The man looked at Murong Qings face and was stunned for a moment thinking this kid The man is really pretty the man squatted down

Warm and pampering trip to the top Have you ever thought that I would buy you with one hundred taels? For money, I will catch a wild boar and hare and return it to you. Murong Qing gritted his teeth and said, “You don’t have to be my wife obediently.
You can’t do it without the dowry. If you don’t get married, the wild boar and hare are the dowry.
I’m so cheap, yes, my cheap wife Han Xiu is proud of the evil king.” The keywords of the cheap lady, the cheap lady of the evil king, elegant and elegant How to die He touched his nose and felt that if his peers found out, he would probably die of laughter. The No. 1 cold-faced killer on the list of killers is also a well-known celebrity in the industry. Although not many people have seen his face, his name is Everyone knows that not only someone pays him to kill someone, but also someone pays him a lot of money to hire him to kill him. Now that those people don’t need to spend money, they will be dealt with directly by God.
What the hell is it that lightning strikes him? Ah, he has so many peers, why did he die so uselessly? It’s embarrassing to his master. I hope the master won’t be angry, but he needs to be stabbed twice in his body. Slowly, Han Xiu can’t see his body. His soul is just so aimless.
Floating on the ground, looking at the blue sky and white clouds, Han Xiu didn’t understand where the lightning came from just now, because when he was struck, he was sleeping on a deck chair by the swimming pool at home, and he opened his eyes when he was struck It seemed that he saw a dark cloud, but at the moment, there was nothing to understand. Han Xiu no longer struggled. He didn’t know how long it had been floating. Calmly, he continued to float forward. He was thinking how long it would take for his soul to reach the Palace of the Underworld. However, before the palace of the King of Hades, which was very dark, he suddenly found that the white mist in front of him was slowly fading away.
A house appeared in front of him, right? The high-rise buildings or luxury villas he is familiar with are instead an antique high-walled house with glazed tiles, vermilion pillars, plaques, couplets, hand-written verandas, pools, swimming fish, circular arches, rockeries, and exquisite courtyards. This is Han Xiu’s handsome face, which is usually not very expressive. There was a hint of doubt on his face. Just when Han Xiu wanted to observe other places in the house, he suddenly felt his soul seemed to be summoned by something.
In the blink of an eye, he found that he had entered the house and was standing in a yard full of pear trees. In front of him, kneeling in front of him was a strong and handsome young man who looked exactly like him. Han Xiu was very surprised. This man looked to be around twenty years old, ten years younger than when he died, and surrounded by this young man.
A lot of men and women looked at him with disdainful eyes, as if he had done something despicable, gathered in this big circle to condemn him, and in front of this group of people was a grand master’s chair.
Pentecostal men are Sitting on the master chair, the man is holding a dark red wooden box.
What is in it? Han Xiu can’t see it. But at this moment, this man is looking at the young man kneeling on the ground with a serious expression. Han Xiu, your aptitude is too bad.
Even the fifteen-year-old Xuan’er’s soul energy is already at the fifth rank, but you are still at the third rank.
You really wasted the time your master spent on you.
I was a little excited, but I didn’t expect that this kid not only looked like him, but also had the same name, which made Han Xiu feel very interesting.
He stood aside and looked at this group of people, but more eyes were on the guy with the same name as him. The young man with the same surname and the same appearance, uncle, sorry for Han Xiu who was kneeling on the ground, said timidly, that group of people must be this person’s brothers and sisters, seeing Han Xiu being scolded, all of them took pleasure in other’s misfortune, just like the soul of Han Xiu When he wanted to continue watching the play, the scene in front of him changed and he was standing by a small river, and in front of him was Han Xiu who had the same name and surname as him. In front of Han Xiu stood a beautiful woman with an expression on her face. I’m so impatient, what are you doing? Don’t pester me. What I like is that your elder brother doesn’t like you at all. You are a toad who wants to eat swan meat.
The tsundere girl turned around and ran away, leaving only Han Xiuzhan with a sad face.
By the river, Han Xiu stroked his chin and looked at this young man who was ruthlessly rejected.
Isn’t he just a woman? There is no need to be so sad. Then the picture changed again, and Han Xiu came to a room with large and small houses. The medicine jar and two medicine barrels that can squat down for adults.
The young man Han Xiu was being called out by a charming woman. He only heard the woman say that Xiaoxiu Sanniang is just asking you to try this medicine.
If the medicine is successful, Sanniang has made a great contribution to our Han family. You will also be a great hero of the Han family. Why don’t you jump into the medicine barrel? Sanniang said that Han Xiu really listened to that woman Then he jumped into one of the medicine barrels with excitement on his face. Not long after, the young man was soaked by the medicine in the medicine barrel, his lips turned purple and his face turned blue.
The excitement and joy on his face disappeared.
The thin lips slowly spit out the word stupid. Once again, the picture in front of Han Xiu changed again, but this time the change seemed to be quite big. His eyes were no longer that antique house, but a very quiet and dilapidated one. The village in front of him is still the same young man Han Xiu, but he is no longer wrapped in brocade clothes, but is wearing a very simple gray cloth. At the moment, he is helping a group of villagers carry the rice that has just been harvested, and he seems to be having a good time.
After helping, he is young.
Han Xiu turned around and walked towards a certain place.