The main body is like a huge octopus with its vines all over the sky one of which wraps Qiwa and lifts it up to

Fleeing in the wild, brightly lit streets, people rushing through the vast metropolis, some are creating miracles in the workplace, and some have become losers, lost and wandering in this busy city Lin Yan graduated from an ordinary undergraduate school and worked in a small company After a few years, he is about to get promoted and raise his salary to become a manager.
Originally, his life can be improved from now on, but someone will have a so-called relationship. There was a big fuss in the company, and he lost his job. Sitting at a barbecue stall on the street, Lin Yan took off his thick black-rimmed glasses. He is not short-sighted, but he is 1.8 meters tall and has muscles developed from growing up in the countryside. Eyes that are sharper than eagles make Lin Yan look a bit vicious. For work, he has been wearing black-rimmed glasses for three years just to look more familiar.
There are thick beer bottles in front of Lin Yan. He has lost too much, including his friendship, it is always easier to be drunk alone, Lin Yan is drunk and hazy, Lin Yan hears someone calling him, child, wake up, the surroundings are very noisy, there is the sound of metal collisions, the sound of men shouting, and many don’t know The loud roar of the famous beast made Lin Yan’s ears hurt a little.
He opened his eyes vaguely and patted his head, which was still a little drowsy due to drunkenness. Lin Yan saw an old man bandaging his wounds, child. After waking up, the old man is wearing coarse linen clothes, two front teeth are missing in his mouth, and his speech is a bit leaky. Children, don’t be afraid that the supreme will bless you. The old man’s hands and feet are very nimble. After a while, he wrapped Lin Yan into a rice dumpling and beckoned a man like an iron tower.
Came over and put Lin Yan on his shoulders and ran out briskly. Lin Yan’s brain was still in a state of chaos.
He was eating barbecue on the side of the street and got drunk.
There were old men wearing linen cloth, and the iron tower was over two meters tall. In the distance of the blue sky and ancient trees, Lin Yan saw someone fighting with wild beasts. He was injured all over. Lin Yan felt that he must be drunk and dreaming, so he closed his eyes and let the big man carry him and run quickly.
Lin Yan, who travels on the bus all the year round, knows that this is the air sound produced by objects moving at high speed.
He is really dreaming. How could human beings run so fast? Suddenly, there was a roar of a beast, and the wind stopped. The inertia made Lin Yan’s body in the big man’s body.
Rubbing on his shoulders, the heart-pounding pain made Lin Yan feel that this is a real world.
Lin Yan opened his eyes and found that there was a big colorful tiger not far in front of him. How could there be such a big tiger on earth? The rice is like a hill lying across the front, the yellow and black stripes are very conspicuous in the dim forest, the roaring tiger roared with a steel-like tail sweep, and a giant tree behind him was beaten into two huge sound waves that swept the front The big man put Lin Yan on the ground, silently drew out the big knife at his waist, and took a defensive posture. Human race, where do you want to escape? Go to the far east to find the protection of your country.
Are you? The tiger actually started talking.
Impossible 10,000 years have passed since your supreme being disappeared for a full 10,000 years.
The legend is true.
I heard that there are more sea monsters in the eastern ocean than we beast monsters.
They are cruel and bloodthirsty, and they like to eat people the most. The tiger waved its paws impatiently, as long as you give me a beautiful girl every month, my great tiger demon and tiger tooth king will not do anything to you.
You can freely multiply in my territory for ten meters What Juhu said was not any language that Lin Yan was familiar with, but he understood the amount of information contained in it miraculously, and Lin Yan was shocked.
Here, human beings seem to be reduced to the food of wild beasts. The Supreme will not leave us. The supreme will bless our big man holding a big knife in his hand and pointing at the giant tiger. In the name of the descendants of Yan, I wish that the blood of Yan will burn. Red flames rise from the big man’s skin, and even the big knife in his hand is ignited with raging flames. Even if the Supreme Being does not come out, my human race will still continue. Even if all the blood is shed, I will never shout to you big men who are bewitching and begging. Holding a flaming sword, I rushed towards the giant tiger.
I didn’t expect you to activate the Emperor Yan. His bloodline seems to have to be abolished today. Although the big man is covered in flames, the giant tiger seems not afraid at all, but just sneezes impatiently, feeling that his hunting mood has been destroyed.
The cheetah’s body sank, and it just turned around lightly to avoid the big man’s charge.
The food was due to wait for it to be eaten.
At some point, the giant tiger’s steel tail was blowing towards the man with the sound of howling wind, and it hit Lin Yan as expected. The blood and flesh did not appear.
The big man’s body was like a giant steel tail whipped on his body, making a dull sound.
He turned around and hugged Tiger Wei without feeling any pain.
Open the huge tiger’s mouth to swallow the big man. The fangs in the mouth are full of stench. Facing the huge tiger’s mouth, the big man does not retreat, but rushes into the tiger’s mouth.
What are you going to do? Yan couldn’t help but swear. Without the big man to protect himself, isn’t it enough for the tiger to stick his teeth? This must be a dream.
Wake up soon and see the tiger walking towards him step by step.
Lin Yan was so frightened that his whole body was covered in cold sweat. How can this damned dream be so real? Human race, you can let the warrior who has awakened the blood of Emperor Yan protect your identity.
It must be unusual to tell this king your identity. The tiger didn’t eat Lin Yan in one bite, but squatted aside and licked his wound as it licked a ball The green mist wraps its wounds Lin Yan sees its wounds are slowly healing Are you a monster Lin Yan moved back like a loach and shouted