The little guy who came to greet Yuan Futong rubbed his eyes with surprise did I get it wrong Why is there no one After

Freshman Yuan Futong feels that his life is a bit weird recently. Something has been bothering him and it has begun to affect his life.
As a senior sunshine leftover man, his life was originally very simple and happy. This year, he is already a first-class chef. Working as a chef in a five-star hotel in the provincial capital, life is not very rich, but he is also very good. He is also very satisfied with his job.
As an orphan, he has no pressure to provide for the elderly. Although he is too fat, he has not found a girlfriend, but it also saves a lot of expenses.
Let him have more money to invest in his hobby of antiques, but the problem now is caused by this hobby. A year ago, Yuan Futong bought a fiery red jade pendant in the ghost market for 2 yuan because he didn’t know how to look at it.
The shape of a piece of jade is very unique, and the appearance of a ball of flames is very distinctive. Yuan Futong, who was addicted to watching martial arts in his youth, liked Master Jin’s Yitian Tulongji the most. He was also very interested in Mingjiao’s totem.
The stall owner bought it for a while and brought it back to a knowledgeable friend. Once it was appraised that it was damaged, it was a mess. It was just a piece of leftover material. After paying the tuition fee, Yuan Futong also liked this unique shape, so he hung it on his body cruelly to remind himself to be careful next time.
Typical criticism, but things became more mysterious after half a year.
The jade belt gradually became crystal clear after half a year. The shape of the fire also looks very vivid. It really feels warm when hanging on the body.
At first Yuan Futong thought it was his own illusion, but he and Gang Compared with the photos I took when I bought it, I found that it looks much better than that time. Yuan Futong asked the friend who was doing the appraisal to see that he didn’t believe it was the original piece of jade. The leftovers were not at the same level.
I took a few photos of Yuan Futong’s jade and posted it on the Internet to show off to his fellow enthusiasts. Now Yuan Futong is dizzy.
The same piece of jade has increased in value after taking it for half a year. It’s too unreal.
I will continue to wear it.
I am used to it, and it is quite comfortable.
Maybe there is any benefit.
If there is a good thing, the mood is good, the mood is good, the body is good, and Yuan Futong really feels that the state is much better than before.
I am happy, and the trouble came soon. An acquaintance in the antique industry came to him and asked him to buy it. Yuan Futong didn’t care about it and didn’t want to sell it, but the people who came later made him wonder. He wants to agree with Guoan’s acquisition proposal, wants to sell this thing, but if he gives one, he will offend others. In the end, Director Du of Guoan promised to solve his other troubles before the two sides finalized the matter. Guoan bought it for one million.
Kuaiyu also promised to help Yuan Futong solve the troubles after the incident and not affect Yuan Futong’s future life.
The transaction was arranged in a villa outside the city.
According to Director Du, it was a secret stronghold of Guoan. At that moment, I suddenly heard a booming sound outside and a burst of flames shooting into the sky.
Director Du leaped out of the gate and shouted loudly at the same time.
Who is causing trouble in the important area of ​​the National Security Department? Yuan Futong quickly followed him out, only to see a black-clothed Taoist, Yu Jianfei, flying in the air, with white hair, a childlike face, a celestial face, and a bone of immortality. Seeing that the face of the visitor changed drastically, it turned out that Taoist Xuanxin was not afraid of Daoist Qingxu.
After Daoist Qingxu came out of the mountain, Taoist Xuanxin was expressionless and did not answer.
A ball of flames condensed in his hand. Director Du hurriedly turned around and rushed towards the jade in Yuan Futong’s hand, wanting to take it.
After finishing the jade, he ran away, but the flames had already rushed to him. Yuan Futong hugged the jade tightly to his chest, and Director Du threw him on Yuan Futong, who was also implicated.
It disappeared in an instant, Lingbao has already recognized its owner, how could Xuanxin Daoist lost his voice, Yuan Futong’s soul was foolishly engulfed by the flames, only one thought, I am not filming, and then fell into a dark, when winter goes to spring, ice and snow melt, everything revives The weather is natural and good. Chuzhou, the six states and counties of the Great Song Kingdom, is located in the southwestern part of the Sulong Mountains.
The climate is warm and humid. Although it is still early spring, the grass is already growing.
The warblers are flying and the spring is harmonious. The Sulong Mountains are named after a legend that a dragon descended. The mountain range covers an extremely wide area and is rich in products. Only some of the surrounding hills support countless mountain people.
In the middle, thousands of miles are covered by clouds and mists all the year round. Many hunters and woodcutters who go deep cannot return to the mountain.
According to legend, there are all kinds of ghosts and ghosts in the mountain, and they dare not go deep into it. On the north side of Longshan Mountain, there is Niutoufeng Mountain, where a stream flows out of the mountain. At the bottom of the mountain, there is a mountain village named Lijiazhuang. In the village, most hunters make a living by hunting and collecting herbs.
In the east of the village, there is an outsider family. There is only an old woman surnamed Li and a family. The eleven-year-old boy named Yuan Futong and the old woman are a girl from the village. Many years ago, she married into a rich family in Nanhua City.
But three years ago, she brought his grandson and some small things back to the village, and started working in the village at the east end of the village. The boy lived in a few thatched cottages. He was afraid of the cold and could not learn martial arts and archery.
He read at home and seldom played with the children in the village.
The day before yesterday, Grandma Li asked him to go out to play with a few children from the tree. He fell down and passed out.
The children sent him home to see the barefoot doctor in the village. He was fine. He woke up the next day, but the Yuan Futong who woke up was no longer that naive and weak little boy.
His soul was gone. When Yuan Futong woke up, he already knew what had happened to him. A very popular time-travel event in the new century happened to him. After merging the current body and soul, Yuan Futong also Getting a general understanding of the world also made him understand that the original boy and the leftover man are no longer there.