The lines are looming the female ghost aimed at the part where the lines were not completely covered and slammed into it but was caught

It’s not right the next day, it’s so fierce, why did it let us come back? It’s our collective hallucination, right? The youths with boundless energy ran over to see the situation again, and they were scared back again, but this time they found something wrong.
It seemed to only shake the doors and windows. The vase was broken, yes, the broken clay pot was carefully put away by her last time, and she glued it back, so I suddenly feel a little pitiful. Let’s bring something there. On the third day, they brought all kinds of beautiful snack jars to the haunted house and found the ghost.
I still try my best to scare them, but I also try my best to avoid damaging the jar. The teenagers who discovered the new land wow.
Then they gradually became friends with the ghost in the hut, laughing and listening to it tell the story of itself as the ghost king. How could the ghost king be so weak? Leave the haunted house The teenagers discussed privately until one day a teenager was kidnapped and saw that weak ghost turned into a ghost king that covered the sky and swallowed up the criminals. Is it too late for me to apologize for my ignorance? She was willing to accept the reality that she could only be reincarnated as a pig, so she hid and waited in line to be reincarnated as a human being, but then the underworld collapsed and everyone could only float around instinctively. That’s when she went to the human world with a group of ghosts to find an opportunity to snatch human bodies.
Discovering a person’s body is not easy to rob, because when robbing, she will see the greatest pain and longing in the heart of a person, I hope my mother will not hate me because I hate my father, why every classmate has candy, I am always forgotten He likes it so much Domestic violence, why don’t you die? Only the dog is good to me. Only the dog is my friend, but it was thrown away by my grandpa. I want to go home, but I have no home. They treat me like a burden and a tool.
I came down, hesitated, the prey ran away, and the prey were laughing and not afraid of her at all, why? I have a special liking for sweet literature and metaphysics.
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The protagonist Lu Dongyun, the supporting role, Mu Yongan, and other words. Introduction Please be afraid of her. Give her a face.
For the sake of world peace, she will spread love and warmth all over the world.
Chapter Clay pots will also be reincarnated. The sky is full of yellow sand, the little girl is in ragged clothes, holding a rough earthen pot and struggling forward, her face is already cracked due to dryness, she does not have the health and rosyness that a little girl of this age should have The sound blew away in the air and didn’t reach the knight’s ears. He only vaguely heard the knight say that he would survive. She walked for a long, long time, and then saw herself falling to the ground from a third perspective.
Her body lost consciousness due to long-term lack of water. The heavy clay pot Rolling down the sand dunes and then shattered with a crack The little girl’s sadness got stuck A question mark and then an exclamation point slowly popped out of her head This was her dream for a thousand years so every time she knew it was a dream she knew she would Seeing that figure fall down, seeing the clay pot full of water gradually emptying, seeing myself miserable Died tragically, but this clay pot was given by him, it was the only thing she had before she died, and it was impossible for her to be broken under the body of the death guard. A human cub came to her place and smashed her clay pot. Humans are mean and shameless humans.
Today she will let their blood splatter on the spot and atone for her offense with her life. She rushes over and turns her hands into claws. The hand of the little boy closest to her passed easily through the chest without bleeding the beating heart was firmly grasped the human yang energy was the ghost’s nemesis the burning pain from the hand could not quench her anger only aroused more She was going to eat this boy because of her hostility, and now she pulled the boy’s soul out and stuffed it into her mouth.
After a second, she spat out the little boy’s soul with tears in her eyes.
It was so painful. Sure enough, human beings are useless and even bad for eating. Eat her and stuff her soul back into the little boy’s heart Find another prey to feed Uchi What are you doing? Why are you stunned The companion next to you pushed the little boy Didn’t you suggest it? The little boy named Uchi moved stiffly and his eyes were a little out of focus. I felt like I saw a ghost. I was grabbed by the ghost, pulled it, then pushed it back. Uchi himself felt a little creepy as he said it. There is really a ghost, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah my friends were startled by his screams A group of people who were already frightened ran away in an instant The little girl who was looking for the next prey was abandoned not far away at twelve o’clock The clock tower made a knocking sound, and the explorers, who were already frightened, ran faster in an instant. The little girl followed behind for a while, and found that a girl was running slower and fell behind. She wanted to catch her, but she looked at her again. Those companions went back and forth, held the hand of the girl who was behind, and ran away from the ruins. Dangdang clock tower knocked twelve times.
The human cub ran away and got on an online car-hailing car. The world in front of the building has returned to peace. It’s not that she can’t catch up with those human cubs, but she just thinks they are not tasty. She will let them go. If there is a next time, she will definitely show them.
The abandoned building has four floors and twelve rooms on each floor.
It’s just an ordinary residential building. She likes the fourth-floor room No.
4 in it, because it sounds very unlucky, and it’s suitable for a super fierce ghost like her who has lived for thousands of years to live in the room where she retrieved the broken clay pots.
Use the glue I picked up to carefully stick this clay pot.
It’s not the pot she picked up before she died.
It’s just a pot she picked up that looks like it.
I put it on the street and no one wants it. I can’t reincarnate as an adult. Can the pot be reincarnated? When the little girl first became a ghost