The little general Song Qing repeated his words and then asked who Wouldnt the people who live in it not go to heaven become immortals

The next second may be the end of life, it may be an abyss that cannot be turned back, and it may finally become a god standing on the top of all living beings.
The first chapter chooses Ten minutes ago, Changyan Street on the east side of the city hall received a report. It is located in the center of the entire imperial city, very close to the University of Science and Technology where the Shi family is located. Once the riots affect the school, the Shi family may be dissatisfied with the royal family. Today, the birth of the constitutional monarchy has greatly reduced the influence of the royal family. But the royal family It still has a very high prestige, status and wealth, and the noble lineage brought strong support, making the Shi family still firmly at the top of the social pyramid Even the guards at the school gate have a condescending sense of superiority. When they talk to Song Qingxiao, there is a sense of pickiness.
Inside, they receive an alarm.
There are people making trouble at the corner of more than 30 meters. You know that this is the tone of the guards of the University of Science and Technology. Some pride can’t let the riots affect here, otherwise the city government will receive complaints from the school.
He doubts whether this woman can solve this trouble.
Song Qingxiao is wearing a patrol uniform that doesn’t fit well.
She is very thin and has a pale face and a long face.
The heavy buoyant sea covered half of her eyes, and she felt weak when she spoke.
From the appearance, she has nothing to do with the job of a guard Patrols and dispute resolution have nothing to do The guard really didn’t understand why the security department recruited such a weak-looking woman this time. I understand that Song Qing could see the unhappiness in the eyes of the middle-aged guard. His lips moved and he said in a low voice that the riot would not affect this place.
She assures that this hard-won job is a patrol guard job that she has fought for for a long time.
This job has nothing to do with what she has studied. She just graduated this year and studied hard while studying at school with excellent grades, but all this did not help her find a job.
Although the times are developing rapidly, her background is low and her blood is ordinary. Her father’s criminal record in his early years has become a stain on her file, which dooms her to a safe and comfortable job in the municipal department. Her mother is an alcoholic and the family has huge debts. To support herself, the job of patrolling and guarding is unavoidable because of the long working hours and the low salary and certain dangers.
Therefore, the conditions for recruiting people will be relaxed. She can avoid being rejected by this job because of her father’s files. She tried her best to get a two-month probationary period, but people in the guard were very dissatisfied with her. The captain once warned her that if she couldn’t complete the work and received a complaint, the team might ask her to leave. I will solve it as soon as possible. Please raise her head, her tone is very light but revealing a kind of The firmness that is hard to ignore is inside, she has no way out, no matter what, she will solve this trouble, the sun is blocked by layers of dark clouds, and there is a feeling that a storm is coming. Song Qing looks small and ordinary.
When she turned around and rushed to the riot site, she passed by many proud students who entered the campus.
She was as inconspicuous as an ant. When she was young, she also dreamed of being able to graduate from the top university in the empire. After that, she became a talent that major industries urgently need to recruit.
Unfortunately, some things cannot be achieved through hard work.
The door here is not open to her. Song Qing trotted very quickly. The words of the campus guards were like a wake-up call. It took a few minutes for Changyan Street to be located in the center of the Imperial City, where the east and the west meet.
The westernmost side of the city is a chaotic area known as a slum. It is famous for being dirty and chaotic.
Various forces are entangled, and crimes often occur. Sometimes even the police are reported. You may not be willing to come here. Usually, the attitudes of various gangs towards the government are clear in their hearts.
The troubles will not exceed their own territory, and they will not approach Changyan Street. After all, there is a science and technology university empire here. Willing to cause trouble here Today, a group of gangsters gather here to see that they are not very old, and they feel that they are fledgling and do not know the heights of the world. People will be afraid of Shijia and leave quickly, but if this group of troublemakers are young and middle-aged teenagers, I am afraid they will have some troubles. Scatter and scatter. There are about a dozen people gathered here.
Song Qing raised her volume and shouted loudly. Trouble is allowed, please leave immediately The youngsters were attracted by her words and subconsciously turned their heads. Everyone here is stronger than her.
She is wearing a guard uniform, which is ridiculous in the eyes of these lawless teenagers. The group of people are stunned. For a moment, I couldn’t help but sneered and rolled away.
A boy with a fierce expression warned not to meddle in other people’s business. This is next to Changyan Street, which is next to Shi’s University of Science and Technology. Boys from the University of Science and Technology surrounded her.
She tried to straighten her back like a rabbit strayed into the jungle.
Usually because of the commotion, several cars in the distance were stopped.
In the middle of a black car, a young man casually glanced out the window and saw the girl surrounded by a group of vicious teenagers.
It looks like someone is about to be torn apart.
He should have withdrawn his eyes with a flat expression. From the uniform on the girl and the situation in front of him, he can probably guess what happened. If there is no accidental bloodshed, it is inevitable. Nosy character