The Legend of the Swordsman and the Lone Star Legend of the Concubine of Xiang the Sword of Colors the Song of the Flower the

Kill hey, ding, xi, a strong man with only a few inches of hair, wearing a sleeveless short jersey, sweating and practicing the knife under the scorching sun, it can be seen that the gold-backed big-ringed knife in his hand makes a crisp sound every time he swings the gold ring against the blade The sound is coherent, the gold-backed big-ring knife weighs forty-three catties, sixty-two and three dollars, and it is difficult for ordinary people without martial arts to lift their hands up and dance, but Jiang Dali dances the knife like a tiger, and every shout is like a tiger going down the mountain. The evil spirit is compelling.
His saber technique is very simple, but it is not considered to be a high-level mid-grade martial art in the Jianghu. The Husha Golden Ring Knife. He also relies on this saber technique to become the three masters of Heifengzhai. Thief’s Admiration The so-called sharpening of the sword, the brighter the body, the stronger the body, the stronger the body.
Practicing the sword is also a process of body training.
In the process of practicing the sword, it hones the physical fitness and the strength of the body. Every once in a while, rows of small numbers pop up.
Basic knife skill proficiency. Basic knife skill proficiency. Basic knife skill proficiency has been dancing for another quarter of an hour. Jiang Dali is already sweating profusely, with layers of sweat on his body full of explosive muscles. Rolling and falling on the ground like oil beads, suddenly a burst of white light rises from his body, the level of the basic saber technique, and an incomparably coherent sound of piercing the air suddenly comes out, nine gold rings collide with each other with the stab of the big knife, and rise out A wave of ferocious force became Jiang Dali’s expression of surprise, but he felt dry mouth for a while, the three masters were drinking or not drinking water, and at this moment, the broomstick boy Meishan who was waiting by the side hurried over with a bowl and handed it to Jiang Dali Shrinking and stammering, his eyes stared at Jiang Dali’s layered and strong body, his heart felt trembling and hot, and he couldn’t help swallowing his saliva.
Feel it to see if it’s really as hard as a rock. Shui Jiang Dali took the bowl and drank it down, only to feel a sense of desolation instantly spread all over his body, washing away his exhaustion, and a white light rose from his body. His physical strength Jiang Dali frowned Put the bowl into my younger brother’s hand and let me roll away. This bowl is too small to be enjoyable. He strode towards the shady side corner of the courtyard. In the corner, there is a big brown water tank, which is full of cool well water.
With a big hand, he grabbed the water and stuffed it into his mouth with physical strength.
With a yell, he immediately hugged the big tank with both hands, and with all his strength, he picked up the water tank weighing two hundred catties and poured a few mouthfuls, but a burst of red light came from his body.
Qi Xuejiang put down the tank with a bang, knowing that he can’t drink any more. After strenuous exercise, he really needs to drink water to replenish, but drinking too much is not good for the body.
The movement on the edge is as light as a big civet cat. He walked along the water tank for a few laps, practiced his body skills for a while, and even raised his knife and jumped back and forth on the tank like walking mud. The kung fu of being light-hearted has also been improved to the point that almost all potential points have been consumed. After Jiang Dali took a breath, he opened his attribute template to check his current martial arts progress.
Jiang Dali Heifeng Zhaizhai master gathers strength realm Small qi and blood inner qi realm Gathers strength realm Status and status Heifengzhai’s three masters Tsing Yi Lou Iron character killer Jianghu title Prestige Small and notorious pet There is a small success in boxing and feet, the basics of square boxing, the basics of six-way legs, the basics of octagonal palm knife, the medium-grade tiger-shaking golden ring knife, the level of success, and the low-level iron cloth shirt of the ordinary level.
At the beginning of the realm, there is no cultivation point, potential point, potential point, cultivation point and potential point.
Jiang Dali knows that now he has to hurry up to earn cultivation point and potential point.
Before the guy comes to this world, he must break through to the inner air realm to gain enough advantage and get the human-level horizontal martial arts, the thirteen Taibao horizontal training, and the heaven-level unique skill, the nine-yang magic skill.
Persist in the continuous development of the three major The head of the family has a new mission issued by the boss this time, calling you to go over there.
At this time, the broomstick Meishan thief came up to remind him, oh, Jiang Dali laughed happily, it’s very good, I’m going to find the head of the house to take the task right now. Pick up the cloak on the side, put it on, lift the gold-backed big ring knife, wrap it with cloth strips to prevent the sound of the tiger and the wind, and strode out like a dragon. Ah, when can I tell my little brother to walk on the rammed yellow mud road in Heishanzhai? Some bandits saw Jiang Dali and all of them stopped and greeted him very respectfully.
They looked flattering and in awe.
Jiang Dali’s performance in the past two years is really amazing. In the past two years, Jiang Dali led the team. Completed the second large-scale robbery, and cooperated with the second and third masters to win a trip to the Longmen Escort together.
Heifengzhai has gained a great reputation in the past two years and has supported a large group of brothers. The most important thing is that Jiang Dali is not only good at fighting He is still a good player who can handle the tasks above.
Heifengzhai does not have a backer in the green forest, otherwise he would have been eradicated by the court or some bastard sect.
The reason why he can still occupy the mountain is because of his strong backer. Occasionally every year, some difficult tasks will be released and handed over to the three masters of Heifengzhai to deal with.
Originally, these difficult tasks were a headache for the masters. Jiang Dali took the initiative to complete this kind of performance of sacrificing himself for others and stabbing knives for his brothers, which won the gratitude and respect of the big bosses, including the second boss, and even taught Jiang Dali all the famous martial arts such as iron cloth shirt and flying rain in the sky. I only hope that Jiang Dali can be stronger, those who are capable will work harder, and take all the tasks assigned by the superior to a wise boss