The Jindan monk in front of him seems to be from Yunzhou which makes Yunzhou here After experiencing the initial shock the monks all began

At the end of spring and the beginning of summer, the sun was very good.
At noon on this day, in No.
53 Spiritual Medicine Garden on Qinghu Island, a young man in the first level of Qi training was sitting on the stone steps of the empty medicine garden and looked up at the sky floating in the sky. The white cloud was in a daze, and the empty water bucket, two people tall, was dumped on the stone steps not far from the boy’s feet. The boy’s name is Chu Yi, and he is an ordinary student in Qinghu Island, one of the three major sects of cultivating immortals in Huzhou.
The fifth-layer monk somehow went to Qinghu Island when he was seven years old to practice and then disappeared. Speaking of this, I have to talk about another identity of Chu Yi.
A traverser was born in the orphanage in his previous life. The headmaster traveled in the shadows.
In this world similar to those in Xianxia novels, after learning that his parents are monks, didn’t he never have the kind of dream of flying in the sky with flying swords on his back, fighting monsters and upgrading, but as time goes by. As time went on, he slowly realized that the identity of Diaosi in his previous life seemed to have also traveled over, and he was still not playing the role of tall, handsome and rich.
Regarding this point, I have to talk about the structure of Qinghu Island, the sect of Qinghu Island.
In the southeast of Huzhou is one of the three major cultivating sects in Huzhou.
Of course, its strength is needless to say.
Among the sects, there are thousands of masters in the foundation realm and more than a hundred masters in the mind realm. Even the ruthless Jindan Patriarch has one.
It has no direct relationship with Chu Yi. All of this stems from the structural system of Qinghu Island. Qinghu Island is not actually an island, but a collective name for nearly a hundred islands on a large lake. Qinghu Island is Among them, the main island with the largest area and the most aura is a good place. Ordinary disciples like Chu Yi are not qualified to go to the school except for receiving tasks and exchanging rewards for exercises and listening to lectures once a month.
Those who can live on it are all sects. As for the remaining nearly 100 islands, they are actually equivalent to small sects.
In addition to completing some tasks assigned by the sect, they basically let it go and let it develop.
There are strong and weak Chu Yi’s cuckoo island is the bottom one.
The disciples who come out of this island are weak and naturally unwelcome.
Those who go out to work smartly can’t turn to him as a janitor and do odd jobs to irrigate the medicine garden. In the breeding school, cleaning up the excrement of spirit beasts and other miscellaneous tasks has become Chu Yi’s special project, and this is not counted. Sometimes he will be bullied by disciples of other islands. For example, the disciples of the nearby Jushi Island and Ironwood Island often go to Cuckoo For this, the disciples of Cuckoo Island, including Chu Yi, can only bear with it.
He understands that the world of monks is very cruel.
Unless you have a big fist and a hard backstage, you’d better shut up obediently, or you will have a good meal and give five at noon.
After watering the plants in the No. 13 Spiritual Medicine Garden, Chu Yi went to the Miscellaneous Hall on Qinghu Island and received three low-grade spirit stones from the Miscellaneous Hall of the third level of the Foundation Establishment Realm. This is also Chu Yi.
One month’s full-time salary Qinghu Island stipulates that all disciples who are above the age of fifteen must have ten days a month to do work for the sect. If everything is done and there are no mistakes, one low-grade spirit stone will be rewarded.
If you take the initiative to complete the work for 30 days, you will get three low-grade spirit stones. Casual cultivators are working hard to get lucky, not to mention that under normal circumstances, it takes almost a month to get a low-grade spirit stone. In fact, this is Chu Yi’s purpose of knowing that life in Qinghu Island is extremely depressing, but he still refuses to leave. Holding three pieces in his hand Standing on the boat going to Cuckoo Island with the faint green Lingshi, Chu Yi’s face looks much better.
It’s only afternoon and it’s still early. Chu Yi looks at the lake water and thinks in his heart that he has a wood-type physique, according to the usual wood-type People with physique and fire physique are more talented in alchemy. He plans to use the money to pay homage to a master to learn alchemy after collecting a hundred spirit stones. As long as he has a little success, life will be much more comfortable than now. After that, apply to the sect and become a disciple of the outer sect, and then spend a few years refining alchemy to earn spirit stones, buy a good real estate, find a beautiful girl to be a Taoist couple His eyes fluttered when he was thinking about things, but this fantasy stopped when he caught sight of one of the three spirit stones in his hand from the corner of his eyes.
After taking a look at the piece of low-grade spirit stone, I couldn’t help cursing in my heart. As for why I scolded in my heart, it’s actually very simple. The boatmen who go to and from Qinghu Island are all ordinary disciples on the islands of Qinghu Island. The fact that I scolded Steward Ma was passed on to Steward Ma’s ears, not to mention that swatting Chu Yi to death with this Steward Ma’s cultivation at the third level of the Foundation Establishment Realm is like swatting a fly, just remembering the task for Chu Yi any day If you approve an unqualified spirit stone, it will be gone that month. Naturally, you will be busy in vain, but if you don’t dare to scold Chu Yi, you have already cursed Guanshi Ma countless times in your heart. A piece of emerald green jade was distributed to Chu Yi as a spirit stone, and this is not the first time Chu Yi has heard other disciples talk about this. The relative in charge of the secular world is a big jeweler. It is very likely that these jade stones came from there, and Ma Guanshi did not dare to blatantly withhold the spirit stones, so he used this method, because even if some disciples found out in person, most of them would not dare to say, but who would be after the spirit stones were in the bag? It’s still clear. This kind of thing at the stall can only be considered unlucky.
Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo. After a while, an island with a radius of two or three miles appeared in Chu Yi’s eyes. This is the cuckoo island where Chu Yi has lived for seventeen years. Speaking of it