The leader took a step forward and said in a cold voice who are you in the forbidden area of ​​Duanling Mountain Qin Yuan raised

Suspense, thriller and supernatural Chapter 1 Wilderness Stories The 1960s and 1970s were a time of social unrest and chaos. Being in the countryside, there are countless evil things. I thought these evil things were just jokes, but I didn’t expect them to be.
It came out of nowhere, so that in the next few decades, I fell into endless doom. I wanted to get out, but I got deeper and deeper.
My name is Chen Jingzhe. In the year I was born, a strange thing happened in a village in the north called Chenguantun. A pregnant woman who was about to give birth died in a deserted temple in the mountains. The death was extremely tragic. The abdomen was cut open and the baby inside was missing. When the pregnant woman was found, it was three days later because it was summer.
The pregnant woman was wrapped in straw mats by the villagers and carried back to the village. The village chief called the barefoot doctor in the village and asked him to examine the cause of death.
The doctor stepped forward and lifted the pregnant woman’s torn clothes, and just took a look.
He took a few steps back, staggered, almost fell to the ground, his eyes stared like bells, and beads of bean-sized sweat oozed from his forehead. After a few minutes, he regained his strength and said in horror that the pregnant woman did not die at the hands of outsiders.
The murderer was her. The baby in the womb was shocked when the words came out, and the onlookers were all stunned. The baby in the womb was still young, and how could it be the murderer of its own mother? Seeing that everyone was puzzled, the barefoot doctor pointed to the belly of the corpse and told them to take a closer look.
The people covered their mouths and noses and came forward to check. The results were frightening and sweating. The wound on the corpse’s abdomen was not cut open by a sharp weapon, but the flesh was broken.
The flesh was turned inside out. The force was obviously coming out of the abdomen, except for the baby murderer in the abdomen. Who else could it be? While everyone was discussing, a stooped old woman suddenly rushed out of the crowd.
The old woman looked about fifty or sixty years old and was short in stature, but her eyes were piercing. She walked Bending down in front of the pregnant woman’s corpse, he carried the corpse on his shoulders and walked towards the village.
No one around dared to stop her. This old woman is the pregnant woman’s mother-in-law. No one knows her name. Everyone in the village calls her What Chen Xianpo fears most in the countryside is this evil thing. The people in the village also respect her very much. Immortal Chen took the body home and locked the door.
She didn’t go out for three days and no smoke rose. Three days later, in the morning, the door of Immortal Chen’s house was finally opened. The fairy’s face looked old, and the originally bright pupils became dull. The surrounding villagers saw the Chen fairy opened the door and hurried forward to ask about the situation, but as soon as they approached, everyone smelled a foul smell. It was emitted from the flowered mattress held by Immortal Chen. The bold villagers stepped forward to check the flowered mattress.
It was wrapped in a baby who was covered in blue and purple, with eyes closed like a dead child. The villagers were blown away by this scene. In the past three days, no one has seen Chen Xianpo come out of the house, so where did this child come from? The village chief rushed to Chen Xianpo after hearing the news. Seeing the baby in Chen Xianpo’s arms at the door of his house, his face was full of horror. After a while, he sighed and said earnestly, Chen Xianpo, we all respect you in our village. You have abilities, but you can’t harm the villagers.
If I If you guessed right, the baby in your arms was born by Gui Zhi, right? If people live, they are born, but if they die, they are not human. The villagers next to him were stunned when he said this. The baby has clearly disappeared. Life and death are unknown, why did she appear in Chen Xianpo’s house out of thin air three days later? Could it be haunted? Seeing everyone’s discussion, Chen Xianpo’s calm expression suddenly became vicious.
Not long after Guizhi was pregnant, my son Jiaming had an accident.
The village chief is dead. My son’s death has a lot to do with you.
Nian was pregnant in Guizhi and I didn’t find you. Now this child is the only blood of my Chen family.
I will keep him even if I die. Anyone who wants to get his idea asked me first.
Immortal Chen’s eyes are wide open, and there is a sense of threat in her words.
The villagers all know her methods. She is definitely not easy to mess with. Master, seeing that Immortal Chen is so tough, the village chief Also softened, sighed helplessly, and then led the villagers to turn around and leave. From that day on, the villagers never asked about the affairs of Chen Xianpo’s house, not because they didn’t want to, but because they didn’t dare.
There is another thing that makes people feel even more incredible.
Since entering the home of Immortal Chen, it has not been sent out or buried.
Many villagers said that Guizhi was buried in their yard by Immortal Chen, and some people said that Immortal Chen’s method melted Guizhi’s body.
In short, there are many rumors, but they are all There is no real evidence for this matter. I overheard it from the villagers. The reason I eavesdropped was because they dared not tell me about it.
Because I was the dead child in Chen Xianpo’s arms back then.
There were many rumors about it. But every time when I appear in front of the villagers, they keep silent, as if deliberately avoiding me.
I also asked my grandma about this matter, but every time I asked her, she just kept silent.
If I asked, she would greet me with a stick As time passed, I stopped asking. After all, what they said was so evil that I couldn’t believe it.
But the only thing that kept me thinking about it was my mother.
I have never seen her since I was born. If you say This incident was fabricated out of thin air, probably not so, until I was 18 years old, I gradually believed in this incident. After 1988, there was a flood in the mountain. The Duanlonggou, which had been dry for more than ten years, suddenly flooded. It’s a good thing to eat in a long drought and rain in the sky, but I didn’t expect that since then, the people in the village have died for no reason.
In just a week, several villagers have already died, and grandma knows what happened. She is also very busy recently.
After dinner in the evening Grandma was just about to rest, suddenly there was a rush of footsteps outside the door