her arms as if there was something wrong This kind of ecstatic feeling of losing a treasure and finding it again, walking home shows that this rough man has already regarded Erqing as his family. Later, the rough man named the snake girl who was kidnapped by Erqing as Xiaoqingji for two years