The Knox cub who was rounder because he was wearing a small black cloak hummed obediently because it was inconvenient to let too many People

Copywriter Xie Tao used to believe in science until a meteor hit his yard and forcibly bound him a hero to save the world.
The worst thing about the script is that the script didn’t follow the normal routine.
Became a super babysitter, so he held up a cub encyclopedia in his left hand and held a small feeding bottle in his right hand to feed the cub lying on his lap. Xie Luan is also working hard to save the world today.
I have a soft spot for traveling through time and space. The main character is Xie Luan, and the supporting role is Yayi. Chapter 1 is the first day of being a childcare worker. There will be a meteor shower tonight.
It’s something that happens once in a hundred years.
I’ve already made an appointment with some old classmates to go You come together in the suburbs, too.
There is a slightly excited voice from the other end of the microphone. The young man sitting in front of the computer desk is now tilting his head and holding the phone microphone.
Both hands are placed on the digital screen, and the right hand holding the pen is still continuing to draw.
While painting, he replied that it was too cold outside, so why not go to Xie Lanlan? Forget it. As a young man, Lu Yuan, who grew up as a young man and whose relationship with his brothers has always been the same as his own brother, was not hit by the youth’s rejection. I just said that, okay, wait until I take a few photos for you later, Xie Tao responded a few times, and waited for the person on the other side to hang up the phone first. At this time, Xie Tao was still thinking about continuing to work for a while, but just when his finger touched the edge of the drawing board again, a stream of light galloped across the place he could see out of the corner of his eye, and the next second, there was a loud bang and shook.
At this moment, Xie Tao’s eardrums even felt his own floor shake.
Fuck, a meteor hit his yard. Xie Tao hugged his precious drawing board for a second, then he turned his head and looked out the window.
Yard finally decided to go out to have a look.
As soon as he walked out into the small courtyard, Xie Tao saw that the potted plants he had carefully planted were almost down, but it was too late to feel distressed.
On the ground not far away, Xie Tao saw a golden light It’s getting late in the pothole. Things that can emit light will be very conspicuous in a dim environment. When Xie Tao was thinking about whether to approach him, he saw an extremely conspicuous object suddenly floating out of the pothole that had been smashed so deep.
The golden ball of light Xie Tao twitched the corner of his mouth speechlessly, while his body subconsciously took a step back to calm down.
As a qualified citizen of the 21st century, he must believe in science, but the power of science obviously cannot save Xie Tao who is floating now. The golden ball of light found its target almost immediately, as if a bullet was shot at him.
The speed was too fast for Xie Tao to avoid.
In the scene reflected by his pupils, the golden light ball became bigger and bigger, like an electric flash. It hit him and he didn’t feel any pain, but Xie Tao’s vision went dark immediately, and he sank into darkness. When he regained consciousness, he found that his surroundings had become an endless white space. It looked very unstable.
A part of the space far away that Xie Tao could see even collapsed and distorted.
It felt very numb.
The troublesome thing, Xie Tao’s first thought was this, but once he accepted this unscientific reality, Xie Tao could start to deal with the current situation. He turned his gaze to the golden ball of light that brought him to this space. He didn’t know this light. Is the ball a conscious body with consciousness, but the other party is the only moving object he can touch in this space Xie Tao can only try to communicate with you, I am Xia Zuo, I am sorry I dragged you into this space without saying hello, but only Only in this place can I have a conversation with you. The voice that rang directly in my head interrupted what Xie Tao wanted to say.
The voice sounded very weak. After the first sentence, it didn’t stop at my side. All the world lines in the world lead to the same ending.
Even if I go back to the past and make various choices and even try to kill the root cause that will lead to the destruction of the world, the ending still remains the same, regardless of whether the young people can understand it or not. There is not much time left, so the other party has to quickly explain all the necessary things. In the end, it was judged that the help of external forces is needed, so I came to this plane world and found you.
This light ball is my only remaining consciousness. As the final guide, there is absolutely no chance to interrupt. After listening to these few paragraphs, Xie Tao’s eyelids twitched.
To prevent the destruction of the world on my side, but I can’t change the ending by all means, so the other party puts their last hope on people in another plane world, as if it is impossible to get this result, one more is needed in the calculation.
Xie Tao is equivalent to becoming this now, so I will answer okay. Xie Tao only sighed briefly at this time because of his casual and easy-going personality.
Squeeze it down sure enough he’s in a lot of trouble and there’s no right to refuse kind of just making a link don’t worry and thank you so much no matter what the end result you’ll be safe and it won’t be much for your real life The influence has no time to explain more voices that sounded in Xie Tao’s head. In the end, he only said this sentence, which will not have much impact on real life. Real life captured the key information in this sentence. Xie Tao just wanted to ponder the meaning of his consciousness.
Once he opened his eyes, Xie Tao immediately took a deep breath.
It had nothing to do with the pain, it was purely because of the cold, because when he opened his eyes, he found that he was lying on the ground, and his clothes were very thin, and the whole back was attached to it.
It’s no wonder that the ground is not cold in the cold winter. The first reaction was to stand up.
Xie Tao only had time to observe the surroundings. No accidents. It was a completely unfamiliar scene to him.