The master and apprentice felt this way almost at the same time Master are you sure this crazy woman can do things well It doesnt

What? Old Xu’s family’s ancestral grave is emitting green smoke. Who said that the old Sun’s head in the east of the village saw it with his own eyes.
Just yesterday morning, Lao Sun’s head went up to the mountain to hunt rabbits and saw green smoke rising from the old Xu’s family’s grave from a distance. That’s really amazing No, how many years has the character of old Suntou been? Who has he lied to? Good old Xu’s family, this is going to be released, then next year Xu’s third son will have to take the exam again, right? After waking up, within a day, the news that the old Xu family’s ancestral grave was emitting green smoke spread throughout Lingshui Village, and the old Xu family, who was admired and watched by the villagers, had no news at all. Why is the old lady of the Xu family who has become a grandmother pregnant with this eldest grandson? After the diagnosis, Mr.
Xu walks like a wind. How old is he? We are old and strong. Mr. Xu stands at the door of the main room of the old Xu family, looking at the two sons and three daughters-in-law standing in front of him, and those two who made him very precious before. Your grandson, your mother is pregnant again. This is the most important event in our old Xu family. After that, you have to pick up the things inside and outside the house, daughter-in-law. If there is anything you don’t understand, come and ask your mother. Your boss Xu’s daughter-in-law, Mrs.
Zhou, heard Mr. Xu’s words. She was happy and worried because she was now in charge of the family.
The worry was that her mother-in-law was pregnant. It’s the sweetheart of the old couple.
The family has multiple ancestors.
Mr. Xu didn’t notice the entanglement of the eldest daughter-in-law at all. He looked at the second daughter-in-law, Mrs. Li, and said very seriously, the second daughter-in-law, you are cooking.
Take care of it and see if your mother can cook whatever she wants.
Daddy Li agreed in a low voice, not showing too much emotion on his face. In the end, Mr. Xu looked at the youngest daughter-in-law, Wang, who was the least worrying among the three daughter-in-laws. The family is really low-married. The old Xu family can be regarded as the family heirloom of farming and education.
The three sons have all gone to school since they were young. Unfortunately, only the youngest Xu Yuanxu has the talent for studying.
He passed the county examination at a young age and only needs to pass the hospital examination. Become a scholar because of Xu Yuanxu’s talent for reading, so he was able to marry the eldest lady of the scholarly family in the county as a daughter-in-law. Unfortunately, Xu Yuanxu failed for three years. Therefore, Wang’s attitude towards Xu Yuanxu and even the Xu family has gradually changed from being cautious at the beginning. When he became indifferent, when it was okay, Mrs. Wang would accuse Sang, scold Huai, and sneer at the Xu family. If it weren’t for the concern about reputation, it was also for the future of Mr.
Xu. Mr.
Xu had already asked Xu Yuanxu to write a letter of divorce to Ms.
The old man just opened his mouth, Mrs. Wang immediately snorted and said, “Father, you don’t have to tell me that my husband will take an exam again in the coming year. My father sent a letter saying that he bought another small yard in the county town for me to live with my husband. My daughter-in-law was there before.” I just want to tell you that I just haven’t looked for an opportunity. Mrs.
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Bijiachang Chapter 1 Finally, I wish you all a happy reading.
Chapter 1.
Does the third child know about Mrs.
Xu’s appearance? After hearing what the third daughter-in-law said, Mr. Xu’s face is really ugly.
Although his old Xu’s family is nothing The family of Dafu doesn’t have the reason to let the son be the son-in-law of someone else. The father and husband are busy preparing for these trivial matters. The daughter-in-law is thinking about it, so don’t bother the husband.
Mrs. Wang replied indifferently.
The well-educated young daughter-in-law is really in a mixed mood. A high family marrying a girl and a low family marrying a wife. Why did he get so dizzy at the beginning that he agreed to this lowly marriage? Dad, if you have nothing to tell your daughter-in-law, go back and clean up tomorrow. Went to the city and waited for Mrs. Wang to see that Mr.
Xu has no words, so I don’t want to mention how proud she is. It’s just a joke that such a country bumpkin wants to make fun of her. Mr. Xu doesn’t know how to deal with this little daughter-in-law of Mrs. Wang At that time, there was a soft call from the room, the absolute protagonist of the old Xu family incident, the old lady Xu, finally spoke out, and with the old lady’s voice floating out of the house, everyone in the yard looked terrified, even if it was just now Mrs. Wang, who is very arrogant in the face of Mr. Xu, is also a little flustered at the moment.
Old Mr.
Xu Jiaming is in charge of all major and minor matters, but in fact, many things about Mr.
Xu’s family are the old lady’s decision. Mrs.
Xu, the mother-in-law, is a bit jealous after all.
After all, as a father-in-law, Mr. Xu is not suitable to come forward, and as a mother-in-law, Mrs.
Xu is the one who disciplines her daughter-in-law.
Walking out of the house, although she is already a grandmother, Mrs. Xu is actually not yet forty years old.
If you just look at her face, you can believe that she has just appeared in her thirties. Is it the life of the old Xu family? Rich but not bad, otherwise it would be impossible for all three sons to go to school.
The finances are not tight, and there are not many things to worry about at home. The life of Mrs. Xu is really comfortable, and this person once lives. She doesn’t look old when she’s happy I don’t know how to understand the good intentions of the old father. Even this time, the small courtyard in the county town is what Wang asked for from the old father.