The legs that went there also froze in midair both of them trembled with fright Kang Yaoshen smiled tremblingly Qin Mo dont tease Qi Bu

This is the forbidden area of ​​Huaxia.
Some people in the hidden world of martial arts in Huaxia call this place Jianhuang. There are six lonely houses above the desert. The house is covered with a thick layer of dust.
In the dilapidated house, five old men are sitting. Kneeling on the ground is a middle-aged woman in fashionable clothes.
The woman looked at the five old men with a horrified expression.
You said you are here to pick up Mo Mo.
An old man with silver-white hair drank a jug of wine, looked up and down and asked Jiang Siqin to swallow.
Swallowing saliva and nodded nervously In order to fulfill her best friend’s last wish and take her best friend’s child home, she ran all over China and inquired many times, came to Jianhuang, and was arrested by the old men in front of her just as she entered Jianhuang. They were as weak as mice in front of them. At this moment, a tall and straight young man entered the room, and a little milk dog was beside him. Jiang Siqin saw that the young man had forgotten his fear, stood up excitedly, and hugged the young man Mo Mo Qin Mo gave a slight smile He didn’t react in a daze after hearing Jiang Siqin’s incoherent speech for a while before he realized that the aunt in front of him was going to pick him up. Qin Mo had never been out of Jianhuang since he was born.
He heard from Grandpa Long that he was lying in a cradle when he was a baby and was carried along the river in Jianhuang. Grandma Luo has been staying in Jianhuang since she picked it up.
It has been 20 years since she learned the skills with her five grandparents. Qin Mo wants to leave Jianhuang. Apart from reluctance, Qin Mo is more excited. He studied hard in Jianhuang for 20 years, hoping that one day. Can get out of the wasteland and show great ambitions, now the opportunity has finally come, he can go to the outside world to see the five old men can’t help but feel a little sad, they are all a bunch of old men who are dying, it is the existence of this child that gives them the motivation to live, but now But he was about to leave. Although he was reluctant to part with him, he also knew that Qin Mo would eventually return to Huaxia, so he could not delay his future. The five old men carefully prepared the luggage for Qin Mo and made a few more estrus pills. Which good girl you like must be brought back to Grandma Luo. Grandma Luo told Grandpa Long with tears in her eyes, and also sternly told him not to forget to cultivate, not to lose face as a barren man in my world, to make good fortunes, and to gamble, never to win the casino and go bankrupt. Do as much as you can, Grandpa Liu doesn’t forget to stuff him with two chicken legs.
Grandpa touches Qin Mo’s little brain. Knowledge can change his fate.
If he lacks money, he hacks the banking system.
Grandma ordered Qin Mo to take the little milk dog on the way home.
Before leaving, he bowed to the grandparents and thanked them for their kindness in nurturing them over the years. Grandpa Long watched him go away, his eyes gradually became serious.
If the old man of the Qin family knows that we have raised his descendants, I don’t know how he feels.
I just hope that Mo Mo can fulfill his long-cherished wish, right? After a three-day journey in Huaxia Dragon City, Qin Mo and Aunt Jiang finally came back Qin Mo doesn’t care about Huaxia.
Stranger, he knows everything, thanks to the knowledgeable Grandpa Cang who taught him everything, so when he first came to Longshi, he quickly became familiar with everything Jiang Siqin completely forgot about Jianhuang, only knew that he had found Qin Mo It’s Luo Grandma sealed up her memory. Knowing too much is not good. There are rows of luxurious villas in Jinhua Manor. This is the most luxurious villa area in Long City.
Those who can live here are all dignitaries in Long City. Aunt Jiang drives a car. A small pharmaceutical factory. Her husband, Xu De, is a government official.
Xu’s family is considered wealthy in Longshi.
When Xu De opened the door and saw Qin Mo, his expression was extremely bad.
He didn’t expect his wife to bring the orphan back. Qin Mo is an orphan.
This means that the Xu family will raise him in the future. Of course Xu De is in a bad mood. In the living room of the Xu family, there is a girl leaning on the sofa and watching TV. Her slender legs are resting on the tea table. They are white and slender.
They are even more attractive when paired with denim shorts.
The most beautiful eyeball is the standard melon-seeded face. The apricot eyes and red lips are so beautiful.
Qin Mo couldn’t help being a little dumbfounded.
She is much prettier than the girl in Grandpa Yun’s disk. Yan’er didn’t say hello when the guests came. Yan turned her head and raised her embroidered eyebrows, hello, then turned back to watch TV without waiting for Qin Mo’s return, Xu Yan didn’t like Qin Mo’s mother who almost broke her leg because of this best friend’s child, making her mother troubled Xu Yan didn’t want to Give him a good face Jiang Siqin immediately got angry with you, the child is fine, Xu De interrupted his wife, this child eats our house and lives in our house, and we have to give him a good face I can’t live at home. I’m not familiar with it for now. Just wait until we get familiar. Jiang Siqin whispered to Qin Mo that Qin Mo smiled and didn’t care about it. Xu Yan hates Qin Mo but likes the little milk dog brought by Qin Mo. When she sees the little milk dog, the girl’s heart overflows. Holding the little milk dog and teasing it to play with milk balls, she shamelessly pushes Qin Mo to sit on Xu Yan’s chest. Looking enviously at you, you better keep this dog outside. I have a very fierce border shepherd who will kill your puppy.
Xu Yan said indifferently, as soon as he came up, he would give Qin Mo a dismount.
Qin Mo just laughed. Lol, why don’t you believe Xu Yan snorted coldly, Tutu came over, a tall border collie ran over, Xu Yan put the milk ball on the ground, thinking about biting, Qin Mo must beg her for mercy, but milk ball stared fiercely The border collie dog immediately fell down on the ground, hugged its head, licked the milk ball to please, and wagged its tail. Xu Yan was stunned. No matter how she called the border collie, the border collie just shivered, lay on the ground and made a trembling and frightened purring sound.
Just like that, the giant dog surrendered in front of the little milk dog. Chapter 1 Reveals Cooking Skills Qin Mo laughed heartily as he looked at Milk Ball, but the king of all beasts was a gift given to him by Grandpa Long when he was just an adult, not to mention Bian Mu. Tigers have to bow their heads obediently in front of Milkball, please stop bullying Tutu, Milkball