The lifeanddeath battle is even more difficult to accept it really is a tough nut to crack but as for the matter the only thing

Wearing a black robe, a young man with deep eyes different from his age appeared in front of the bar. Makino, who was still wiping his glass, showed a helpless expression and said, “Bai Yu, didn’t I say that you can only drink when you are an adult?” You are only sixteen this year. And isn’t today the day for Ace to go to sea? Why don’t you give it to me? While talking, Makino skillfully prepared a glass of scarlet wine and handed it to Bai Yu.
Bai Yu took the glass and drank it up, feeling the strong wine The spicy and stimulating feeling circulating in the body is life. As a reincarnator, Bai Yu was adopted by Garp since he was a child, turning the three little ghosts in the original book into four little ghosts. In addition to receiving Garp’s devil training, Bai Yu also visits Ma every day. In addition to drinking milk at the beginning, Keno’s tavern gradually fell in love with spirits.
Although Makino strongly refused, he was convinced by Bai Yu’s deep eyes that did not match his age.
The system is unlocking and the current unlocking progress has reached 90%. Nine, ask the host to continue to stay in place. The ethereal reminder sounded in Bai Yu’s mind.
This is the standard configuration of the reincarnated person. It is called a system plug-in. Ever since I can remember, Bai Yu has come to the tavern every day to unlock the system.
Over time, three years and three years later, Bai Yu signed in for 14 years and finally ushered in the final unlocking moment. Compared with welcoming the arrival of the cheat, sending Ace off to sea is not worth mentioning. Now Bai Yu wants to know the only thing. It cost What is the system that has been unlocked for fourteen years? Bai Yu, you are distracted again. You are only sixteen years old.
Every time I see you, you seem to be sixty. What are you thinking? But look at how happy Luffy is when he sees Ace go out to sea. You should learn from him. The fourth brother of Bai Yu, Makino, is no stranger to Ace’s stubborn Sabo’s gentleness. Makino can’t see through it.
As a tavern owner, after reading countless times, he can’t see through a teenager. Makino can’t believe it, but it’s a fact.
Makino, I don’t want to imagine that stupid big man yelling every day to be the Pirate King.
Old man Luffy will definitely be beaten when he comes back. Counting the time, the smelly old man should come back. Ace is probably going to sea now to avoid the old man, but I believe he will come to me after Ace leaves. Mimi is not drunk, so many years of drinking has already made Bai Yu’s drinking capacity amazing.
According to Bai Yu, this is enjoying the taste of wine. You kid is still as confident as ever, but next time you come to drink, remember to call you Auntie, otherwise, Makino, who is going to collect the money, glared for a moment, and soon heard the sound of hurried footsteps outside the door, the door was pushed open, and Luffy, wearing a straw hat, rushed in first. It’s not wrong, just like the original book. Luffy was indeed caught. The redhead is brainwashed. As for why Bai Yu didn’t stop the redhead’s behavior, it’s because it’s too troublesome. Bai Yu and Ace are here to challenge you again.
Luffy bumped headfirst into the bar counter with such force that the tavern vibrated a few times.
Looking at this scene, Bai Yu shook his head helplessly, thankful that he didn’t stop the redhead from brainwashing, otherwise if a single-minded person like Luffy didn’t have rubber The fruit and the halo of the pig’s feet may have already been killed on the road Bai Yu I thought you would come to see me off I didn’t expect you to hide here again Ace with a pockmarked face and a red cowboy hat appeared in front of the gate You were worried that you would come Lost to me? Lost to you? Bai Yu smiled and shook his head and said goodbye.
I’m not ashamed to say it. When I call my name, I will add the word “big brother” after it. For so many years, you can’t even grab milk when you were young. I still want to win me.
This is not a joke.
For the rest of your life, you can only be the little brother, Bai Yu, I am the little brother, can you be the little brother? Luffy on the side has already straightened his hat and directly interjected, saying that Bai Yu and Ace directly ignored him. For this weak little brother They have already gotten used to Bai Yu and wondered if Lu Fei choked on the amniotic fluid when he was born, otherwise it wouldn’t be the case if he took more fresh air.
Just kidding, Qi Bai, who has the memory of his previous life, if he can’t be stronger than his peers, then he will live like a dog in this life. Hastily opened his mouth and found a water pipe behind his back. This is Sabo’s standard equipment. It seems that Ace thought that after Sabo was killed in the bombing, in order to become Luffy’s good brother, he not only copied his personality, but also secretly copied Sabo’s fighting skills. I learned that Sabo once said that the hope of a lifetime must defeat you. Now he can’t do it, but I will fulfill his wish.
Ace clenched the water pipe in his hand, and a trace of reminiscence appeared on his face, making the atmosphere of the tavern a little depressing. Even Makino has heard about Sabo’s misfortune, only Bai Yu still shook his head and drank the spirit in the glass again. It’s not that Bai Yu’s heart is too cold, it’s just that Sabo is still alive, mourning well, lonely ghost watching A direct showdown using the water pipe fighting skills that he has been hiding all along, Bai Yu is planning to stand up and face the battle! The system is successfully unlocked.
Congratulations to the host for obtaining the strongest template system. Since the host has actively signed in for 14 years and obtained the strongest template gift package, will a series of system prompts beep immediately? Yu’s eyes lit up involuntarily.
After waiting for so long, the system finally opened a large amount of information about the system, which quickly poured into Bai Yu’s mind.
Soon, Bai Yu’s eyes flashed a light, and he finally understood what the strongest template system is.
Chapter 1 A wooden knife is enough. According to the system, the strongest template system is activated.