The lights on our bodies The colors are changing it feels like a dream Qianye Im afraid that Yang Yajie will hold me tightly I

Chapter 1 Should I find a tree with a crooked neck Since then is synonymous with trouble. Let me tell you my story.
I am not a sister-con but I have a sister. I never thought that my ordinary daily life would have such a turning point. I, Jiang Qianye, am a standard high school student.
The so-called standard refers to I am very ordinary, no matter whether it is grades or appearance, I am the pig’s foot of this story.
I am so sorry.
My parents have divorced a long time ago.
They are separated and live in different cities. I live with my father.
The younger sister who has a vague impression lives with her mother. The above is the background of the story. Then there is a turning point. My father failed to invest and ran away in debt.
I was worried that I would be embarrassed by the creditor.
My mother picked me up and lived with her. Living with my mother should have been Happy, happy, but if that’s the case, this story ends here and there won’t be any more, so on the contrary, I live in my mother’s house, and my disastrous daily life begins. Describe me and that guy as twins, we are out-and-out brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters who are closer than ordinary brothers and sisters, even though my mother is very emphatic in describing our relationship, but I don’t feel at all where I am with that guy I’m close to me, I can’t wait to get rid of this disaster, go back to my mediocre life every day, brother Jiang Qianye, why are you in a daze, why don’t you hurry up and help me with my homework Usually, she is lying on the bed and playing with a tablet computer, wearing a cartoon suit, and the short-haired doll has a cute smile on her face. The smile on the doll’s face can conquer ninety-nine percent of men, but it can’t conquer me.
It doesn’t mean that I am No, but ah, I have already recognized the true face of this guy, her cute smile is definitely the smile of the devil. I have been living at my mother’s house for three days. During these three days, I have been helping Song Qingyi with her homework. It’s not like my brother loves my sister. How can a brother help my sister with homework because of loving her sister? It’s the witch who threatened me. She stuffed her underwear into my quilt and made some strange changes to the panties.
If my mother finds that there is Song Qingyi’s underwear under the quilt and finds that there is a strange liquid in the panties that Song Qingyi changed, I guess the relationship between our mother and child should not continue. I don’t want to be kicked out, and I don’t want my mother to feel bad because of the misunderstanding, so please allow me to speak slowly. I’m helping that witch with homework right now. This guy is the same age as me and a sophomore in high school. I can barely do the homework assigned by the school.
As for the problem of homework handwriting, this is something Song Qingyi should explain to the teacher. I looked through the homework written by Song Qingyi before, and I was horrified to find that in the previous ten homework I can see seven or eight different handwritings, which means I’m not the first person to be coerced into helping me with my homework.
I feel my scalp tingling. I look at the baby-faced girl lying on the bed.
That guy has the appearance of an angel and a devil.
Sisters who want to have a younger sister and who want to control younger sisters, please take my younger sister away. I prayed in my heart while doing my homework. The sound of the door being opened came from the direction of the living room.
Song Qingyi jumped up from the bed with a jerk and she jumped out Kicked me away from the desk, and I fell to the ground Song Qingyi stuffed the tablet into my hand, I still don’t understand what happened, there was a knock on the door of the room, please come in Song Qingyi spoke sweetly The door of the room opened, and the mother in a fashionable and beautiful professional dress appeared at the door of the room. No matter how you look at it, you can’t tell that the mother is a mother with two seventeen-year-old children. Seeing how friendly your brothers and sisters are, I really feel it I am very at ease. My mother showed a comfortable smile. How are we friendly? I looked around the room curiously.
The scene is as follows: This is Song Qingyi’s room.
Song Qingyi is sitting at the desk, doing her homework very seriously. And I was sitting on the floor playing games with Song Qingyi’s tablet, isn’t that how friendly brothers and sisters are? Black line, I was taught by my mother, I silently turned off the game sound on the tablet, Song Qing showed me a smug smile without a trace, I have black lines all over my head, my sister is not well-behaved at all, and Qianye, I have already entrusted her You can go to school with Qingyi tomorrow. In order to let you adapt to school life as soon as possible, you were placed in Qingyi’s class under my strong request. Mom is very happy and smiling at her. It’s like I’ve done something very successful, and I’m crying in my heart, I don’t want to be in the same class as Song Qingyi, but in order not to hurt my mother, I try my best to smile Qingyi, you must take good care of Qian in school Mother Ye told Song Qingyin, Mmmm, don’t worry, I will definitely take good care of her brother, Song Qingyi showed a bright smile, and I felt that her sharp little canine teeth were shining with cold light. Bite hard I have a dizzy feeling in my head Life at home I’m already overwhelmed by this guy In school I’m definitely going to be killed by her My life I guess that’s the end of it Mom Tell her a few words, she closes the door of the room and leaves Song Qingyi drops her pen, walks over to snatch the tablet away, and motions for me to continue helping her with homework.
I can resist such an aggrieved life, but I don’t say anything to make my mother feel better.