The kind of admiration that can see Liu Yi all the time is definitely not devotion not to mention she is a girl after all

Wife has dinner, don’t eat, leave my wife yesterday’s dinner, you said leave it, let it go, it’s my breakfast Lighting, his eyes gradually blurred. A year ago, he traveled from Blue Star to Huaguo in his previous life.
After more than ten years of hard work, he finally became an all-round superstar. During the process, I gave the fans a taste of two pieces of black garlic.
I vomited and passed out when I vomited. When I woke up, I became Huaguo Liu Yi. She used to be a singer in a bar. The dream of a superstar is like an idiot’s dream.
Liu Yi sighed and shook his head helplessly. Over the past year, he and the body master have had a fusion of memory and emotion, so the desire of the body master has become his desire. Became the wife who became the owner of his experience, and now he thinks of his wife, Lu Xinyi, Liu Yi, his face full of spring. With a bang, he put the food in the refrigerator with a smile on his lips. He gently closed his eyes and felt the fragrance in his mouth. The 18th-line artist in the southern country, but his appearance is better than ordinary people, and it is not in vain.
After five years of kneeling and licking, he finally caught up with Lu Xinyi and made him, a superstar who was busy with work in Blue Star and didn’t even have time to find a girlfriend, satisfied.
A man has all the fantasies, so he wants to live a peaceful life and have two children with Lu Xinyi, preferably a boy and a girl. Take Lu Xinyi to travel several times a year, but Lu Xinyi doesn’t seem to think so He has a cold attitude and just takes what they need from each other, and now his attitude towards him is even worse and there is a sign of divorce Wife Lu Xinyi sat cross-legged on the three-person sofa and pointed to the one-person sofa in front of her. Liu Yi sat on the sofa and rubbed her hands, eyes tenderly looking at Lu Xinyi. The cool spring breeze blew into the living room from the window, and she said coldly, shall we get a divorce? Liu Yi was stunned, he had already had a premonition, never expected that things would come so fast, wife, what are you talking about? Lu Xinyi immediately turned her head and stared at it.
Liu Yi said word by word, I said we are divorced, Liu Yi suddenly smiled dryly, walked up to Lu Xinyi, squatted on the ground, and grasped Lu Xinyi’s fair hand, wife, are you in a bad mood today? I simply want to divorce you.
Liu Yi frowned lightly, helplessly, but he didn’t understand.
It’s not that you want a divorce. I have to know the reason. The reason is, right? I don’t love you anymore.
Is this the reason? Liu Yi stared blankly at Lu Xinyi for a long time After a long time, I finally asked who do you love? Lu Xinyi looked at Liu Yi who was squatting on the ground with disdain.
In short, no one will fall in love with you, a useless wretch. Hearing this sentence, Liu Yi couldn’t bear it anymore, but he also forcibly suppressed the anger in his heart.
He stood up slowly, how can I be a wimp? At that time, choosing to marry you was my biggest mistake. You said you, what skills do you have, are you worthy of me, Lu Xinyi? Why are you still confused like this? Liu Yi looked directly at Lu Xinyi. It wasn’t you who said you wanted me to be the man behind you, so I gave up on my dream.
Now why is Liu Yi interrupted by Lu Xinyi before he finished speaking? I don’t even want to say a word now Let me tell you, anyway, I am divorced from this marriage, and said with a chirp, I opened the zipper of the designer bag Liu Yi bought for her, and took out two divorce agreements from it, and slapped them on the table to sign. After signing the contract, Liu Yi’s eyes were blown into the living room by the cold air, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, he swallowed his saliva fiercely, gritted his teeth and said, then, my wife, when are we going to the Civil Affairs Bureau? Lu Xinyi was shocked by the sound of the slap, and Liu Yi had never spoken loudly to Lu Xinyi in all these years.
He didn’t understand why he didn’t kneel and lick for five years. In addition, it took six years of marriage to finally get this result. He swears in his heart, Liu Yi, how can you ask such a thing? Are you a fucking man? Liu Yi, remember that starting today, you must never let others look down on you. Suddenly I figured out that blindly kneeling and licking will only make others think you are cheap Maybe a man’s growth only takes a moment Now Liu Yi is no longer that boy but a real man Standing in the living room in the cold wind blowing After a long, long time, he calmed down, and suddenly he gave Lu Xinyi a chuckle, took off the apron and put it on the arm of the sofa, sat down calmly with his legs crossed, it’s okay, I agree, I know you will say this sooner or later, Lu Xinyi thought Liu Yi would struggle Or maybe she was a stalker but she didn’t expect Liu Yi to be so calm now, but she was uneasy.
After all, Liu Yi has treated him well or not very well in the past five years.
You can ask Liu Yi if you have any requirements. Liu Yi said lightly, I want to know. The real reason for the divorce Lu Xinyi hesitated for a moment and then said that I will soon be signed by Didu Entertainment.
Divorcing you now is normal.
Divorcing you after the divorce is black material. Liu Yi nodded and patted the dust on the trouser legs.
Become a big star, my husband is not good enough for you