The leader on Yang Dis right is Shao Zhuang holding a mace Yang Di Shao Zhuang what are they doing here Yuan Xin is very

Marriage, Longxing Fifty-two Years, March 17th, windy and sunny, Liyi, travel, marriage, sacrifice, house breaking, Dali Empire, Zezhou Yunhua County City Today’s Yunhua County City looks very different, both inside and outside the city have been destroyed When the red cloth was decorated, not only the street was cleaned, but even the doors and windows on both sides of the street were wiped several times with water. The residents in the city were also smiling, as if they were celebrating their own family. Pedestrians passing by Yunhua County When I was in the city, I was also very surprised. I didn’t know who was hosting the wedding, but it was able to work for the whole city.
This kind of family must be a powerful and powerful family. From the conversations of the residents, passers-by finally knew who was hosting the wedding. The big family is the Yunhua Yun family, the Yunhua Yun family is not ordinary, the Yunhua County is the Yun family’s fiefdom, among the hundreds of thousands of families in the Dali Empire, the Yunhua Yun family can also be ranked first, almost second only to the seven surnames and ten The Er clan is only one step away from entering the ranks of first-class families.
Today is the day of great joy for the Yun Hua clan. From a distance came the arrival of the welcoming team, and heard the sound of gongs and drums. People walked out of their homes, flocked to the gate of the city, or stood on both sides of the street waiting for the return of the wedding team.
You can see it from the smiles on people’s faces. After coming out, the Yun family is deeply loved by the people.
A welcoming team composed of hundreds of people outside Yunhua County slowly advances towards Yunhua County. In the team, gongs and drums are roaring and playing festive music. There are three most eye-catching places in this welcoming team. One is the leader of the team, Yun Yi, the patriarch of the Yun Clan riding a tall maroon horse He doesn’t like words by nature, and his temperament is indifferent to foreign things, but he likes to paint and practice martial arts.
He is known as a painting idiot and a martial arts idiot. Although Yun Yi has serious shortcomings, the Yun family rules are the same as most of the family rules, that is, the eldest son inherits As the eldest son, Yun Yi unconditionally became the patriarch of the Yun clan. Yun Yi could not handle the affairs of the clan and could be represented by other clan members. Strict clan rules are one of the important reasons why a wealthy family like the Yun clan can pass on for hundreds or even thousands of years.
The two most eye-catching places are the red eight-carried sedan chair in the middle of the team, where Shangguan Yuling, the concubine daughter of Shangguan Hongbo, the head of the Dingxiang Shangguan clan, sits, and the last place is the dozens of cars full of goods behind the team. The goods on these big carts are Shangguan Yuling’s dowry, and its value is as high as thousands of gold.
You know, in this era, ordinary people can live well with two gold a year.
Thousands of gold is an unimaginable astronomy for ordinary people. Now the numbers are just the dowry of rich and powerful women Marriage is a great joy in life But as one of the protagonists of the wedding, Yun Yi’s face does not have any smiles and calmness, no waves, no happiness, no sadness Yun Yi, who was riding on a horse, stretched out a pair of white hands and slid in the air from time to time to see the scene. Others are already used to it. They know that it is Yun Yi painting in the air or practicing martial arts. As a painting idiot, how can a martial idiot not paint and practice martial arts for a day? Not long after, Yunhua County City, surrounded by a gray city wall nearly three feet high, appeared in Yun Yi’s place. In the field of vision, Yun Yi is still unmoved, with both hands continuing to wave in the air, hey, he was almost thirty years old in his previous life, and he was never married. In this life, he will be married just after turning fifteen. A sigh sounded in Yun Yi’s heart, but he didn’t respond. Yun Yi had any influence, and soon the welcoming team walked through the gate tower and entered the city of Yunhua County.
Both sides of the street were crowded with men, women and children, and then countless words of blessing came out of their mouths.
The servants were not idle either. They took bags full of red dates, peanuts, etc.
and handed them out to people on both sides of the road.
I had long heard that Yunhua Yun’s love for the people is true.
The girl in the sedan chair could not see the scene outside. However, the outside atmosphere has already infected the marriage of the chief of the Yun family, whether it is a force that is friendly with the Yun family, a force that has nothing to do with the Yun family, or even a force that has some conflicts with the Yun family. Lingyang, Huang’s century-old ginseng, two pieces of Dechang firm, Yuruyi, a pair of famous calligraphy and painting, a pair of calligraphy and painting for Yun Yi, it’s too reasonable to give to Yun Yi, the total value of gifts even exceeds Yun’s annual income, some old people of Yun’s look at the pile The congratulatory gifts that formed a small hill made me laugh from ear to ear. I wish Yun could make a lot of money by having such happy events more than a few times a year. Of course, Yun can’t forget the human relationship. Today they come to give Yun a gift.
Wait until they hold the wedding. At that time, the Yun family will also follow the ceremony, the sky is getting darker, and the candlelight is starting to light up. The guests are seated in the hall. The elders are seated.
The wedding ceremony begins. A joke was made. In fact, several forces that have conflicts with the Yun family sent gifts to the door because they knew the situation of the current Yun family leader and wanted to come to see the joke. If Yun Yi really made a joke, the reputation of Yunhua and the Yun family would be greatly damaged. It’s a pity that these forces who want to see jokes are disappointed. Yun Yi just doesn’t understand human nature. It doesn’t mean that Yun Yi is really a fool.
It’s also because of Yun Yi’s temperament. After toasting a glass of wine, she left the main hall and sent her to the bridal chamber where she was dressed in red. Shangguan Yuling was waiting silently in a red wedding dress and a red hijab. Marrying Yun Yi, but her fate has already been decided and cannot be changed, the sound of footsteps approaching, Shangguan Yuling’s heart is completely messed up, the door opens, Yun Yi steps into the bridal chamber