The man in the shadows responded to him like this Didnt he tell you I never heard of such a thing Theodore dare not say

When the shade of the trees covers the forest path full of rotting leaves, the sunlight swaying from above is reflected in speckles.
On the leisurely forest road, a group of more than thirty elite knights in shining plate armor are slowly moving towards the north.
At the front of the line is a handsomely dressed brown-haired young man who is riding a sorrel mare holding the rein in his hand and shaking his waist as the horse advances.
His expression is full of seriousness. I still don’t think I will be the so-called victim.
God favors a man, so Bishop Rhodes, if there are any mistakes or omissions, please don’t be offended by your church.
Walking shoulder to shoulder with him is a blond middle-aged man in a white robe dressed as a clergyman.
After hearing what the young man said, he smiled faintly.
Of course not, but at the same time, if you can prove your identity, you can no longer go back on your word Discovered a bright treasure I have never regretted the decisions I have made in the past seventeen years of my life The young man replied seriously but I am not sure if you can keep the promise I am sorry Your Excellency Bishop is not questioning your character but I have tested it There are no less than a hundred ways, but none of them have made me a real transcendent.
The world outside the Glorious Land is colorful, but it is actually filled with endless false gods and demons. They may use sneaky tricks to deceive some. Idiots out of civilization will never be able to perform real miracles. The bishop named Rhodes replied meaningfully. And in the land of glory, you will soon learn the truth. The great Lennon is both the creator and the only one in this world. My God, Bernie, you should know that unlike those false gods, the Creator is omnipotent.
The young man shrugged his shoulders and was noncommittal, but Bishop Rhodes didn’t care.
His face was still smiling, and he was still in high spirits. Of course he had enough.
The reason for being excited is that Bishop Rhodes, who appeared here, originally intended to investigate a monastery massacre. Although the work is important, there is no merit to speak of. However, now or just this morning when he just stepped into this place by boat, he accidentally saw Beside this young man named Bernie, as a bishop, Rhodes is as honorable as a marquis in this kingdom called Fallows.
Looking at the entire glorious land, he is also an extraordinary and noble person, and he is quite a member of the church. He relies heavily on the backbone members, so ordinary people naturally cannot be valued by him, and even if some unusual ones, he usually doesn’t care much.
However, this young man named Bernie Alik who came to travel by boat from the outer continent It is extremely unusual.
He is a divinely favored person. Although the young man himself denies this, the Bishop of Rhodes, who is a high-ranking church member, thinks that he cannot be wrong. He has actually verified it with special means at the scene before.
The identity of the other party has basically been confirmed, so Bishop Ross is very excited and even put the original mission behind him.
The Glorious Land under the control of the Covenant Church belongs to the largest piece of land in the known world. The country has a large population of hundreds of millions, but the number of divinely favored persons found in the current population is only twelve.
Each of them is a new star of the church, with the appearance of the pope, and someone who can be robbed of his head. Then Bernie, what do you say? How much do we know? Bishop Rhodes asked enthusiastically, with an extremely cordial voice.
I know that you are the only religion in the Laiya Continent.
The king and their subjects all believe in what you call the creator, Lennon.
To be more specific, I have read three holy books, four apostolic gospels, two religious laws, and some related philosophical books.
Knowing some basic common sense is indeed common sense. The classics need to be read continuously to gradually gain a deeper understanding. Bishop of Rhodes nodded, but he was very happy in his heart. In fact, because the Laiya continent is too big, church practitioners have never been able to achieve high education and popularize some villages.
Priests can only read and write basic characters. For esoteric and complicated books, they are often limited to hearing the names. In the eyes of Bishop Rhodes, it is no different from being illiterate, not to mention those in the Outer Continent who are full of blasphemous thoughts about the Land of Glory. Heretics, so before he asked this question, he had prepared himself for the fact that the young man in front of him knew nothing about it.
Unexpectedly, the other party had read many important classics. He has a serious expression on his face. I know you have some doubts, Bernie, but sooner or later you will recognize your identity.
At present, my job is to investigate a massacre at the Amos Monastery. It was a complete accident that I met you.
So I don’t have any relevant preparations. He paused and repeated his words, but it doesn’t matter.
During this time, you stay with me first.
After my investigation is over, we will go to the nearest Arman church.
When you arrive, you will naturally know your identity.
How holy would you know what your real name is I just hope you didn’t lie to me young man hears that and replies as a deal I can accept being a servant of God but the Bride of God is absolutely unwilling and the Covenant Church usually claims to be The bride of God must love God wholeheartedly, so the priests forbid marriage with others, but the covenant church stipulates that they can only have behavior with the married object, so they are still abstinent.
Secular love between a man and a woman is insignificant, and only love for God is.
Bishop Eternal Rhodes said so, but he sighed regretfully when he saw that the other party didn’t answer this question.
Well, I know what you’re thinking. There are also some sects in my church that are not abstinent.
You can choose to join them, that’s all.
In the future, the treatment you receive will be much worse, except that you can become an extraordinary person