The kid is you Mangshan Ghost King bit his teeth and said last time you didn’t pinch to death you still dare to jump out

I’ve received it before.
You must think that someone used the number changing software to make a prank. I thought so at first, but then I was caught by that ghost call and got involved in a family planning coercion from our village.
Before the abortion case, I mentioned that my name is Ma Chun. I graduated from college that year because my major was not in the city.
I couldn’t find a suitable job and I didn’t want to work in a factory. So I went back to my hometown in Hongcun and opened a mobile phone and computer store.
Probably after the opening of the store. For more than a week, a number began to send text messages to my mobile phone. The time was very paradoxical. It was all on time at twelve o’clock in the middle of the night. The first time it was four words without thinking.
You are back.
I dialed back and got connected, but before I could speak, the person on the other side hung up.
I endured my temper and dialed again, but I got a voice prompt that the number you dialed does not exist. I sent a text message on time again.
I have been waiting for you for a long time. I was a little angry. Who is it? Is there something wrong with sending this kind of text message in the middle of the night? I picked up the phone and called back again, but it still reminded me that the number does not exist. Unwilling, I sent another message The text message also failed to be sent on the third day, and the text message came again on the third day. The content of the text message was a few more words. Protect the last heir of the Hong family. Just as I was about to open the store for business for breakfast, I saw a van driving on the dirt road outside the village, followed by an agricultural tricycle, both of which were full of people, and a few policemen in uniform rushed from my store entrance.
After driving past, there was still a red paper slogan posted on the car, I would rather blood flow into rivers than supersede a resolute attack, steal life and dodge the first day of junior high school, but the murderous slogan on the 15th made my heart tighten.
Looking at this posture, I don’t know which superstudent Households are going to be unlucky. It is very common for rural people to violate the policy and give birth too much.
I remember that when I was young, the control was very strict, but these years, I have basically let it go.
It’s been many years since I’ve seen such a murderous attack on my door. At this time, my mother ran over from home and told me that it must be the butcher Hong’s wife. His mother-in-law was pregnant with the third child. The first two were girls. One died. I’m so stupid this time I finally got pregnant again and said I found someone to test it was a boy baby in two months, so don’t scare me into killing pigs. I really don’t know the nickname.
My mother reminded me that the one next to the old ancient well in the north is called Hong Qingsheng butcher. You should call him Uncle Qingsheng.
I remembered that there is a small mountain in the north of Hongcun. There are many peach trees next to the very deep ancient well.
When I was young, I often went there with other friends to steal peaches and eat them. Those peach trees belonged to a man named Hong Qingsheng. When we were young, we obediently called him Uncle Qingsheng.
He smiled and gave us a few peaches. Impressive people are very nice.
I suddenly remembered the ghost message I received last night. Ling texted to protect the last heir of the Hong family, so I asked my mother how many families in our village had the surname Hong. Hong Qingsheng belongs to the Hong family and only one family.
Isn’t the boy in his mother’s belly the only heir of the Hong family? Could it be that the person who sent the text message knew that the family planning office would kill the Hong family? The most important thing is the meaning inside it seems to be I’m hinting what’s going to happen, mom, you can show me the store, I’ll go over and have a look, I’m muttering in my heart, I got on the motorcycle and headed straight to Hong Qingsheng’s house, not far from the north of Hongcun, and it will take about ten minutes to arrive at the family planning office when I arrive The person had already got out of the car and was smashing the door of Hong Qingsheng’s house. A large circle surrounded him. The person who took the lead in the smashing was the most violent.
Villagers relied on Gao Mingchang’s relationship to become the women’s director of the village and also in charge of family planning work. Hong Qingsheng’s house door should have been roofed from the inside, but the door was too dilapidated and weak, and was smashed by Gao Changming with a hammer.
It’s just super born, why don’t you be so ruthless? I’m angry.
There are still pregnant women in this family.
I’m afraid of having a miscarriage. Who cares? Brother Chun, you just came back.
What’s the matter with what I said? I wondered. From Ma Jialiang’s mouth, I knew the real reason why Gao Mingchang came to kill him. It turned out that the director of the family planning office in the town transferred Gao Mingchang, the deputy director, and then had a chance to right him. But some people didn’t want him.
The higher-ups revealed that Hong Qingsheng’s wife gave birth to an extra pregnancy. If this incident happened in other villages, it would be so common. Mingchang’s wife has more to do with this matter. His subordinates and his wife didn’t do their job well, and they wanted to fix it. I scolded Hong Qingsheng for some nonsense, a dutiful person actually got caught up in the political struggle of the town government, I’m afraid it won’t be so easy to solve, Gao Mingchang doesn’t seem to have any plans to deal with it, two cars pulled over ten How many people are there? Opened the door of Hong Qingsheng’s house, broke in, and heard a woman’s yelling and cursing.
After a while, I saw Hong Qingsheng’s wife was dragged out of the room by Gao Mingchang. Gao Mingchang was really dragged out.