The Magic Guy Chapter Eleven Sands Nightmare Chapter 11 Sands Nightmare A six or sevenyearold child knelt beside the bed with a pair of big

Content introduction The strong queen, Xiao Tianwen, non-conquering the world, starting from conquering men, failing to become a god, then becoming a man who controls gods, God’s man’s key words God’s man is eternal death, the strong queen’s pampering, chapter 1, two hundred years later Chapter 1 Two hundred years later, there will be no gods in this world, only those who think they are gods Then what are you He swallowed his saliva with difficulty, the man let out a low laugh from the depths of his throat, the coldness in his hands almost froze him into an ice sculpture, and there were some broken pieces of ice scattered on the ground next to the sculpture, one by one trying to challenge This man was finally frozen into ice, crushed, a loser, the inexplicable phenomena of human beings were attributed to God’s will, they tried to avoid the unknown power they could not resist through worship and surrender, this belief came from the fear in the bottom of my heart, and I just let it Human beings feel the existence of fear.
Just a slight flick of a finger can destroy their hearts of resistance. You ask me what am I? Looking at this man in front of me who is the enemy of the whole world, failure is failure, and there is nothing you can’t face Hehe, why don’t you fear me like them? Those who resist you die, and those who willingly submit to you die, too I am only ashamed and despised for them.
Death is not terrible.
I was ready to die here when I made up my mind to come here. The temperature and life are being withdrawn from his body little by little.
This is the end of failure, but he has no regrets.
If there is an afterlife, he will still pursue the pinnacle of becoming a god without hesitation. It’s very interesting. Tell me your name.
The man has a bloodthirsty smile. He leaned close to his scarlet tongue and licked the bloodstains on the corners of his lips.
I said, don’t come close, okay? Sneering coldly, if it wasn’t him, why come here? If you want to become a god, I’ll give you everything I own. You, me, and his question haven’t been answered yet. The man tore up the blood-stained clothes on his body. The man just smiled.
Laughing softly, the laughter made his body feel pain like being burned. The man condensed on his fingertips. Blade-like ice flakes gently slashed across his face. He felt warm liquid slipping down from the wound.
It was his blood that was scarlet like that man’s arrogant smile gasping for air.
The man lying on the bed suddenly sat up, and cold sweat rolled down his cheeks.
He closed his eyes tightly, layer upon layer. His black eyelashes were trembling uncontrollably, and the bed sheet he was grasping with one hand was almost torn into pieces by him. The moment he regained consciousness, he found that his breath of life was not being lost, and the breath of life filled his body even though he had a body a little pain The fatal injury that was taking his life just now is very different.
What happened? The man who claimed to be a god was still hurting his nerves a moment ago.
He secretly clenched his fists. The shame is worse than killing him. To make him uncomfortable, he calmed down slowly, he stretched out his hand and lightly touched the scar on his face, where it seemed to be still hurting faintly, but it was obviously not a fresh scar, or he didn’t feel the existence of the scar when he woke up. After seeing the obvious weirdness on himself and around him, he looked around.
This is a completely strange place.
The furnishings in the room have strong exotic features.
The floor beside the bed is covered with a square Persian pattern blanket. The roof of the room is full of extraordinarily gorgeous hangings.
Numerous crystal chandeliers and a mirror with complicated patterns placed on the window sill. He got off the bed and walked to the mirror.
The man in the mirror had the same appearance as himself, but he still immediately felt that the man in the mirror was similar to himself. There are many differences in details. He remembers that there is a scar on his face, but it was scratched by the so-called god with an ice blade, but the scar on his face in the mirror looks more like a birthmark, an ugly reminder of his past all the time. The imprint of the humiliation suffered was just at this moment. The door of the room was suddenly pushed open.
A boy who looked about twelve or thirteen years old came in wearing a simple white coat and white trousers, holding a basin of hot water in his hand. In front of the mirror, he was stunned, and his anxious voice jumped out like a bullet, Priest Quin, why did you get out of bed when you woke up, hurry up and lie down on the bed, the injury on your body hasn’t completely healed yet, quickly put the hot water in your hand aside The boy ran over in three or two steps and stretched out his hand to help the man, but before his hand touched the man, he was pushed away by the man, stumbled and almost fell to the ground.
The overall framework of the article remains the same, but some content that was omitted or put in the back is written out. Before Sha became the national teacher and his involvement with some people. He lowered his head and looked at his clothes.
He was wearing a rather simple-looking all-white robe with long sleeves at his feet.
The edge of the wide robe was embroidered with a layer of silk and satin with black borders.
It was plain and somewhat luxurious.
This young man called him a priest.
The clothes on his body seemed to be served by a priest, but he clearly remembered that he was not a priest but the lord of one party.
How long had I slept? He sat down on a wooden stool beside him. Although your religious profession has certain powers, it is just a trivial official, Priest Quinn.
You have been asleep for two days, and you seem to have been frightened by the man’s actions and tone just now.