The leak spread to the ears of the two people in the room they looked at each other Xu Qingsong opened the door directly Fu

Sleeping at night, unable to wake up from thunder and rain, under the wind and rain, Nanwu Airport is as safe as Mount Tai. The bright and bright hall is like a huge box containing the day after work.
At this time, it is just after two o’clock in the morning, but the flow of people is not seen. There are not many tourists coming and going. Yunli stayed alone and looked at her phone from time to time. This is the second time Yunli has come to Nanwu. The last time was in the spring of this year. She came to Nanwu University of Technology for a postgraduate re-examination and returned within a few days. The invitation to the Virtual Reality Technology City is the first experience hall launched by Yousheng Technology.
The opening time is scheduled to be opened some time before the end of next month. After three days of trial operation, the results were not satisfactory, so many bloggers and video self-media were invited to visit the store experience To promote the official opening, Yunli is one of them. Through email, Yunli added that Ms. He, who handed over to her, has air tickets and board and lodging contracted by the organizer. Ms. He also said that she will arrange a pick-up after she lands, but the weather is bad.
Chang Yunli’s flight was delayed for three hours and learned her new landing time. Ms. He said that she would arrange someone else to pick her up from the plane. After that, Yunli asked the other party again, claiming that the master had already left, so she had to wait patiently, but so far no one was there. Ms. He never came back.
Three minutes more after the news, Yunli waited exactly an hour. Yunli sat on the suitcase with his legs bent and edited the other party with a sullen face. Even so, Yun Li stared at the screen for a long time and still didn’t make up his mind to press the send button.
Alas, it seemed a little fierce. I was wondering whether to change it to be softer. Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted, hello. Going to Yunli along the prestige, I was caught off guard by a pair of strange eyes.
The man was handsome and slender, like a college student who hadn’t graduated yet. He seemed not very good at doing this kind of thing. The guy looked shy.
Are you here for a trip or is this already tonight? The sixth person to talk to her is the first five, without exception, asking her if she wants to take a car and stay in a hotel. Yunli automatically made up the rest of his words and waved his hands restrainedly, no The boy paused, Yunli, I Waiting for someone not planning to stay in the hotel, the scene was static, the two eyes met for about three seconds, the boy raised his hand and scratched his hair, it wasn’t him coughing lightly, I just wanted to ask, can I have a WeChat with you, Yun Li was dumbfounded, the boy’s voice Qingliang is a little lower at this time, is it okay? Realizing that I misunderstood Yunli’s expression embarrassed, thank you, the boy took out his mobile phone and smiled and said, I’ll scan you Yunli nodded and turned on the screen again for the long text she just edited When it appeared again, she immediately went back and clicked on the WeChat QR code and handed it to him.
The boy bent down and added it while politely introducing myself. The speculation surfaced again, and sure enough, the next second the six characters on the nickname came into view It felt like he was still concerned and asked casually, are you going next? Yunli looked at him at Fu Zhengchu’s experience center, Yunli was alert and asked how did you know that I accidentally saw your chat window just now, and there is a note, sorry I didn’t mean it Fu Zhengchu said that this one opened near my school, so I guessed it.
Yunli’s remarks to Ms. He only indicated that it was an experience hall, which was a reasonable explanation. She nodded Fu Zhengchu, but why did you come here now? I haven’t opened yet, so I have to wait until the end of the month for the information one-on-one plus I can’t think of how to answer.
Yunli can only be honest, uh, I was invited. Fu Zhengchu didn’t seem to understand it, but he didn’t ask too much about it, so you are waiting for them.
Someone came to pick you up, I see you waited for a long time, hesitated for a while, Fu Zhengchu was not forced to retreat by her indifference, then asked where are you going, or should I take you for a ride? Fu Zhengchu is fine, it has something to do with me, Yunli is more confused, oh, Fu Zhengchu thought about it and explained it lightly, because it was my brother who opened Yunli, why don’t you just say that it was you who opened it for a while, the wordless later cloud Thinking about it again, this person’s series of behaviors are very weird, full of lies, and inexplicably invited her to go with him, like some kind of fraud and criminal group that only singled out single women.
This idea came together, and she gradually felt a little uneasy, even in public places in the middle of the night.
Moreover, he doesn’t want to show his unfamiliarity with the place too clearly. Yunli vaguely found an excuse to leave this area with an excuse.
He also seemed to realize that his words were not only pretentious, but also slightly malicious. The feeling was getting darker and darker, and she left soon. Out of caution, Yunli didn’t stay where she was, and turned around in the airport until she was sure that the boy didn’t follow.
Then she relaxed a little. Because of this little episode, Yunli didn’t want to stay here for a long time and start again.
Turn on the phone screen and still stay in the chat interface. Ms. He hasn’t responded yet, but most of Yunli’s impulse caused by depression has dissipated. Staring at that sharp sentence, she sighed and finally deleted it word by word and continued rambling on the spot.
Waiting at the end is better than she figured out a way by herself. Yunli pulled up to find the name of the hotel that Ms.
He sent her, and searched for an approximate location. It was near Nanwu University of Technology.
Before she could figure it out, Ms. He, who had been missing for a long time, suddenly replied. Maybe It was the dozens of messages she sent in succession before that played a role.
He kept apologizing, saying that she accidentally fell asleep and didn’t see that the master said that she couldn’t go there and found someone to pick her up. Yes, the staff happened to be nearby. Ms. He made it very clear that time, not only issued the license plate number, but also clearly stated that she could arrive within ten minutes, although it is not timely.