The leader of the man in black said coldly youd better kill me I dont know anything you dont want to ask anything from me

Chapter 1 Chulin Langfei is now not sure whether he should be happy or not because he is happy, he has traveled through time, and he is still unhappy through time travel with a plug-in Lang Fei slowly remembered the memory he had just absorbed. The world he is in now is called Tianlong World. There is only one country in the whole world, that is the Tianlong Empire.
After the Tianlong Empire unified the entire continent, some murders or some people with high martial arts often occurred. What people wanton and reckless is the people complaining to the sky, so the emperor of the Tianlong Empire specially set up the post of arrester to catch these people, and the arrester has special privileges. If the evidence of the crime is true, he can be arrested directly, or even executed before he is executed. Anyone can apply for the post of arrester.
Here the policemen are not the lowest like in Langfei’s previous world, but here the policemen belong to the highest level and are very free. You only need to register when you arrive in each city. The policeman can also be accepted in each city.
As long as any task is completed, you can get merits to improve your position.
There are four main factions: the East Factory, the West Factory, Jinyiwei, and the six gates.
The East Factory is composed of the Eastern Xuanmen. To solve the case, the West Factory is composed of Buddhist monks, all of whom are masters of Buddhism and Dharma. According to the heart of compassion, the criminals are brought to justice by themselves. Jinyiwei is composed of royal families with strong wealth and absorbs human masters to join high-end equipment. There are many eyes and ears.
Any trouble can escape their eyes and ears, so the detection rate is also the highest six The door is composed of three clans, the demon clan, the demon clan, and the ghost clan. Each of them has strange abilities, is good at chasing criminals, and there are also some free and unrestrained people.
Basically, each of them takes care of their own piece, and Lang Fei’s predecessor was an orphan.
The old policeman who was brought up by an old policeman died in a mission. The predecessor tried his best to become a policeman.
He is a policeman with a rank of Baiding. The white and tender rookie is not good at martial arts, but he is good at fighting injustice.
While chasing a thief, he was shot from behind. The sneak attack hit the back of the head, that’s why Lang Fei succeeded in possessing himself. Here’s the level classification. The arresters are divided into five levels: Bai Ding, head catcher, general catcher, king god catcher, and each level is divided into nine levels.
Bai Ding will reach level nine. After reaching the ninth level, you can be promoted to catch the head. The head catcher is also divided into nine levels. After reaching the ninth level, you will be promoted to the general catcher.
After the ninth level, you will be promoted to the king catcher.
The god catcher Lang Fei breathed out and said that it seems that he must improve his strength as soon as possible, otherwise he would not even know how he died.
But fortunately, he brought a cheat.
After speaking, Langfei opened his cheat.
The two functions are money support, unlimited backpack, mysterious shop lottery, tracking radar, these are all martial arts games that Langfei played a game before crossing, because he couldn’t stand the provocation of a RMB player in the game, he directly made it with superb hacking skills. Such a plug-in has been traversed before it is used, and the plug-in has followed, but everything has changed Money support can be used once a year, and immediately get one million gold ingots and one million taels of silver. The infinite backpack can store anything infinitely, except for living things. Each item will be refreshed automatically after one month.
A lottery draw will consume gold ingots to draw a lottery once to get a item.
Everything in the item may have a tracking radar. A certain amount of gold ingots will be consumed to find the exact location of the person you are looking for.
Obtained one million gold ingots and one million silver Bai Yunfei checked his backpack and found that both the gold ingots and silver can be used in real life, which made Langfei very regretful. If I knew this would happen, I would rather just transfer the money to 100 million.
Well, then Langfei thought about it. With this money, he can improve his own strength and don’t need to worry about life.
Langfei opened the mysterious shop and looked at the ten items in it.
A bottle of medicine, gold ingots, a basic boxing technique, a gold ingot, a basic leg technique, an ingot, common clothes, a pair of shoes, a pair of pants, a roast chicken, a steamed bun, a headscarf, and sundries, all of which are priced at one ingot.
The first few were pretty good, but the sundries in the back made Langfei a little crazy.
Now that I have enough money, I still need you to give me clothes and shoes, or commoner shoes.
Langfei just bought them all and threw the sundries into the backpack. I can’t remember when I can use it, so Lang Fei first looked at the good thing that the accelerator symbol can double his own speed and save his life, and then he took out the basic boxing and basic kicks, only to see that the plug-in suddenly came out of his mind Does the voice use gold ingots to learn martial arts? Lang Fei was stunned for a moment, then happily agreed. He didn’t expect that gold ingots can be used in such a way. Now that his strength has improved, he doesn’t have to worry about it. Only the external voice came out in his head. Using ingots can be used for beginners. Practicing Yuanbao, Xiaocheng Yuanbao, Dacheng Langfei directly used Yuanbao to practice the two basic exercises to the level of Dacheng. After Langfei made the selection, he instantly sensed that his whole body was strengthened by a mysterious energy, and then his mind was full of basic exercises.
This kind of move is as if he is practicing every day, so proficient.
At this time, the plug-in in his mind was passed to Lang Fei for a period of cultivation. The strength is divided into nine levels, one to nine, and nine levels are broken through.
Divide the same level for the innate stage, and divide the same level for the Jindan stage after the breakthrough.
It will not be shown in the future. After Lang Fei is strengthened, his strength has broken through to the ninth rate.
Although his strength is the weakest, he has also broken through the mortal realm. Officially embarked on the road of cultivation. After his strength improved, Lang Fei wanted to seek revenge for the thief who beat his former body.