The lesson to be taught is what to do when an enemy comes to you with bare hands so Ye Chen rolled his eyes and

The author’s article is broken, authorized, status-level, signed, classified, classified, fantasy, and comprehension. In this world, human beings have always been the masters and enjoy most of the resources. Take away a trace of soul An otaku somehow just fell asleep and was lucky enough to wear a bullied Lin family son who was dumped in the wilderness This is the growth process of a demon king This is the growth process of a demon clan Novel key words Ye Chen travels through Shuangwen’s Realm of Blood Demons Prologue Prologue In the evening, in the largest forest in Cangshan Mountain, Baihe looked at the four people in front of him with a sneer and sneered. His pale face didn’t have a trace of blood.
Tattered and tattered like a beggar’s clothes, bright red blood flowed down from a wound on his chest and down his clothes. A mouthful of bloody phlegm spit out from Bai He’s mouth, and fell weakly in front of the four of them. He suddenly turned his head and looked at A wolf-headed monster on the right roared angrily, “Owl Wolf, what benefits did they give you to make you betray me and the entire monster clan?” The wave-headed monster looked at Baihe with a flash of guilt in his eyes, but was immediately overwhelmed by a wave of fanaticism. Instead, I couldn’t help but opened my hands and vigorously waved the freshly healed wound on my arm. Because of his vigorous dancing, the blood was split again. With the arms flying in the air, I ascended into a fairy.
They promised me that I was ascended into a fairy. Flying up into a fairy, you Do you understand the highest level of our cultivation? Our ultimate dream? Isn’t that what we cultivate for? Ascension to Xianbaihe Hearing what Xiaolang said, his heart was shocked. Four Taoist priests in purple Taoist robes standing together said that they had found a place where they could summon immortals and heavenly calamities in the Cangshan world. No matter how excellent the aptitude is, the disciples can only cultivate to the peak of the mortal cultivation in the Dacheng period, but no matter what, the step of becoming an immortal will never be able to step in, because in the Cangshan world, no matter how you summon it, the thunder calamity will not appear now.
Bai He looked at the four Taoist priests with a flash of sternness in his eyes, let out a low growl, threw himself forward, and shouted, so let’s die together, Tian Yuan’s blood exploded, but in an instant, Bai He’s body that jumped forward suddenly became a head bigger A silver-white giant ape suddenly appeared, and then the giant ape rapidly became bigger like a blown balloon, and then burst open, mixed with a little silver blood, covering the sky in an instant.
Before the blood fell, there was another explosion like a big bell. The explosion sounded like firecrackers igniting the fuse, and the explosions sounded one after another.
Baihe looked at the four purple-robed Taoist priests covered in his own blood and sighed in his heart.
For the monster race, I can only do so much. Before he died, he took four masters of the Mahayana stage to be buried with him.
Baihe felt his eyes go dark and lost consciousness. At this moment, a very small crack in space suddenly appeared in the center of the explosion. And no Ye Chen lay on the desk and looked at the old professor on the podium, chattering about things he didn’t like. Ye Chen turned on his phone and checked the time.
He found that it was only half past two, and the class was less than 20 minutes away.
It will take more than an hour. If I continue to listen to it, I think I will be bored to death.
Yesterday I felt that I made up too much. Today I am not sleepy.
The professor is also very strange. The first class said that you can play games, read novels, sleep, etc. in class.
It’s good not to disturb other students, but you can’t skip class. If you find out that you skip class and come back next year to make up the exam, Ye Chen is very sad and entangled. If you don’t skip class, then you have to stay here and listen to this old professor who chatters about things you don’t like.
If you skip class, if you are caught, you will hang up.
Ye Chen took out a coin from his pocket and tossed it in his hand.
To escape? Or to escape? Ye Chen walked out of the classroom cautiously, looked at the blue sky and white clouds outside, and took a deep breath.
After taking a deep breath, he ran back to his dormitory Ye Chen is an otaku who only has three hobbies in his life: playing games, reading novels, and reading beautiful women. It seems that this is what all otaku have in common. Sitting down on the chair in front of the computer, waiting for the computer to turn on, Ye Chen was eating snacks, looking at the system screen on the computer screen, suddenly felt very sleepy, so sleepy, he couldn’t help but want to take a nap and put his head on the chair Falling asleep on his back, Lin Wenhao desperately curled up his body, covered his head with both hands, and tried hard to hide all the vital parts of his body. His eyes looked at Lin Wenxuan’s domineering face through his fingers, and he was full of hatred for Lin Wenxuan and the Lin family.
As those fists and feet kept falling on his body, Lin Wenxuan felt his consciousness became more and more blurred, and then gradually lost consciousness.
A thug who participated in the beating of Lin Wenhao saw Lin Wenhao curled up on the ground and stopped moving. He stopped the beating and pushed Lin Wenhao away.
Covering his head, he poked his nose with his hands and his face was stunned. He immediately ran to Lin Wenxuan’s side and said in a low voice that the young master is dead.
With a sneer, he said with a sneer, if this trash dies, he should just throw it out of the city and feed it to the wolves. Lin Wenhao, who was lying on the ground, stood up abruptly, opened his closed eyes, turned his head to look at the surrounding environment, and looked at the corners of his mouth.
With a wry smile, he sighed softly, and then suddenly felt that something exploded in his head, he rolled his eyes decisively, and passed out, when the silver moonlight covered Lin Wenhao’s body, Lin Wenhao finally moaned A sound of waking up and coming back, hehe, a burst of deep laughter spit out from Lin Wenhao’s mouth, which looked very strange under the silver moonlight