The kid who doesnt know the heights of the sky and the earth is an eyesore Qin Xiaoxuan turned her head and frowned Yi Tian

Meteor showers come, Xiaotian, you are still growing up and eat more meat A woman lifts chopsticks with callused hands and puts lean meat into Yi Tian’s rice bowl The woman has black hair clipped and white eyes There are several crow’s feet lines obviously only in her forties But it looks older than people in their fifties.
Yi Tian felt a pain in his heart. He took out the last piece of meat from the vegetable plate and put it in the woman’s rice bowl.
Yi Tian’s mother, Luo Siyi, did you go out today with a bottle full of lucky stars? Did you confess your love to the person you like? Beside Luo Siyi is a man who looks older than Yi Tian’s mother. Time has carved indelible marks on his face.
He is Yi Tian’s father, Yi Hong. For some reason, Yi Tian feels that this father, who is usually unsmiling, has a gleam of joy on his brows today, as if he is looking forward to something. Yi Tian’s heart darkened.
After the college entrance examination, he spent a few days making a big bottle of Lucky Stars.
Each Lucky Star was full of longing for his high school crush. According to the Internet, there will be a large-scale meteor shower tonight.
Yi Tian wanted to be in Yuelin Yiyi watched together, hoping that this sincerity would impress the girl whom he had been inclined to for a long time. What Yi Tian didn’t expect was that Lin Yiyi broke the bottle in front of her best friend.
With that gossip best friend’s big mouth, Yi Tian has reason to believe that tomorrow the whole school His classmates will know about this, the son of a country bumpkin also wants to learn from a toad to eat swan meat Whenever he thinks of Lin Yiyi’s words, Yi Tian’s heart is filled with anger Yi Tian knows that his parents have worked hard all their lives to make themselves comfortable.
They live frugally with their parents The love is as big as the sky, this gold digger dares to say that my parents are country bumpkins, she should be given a slap in the face, this kind of woman is not qualified to be my parents’ daughter-in-law, she was really blind to like this kind of woman, she knows how to endure hardship The hard-working Yi Tian is far smarter than his peers.
No matter how angry he is, he doesn’t show it on his face. He can’t make his parents worry. By the way, why are there no pickles tonight? Why is the jar of pickles at home missing? Tonight, not only the dinner table but also the pickle jars beside the table are gone, which makes Yi Tian a little unaccustomed The pickles are all dirty, Xiaotian, if you like to eat them, when you go to college, your parents will pickle some for you, but don’t eat too much of this kind of food.
Eating too much will be bad for your health. Luo Siyi was interrupted by Yi Hong as soon as she said this.
I heard someone say that there will be a large-scale meteor shower in this city tonight Xiaotian, you invite the person you like out and take this opportunity to confess your love to Yi Hongdao Yitian’s eyes are wide open as if he heard something shocking. The dad who fell in love at school is now actually encouraging himself to find a girlfriend.
This thing is extremely abnormal. Maybe it’s because Yi Tian stared at him for too long. Yi Hong’s face is a little unnatural. soon to be college student You are a half-adult and have the right to fall in love. Of course, if you bring your girlfriend home before you go to college, your mother and I will laugh out loud in our dreams.
Yi Hong has a smile on his face. We ate together at the dinner table, talking, laughing and enjoying the meal.
Bi Yitian was a little bored, so he went out to relax and walked on the familiar country road under the faint moonlight. Yi Tian felt a little heavy in his heart before Lin Yiyi’s various arrogant gestures reappeared in Yi Tian’s mind. One day I want to be powerful and powerful, I want to make those who look down on me and those who look down on my parents regret Yi Tian knew that his parents and the people in the village were at odds, so he moved out of the village to live and work hard for eighteen years.
In the end, I had to go back to the vicinity of the village, built a house, planted some vegetables on the barren ground, and rode bicycles every day to transport the vegetables to the county for sale.
This was the only way to make ends meet.
In order for Yi Tian to go to school, they lived in school. All they eat is porridge and pickled vegetables.
This is Yi Tian who came back from sickness one day and found out that Yi Tian’s home is far away and few people come here. But tonight it’s different. Not far away, four people came to meet them.
Their flashlights caught them. Seeing the appearance of the latter on Yi Tian, ​​the person in the lead laughed loudly, Yi Tian was upset when he heard the familiar laughter, just wanted to bypass these people but was blocked to go to Louis Gang, what do you want to do? Surrounded by these four strong men, I feel a little bad. I wanted to go to your house to arrest you, but I didn’t expect you to fall into the trap. Yi Gang is laughing. Yi Gang relies on his height of 1.9 meters and his limbs are strong.
Yi Tian was bullied by this man since he was a child. God can’t make my family worry, so I’ve been begging for everything to treat Yi Gang, Yitian can be said to hate it to the bone, and I’ve endured it for nearly ten years.
I heard from my boss that you confessed to Lin Yiyi and wanted to invite her to watch the meteor shower. The four surrounded Yi Tian.
Immediately subdued, Yi Tian felt more and more bad, so what? The boss spoke, please watch a meteor shower, four people tied Yi Tian to a rock, and Yi Gang laughed and said, don’t worry, there are few people here, and I will block your mouth for a while. We let you go after two days, Yi Tian was furious in his heart, if he had enough strength to defeat the four of them, he wouldn’t have to suffer this humiliation, the boss’s Ma Zi dared to make love, he was so impatient, Yi Tian saw the four of them drifting away, and there was a trace in his heart Fortunately, if this happened at home, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable. Thinking of the exhausted elder Yi Tian at home, I can’t help but feel sorry for this incident.
I can’t let my family know that they work hard every day, so they can’t worry about me anymore.
But I must take revenge on Yi Tian.
Think about it At this time, a meteor shower began to fall in the sky.
According to experts, this meteor shower is rare in thousands of years.