The little dog Ma Mian secretly gave a thumbs up to the bull head and then continued to add that the main reason may be

Suo Qingqiu lost his mobile phone on the way home from work today. It is not accurate to say that he lost his mobile phone. He was tricked by someone. A girl in her twenties looked very excited when she saw Suo Qingqiu, her legs trembled and her cheeks flushed, she asked Suo Qingqiu to do her a favor. She said she was a netizen from the north of mainland China who came to Shengjing to meet netizens.
Unprepared, she also accidentally lost her mobile phone. At this moment, she can neither find her netizen nor have the money to open a room in a hotel for the night.
So Qingqiu thought that this girl was going to ask for a loan, and was thinking about why she should reject her and help her. When calling the police for help, the girl made a simple request, can you lend me your mobile phone? I’ll call my netizen.
Hearing the girl’s soft voice, it’s already trembling. So Qingqiu quickly cleaned up the bluebird and paper that was running in the background of the phone. The plane handed the phone to her, the girl took the phone, shyly turned to the corner, and made a call, the voice was very low, Suo Qingqiu could only vaguely hear the words “husband, good man, love you, hate juicing tonight, etc.” Suo Qingqiu stood there feeling young People really know how to play, but after a while, Suo Qingqiu realized that something was wrong. Why was there no sound beside the wall? Realizing that something was wrong, Suo Qingqiu quickly turned around the wall and left behind only a piece of paper pressed by stones in the snow.
Qingqiu bit the bullet and picked up the note, only to see it written in delicate handwriting, thank you, kind man, it’s a pity that I lied to you, everything is just the task of the master, hahahahaha, are you a pig? See Suo Qingqiu’s statement on the Penguin software, he My good brother Zhang Diansi directly sent a video to mercilessly ridicule him.
The reason why the good brother added quotation marks Zhang Diansi’s influence on Suo Qingqiu can’t be said to be of great benefit, at least it can be regarded as a disaster. In kindergarten, Zhang Diansi was bullied by other children.
When Suo Qingqiu helped him avenge, he brought his teacher.
In primary school, when Suo Qingqiu dominated the children. When Qingqiu’s parents were in junior high school, Zhang Diansi effectively restrained Suo Qingqiu’s puppy love.
It’s the curse that Suo Qingqiu can’t escape. During the three years in high school, Zhang Diansi effectively stopped Suo Qingqiu from online dating, skipping classes, playing model games, and playing online games. The only hobby Suo Qingqiu left behind was playing single-player games. After all, stand-alone games don’t need to be connected to Zhang Diansi.
From birth to the third year of high school, Suo Qingqiu felt that he had already thought about it, as long as he did a little manipulation when he finished the college entrance examination and applied for volunteers, he would definitely keep this great wisdom away from him. Unexpectedly, Zhang Diansi used it. I spent all my ingenuity in my life and made a decision that went against my ancestors.
I consulted Suo Qingqiu’s parents about his choice. On the day when the university started, Suo Qingqiu saw Zhang Diansi, who walked into the same dormitory as him, and his mind collapsed.
From that moment on.
Suo Qingqiu firmly believed that it must be him I did too many evils in my previous life, so God sent Zhang Diansi to torture me. For my own good life, Suo Qingqiu became a top student in the eyes of teachers and parents. Most people think of him as Suo Qingqiu. He is a good man. Suo Qingqiu insisted on doing good deeds every day for four years in university, and secretly made up his mind to marry that girl named Xing Yishan. Unfortunately, it has been almost three years since he graduated from university. Suo Qingqiu I have become a qualified social animal, but I don’t know if it’s due to fate.
He still failed to meet his Xing Yishan girl in the vast crowd.
Of course, he also failed to get rid of Zhang Diansi, but he always does good deeds and maintains an enthusiastic personality. Suo Qingqiu has maintained his habit. If we say that insisting on doing good deeds all year round has brought Suo Qingqiu any gains, besides the many thanks, it makes him feel the beauty of the world again. Watching the video, Zhang Diansi Suo Qingqiu, who laughed like a goose, felt that the beautiful world he had experienced for many years began to collapse little by little.
Qingqiu firmly believes that if Zhang Diansi is a pencil, the handwriting he writes must be heavier than a pencil. In the video, Zhang Diansi may have seen that Suo Qingqiu is about to go berserk, so he quickly stopped his goose screams and said in relief, isn’t it just a mobile phone? If you lose it, lose it, and I will send you a new memory. After the incident, Suo Qingqiu looked blankly at the mobile phone that was just sent by the same city in his hand, and carefully looked at the information sheet that was sent by the same city. Yes, it is Zhang Diansi. The mobile phone that was delivered, Suo Qingqiu sat back in front of the computer and slowly typed a question mark in the dialog box, then he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, opened his eyes suddenly, and his ten fingers danced on the keyboard.
It’s been a year since you gave me the mobile phone. Big brother, you gave me a functional phone. Zhang Diansi, I told you that I have tolerated you for a long time. Today, if you can’t give me a reasonable explanation for your mess, I will tell my godmother today.
I will definitely start from the big cup of black tea that you couldn’t find the toilet and then ruined your godmother.
I will do what I said, and the reply from Zhang Diansi that the other party is typing at the top of the dialog box appears on the screen Brother Qiu Scorpio You can’t go too far with the kindergarten thing, you remember you said you don’t use green chat software to contact me except our parents, what’s the use of penguins if you use so many mobile phones, I’ll bring them on your mobile phone I also brought a few small games and an interesting forum. The phone has a super long standby time. Anyway, I haven’t charged it for half a year.
The phone is really easy to use. The most important thing is that it’s fun.