The lines of the face are deep and soft even more handsome than in the daytime Zhenniang couldnt help but took two steps back how

It doesn’t matter that the four villains in the village are greedy for family property and land, it doesn’t matter that the parents are both dead, the younger brother is young, it doesn’t matter that the little girl is gifted, can eat, can cook in the fields, and those who come out of the field have no Wen Neng and Yushi who can’t cook Talking about food, medicine, martial arts can fight local rogues and protect family wealth.
This is Qi Zhenniang’s ability. If you don’t accept it, there are people who don’t accept it.
One pair is not enough.
Both are beautiful men.
To die in Qijia Town, in February, the spring is cold and the sharp wind rolls up the dry soil from the ground, making people’s faces hurt Nearly 30 families, except for one or two, the rest are relatives.
There is a Qi family ancestral hall in the east of the village. How many years has it been dedicated to the ancestors? Where is this going? A little girl who was squatting on the side of the road to pick grass roots heard someone passing by, looked up with a disheveled face, and looked up at a chubby old lady who was hurrying forward without even raising her eyelids.
I have to be busy with work but I still can’t stop my curiosity. What are you going to do in the ancestral hall early in the morning? It’s not even the time for offering offerings. The fat aunt doesn’t turn her head back and floats a word from afar, girl, you pick up your firewood, my lord. Don’t meddle in things for a while, go back and don’t have to burn the stove to see if you are not pestered, your little girl lowered her head resentfully, but was startled by a burst of footsteps and raised her head again. Fourth mother, where are you going to the ancestral hall? Seventh Uncle, you go to the ancestral hall too Girl, don’t pick it up, go back quickly and tell you to make such a big deal, he’ll take it easy, go quickly, go late, no benefit, don’t blame me for not mentioning him, the little girl got up with a handful of grass roots in her hand, and ran away Top-heavy almost fell to the ground, if it wasn’t for someone pulling me by my side, I would just shake my mouth and gnaw on the mud, thank you sister, the little girl got up so fast that there were stars in front of my eyes, I didn’t see clearly the person who pulled me, and said quickly Xie waited to fix his eyes and see a beautiful and slender figure in front of him, but he panicked and stepped back a few steps to get out of the way. The man was still unconscious, but the man was worried. The person is the well-known broom star Qi Zhenniang, who was ill for three years and then got off the bed. Others looked at her, but she still didn’t think well.
There was always something wrong. Her parents were killed by her, and the people in the village are even more jealous of her. It is precisely because this mother-in-law has not yet become popular when she is eighteen Zhenniang stopped suspiciously and looked at Niuzi who wanted to speak but stopped.
Niuzi took the opportunity and slipped off the field ridge and ran away from the field path without looking back. Sister, ignore them.
One and a half of them came out from behind Zhenniang.
They are all wolf-hearted. When my father and mother were alive, we benefited a lot from our family, and now everyone thinks we are street mice or something while talking The back of Bian Chong Niuzi raised her fist high, Zhenniang waved her hand at him with a wry smile, Brother Jun forget it, let’s hurry up and go later, the patriarch also said that Brother Jun was irritated kicking the stones on the ground to go or not. It’s a good thing that the thieves have been plotting against our family for a day or two. Last month, they said that they would bring a team to the ancestral hall to discuss our family’s affairs. Now it’s not here. According to me, sister, why should we go and humiliate ourselves in front of everyone? They pretended not to know when it came to an end, and it was over. Zhenniang’s eyes flashed a light, it’s not a good thing, and we’re not here. Wouldn’t they just say what they said? I just went here for the cheap price, should he pick it up or pick up Zhenniang? The Futo field in the city is a good farmland, close to the water canal, and the parents are like dragons and phoenixes who are willing to contribute and plan. The family life is prosperous, but all this has changed since Zhenniang gave birth to an illness at the age of fifteen.
She got this disease strangely, in the afternoon when she was fine, she had a fever in the evening, and the fever lasted for three days.
On the fourth day, she fell into a coma, and after three years, she woke up and everything was fine. It’s the same, and finally arrived at Zhuangdongtou Zhenniang saw a large group of people gathering and whispering, not knowing what to say, and saw her siblings coming and scattering like flies.
Slightly panting and asking the crowd, there is a pink and white wall, a gate on the left and right, green bricks and gray tile walls, two black lacquered gates, the copper rings are polished brightly, and above it hangs a mottled plaque with gold characters on a red background.
It’s just this place, sister, he still doesn’t give up, we can go home now, you just listen to me, don’t go and humiliate yourself, Zhenniang stares at him, why are you scared? Brother Jun jumped up, I’m afraid of someone, sister, you talk all over the place Just ask, I’m afraid of someone, Zhenniang nodded, she didn’t walk in the door, she felt that there was a lot of battle, the two grand master chairs on the opposite side were complacently occupied by someone, her right hand had a wide forehead, a concave nose, tendrils, and a big mouth like a gourd.
For example, the one on the left of Heizao has yellow skin, gray skin, white beard, and sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks. At first glance, it is not a good product.
On both sides of the ground, there are dozens of people each. Whoa, someone passed the news to you. The one on the left held a hookah in his hand and took a puff, exhaling thick smoke. In the first quarter, Brother Jun rushed ahead of Zhenniang, and you all passed my house like a marquee, thinking I was blind.
Zhenniang quietly took his hand to signal him to be calm