The iron puppet Chang Geng lowered his head subconsciously in frustration he couldn’t look at him you panicked your feet floated Gu Yun said if

Believe me, the first person who dug out Ziliujin from the ground would never have imagined that what he dug out was a bowl of cannibalism.
My life was nothing but a greedy and ugly deception.
Everyone knows this, but there is no way to explain it.
Where did this deception start? It may have been from the first huge kite soaring on the bright sails of the first foreign ship that sailed across the ocean.
The ink-like purple flowing gold burns into a sea of ​​fireworks, or I, when I first met Gu Yun in the ice and snow, I was gentle, virtuous, sick and tender, I was a waste of firewood, deaf and blind, and I was not a mainstream steampunk.
The important things are said three times and come out first The one who goes out first is the one who goes out first, but the one who goes out first is the one who goes out first, but overall, this article is not the main one Protagonist Gu Yun, Chang Geng, Supporting Role Other Rural Mecha Love Stories Chapter Chapter 1 The Frontier Border Town Yanhui In the city, there is a General Po whose name is majestic and majestic, in fact he is a small bumpkin with a long neck and can look over the top of the slope at a glance It has never been said that it was fourteen years ago that the first iron cavalry in Daliang, the three major battalions of Xuantie, the Northern Expedition, and the 18th tribe of the barbarians returned to the dynasty.
When they returned to the dynasty, they passed Yanhui City and abandoned the scrap armor here.
When the rain blows, it becomes General Slope. General Slope is a barren slope.
Nothing grows. Not even weeds. There is no shelter. It sits here bare, and I don’t know what to do with it. The sin is too serious and the hostility is compelling. It has been a long time.
Those gangsters who have nothing to do have made up a series of border haunted legends based on this.
The 20-year-old boy ran down the slope of the general. These two, a slender man and a short and fat man, look like a pair of running bowls and chopsticks. Mrs. Cao, because the fortune teller said that he was originally a girl and cast the wrong baby.
I am afraid that God will call him back and join the family again.
She is worried that he will not live long, so she has been raising her as a daughter.
As the name suggests, the villain is glowing faintly with a layer of rich oil. The two of them poked their heads at Jiangjunpo, but because of the haunted legend, no one dared to approach Ge Fatty, holding a copper clairvoyant in his hand, stretching his neck hard. Looking in the direction of Jiangjunpo, I muttered in my mouth, You said that the sun has set and it still won’t go down the mountain, my elder brother is really the one who hangs up Bigu Mrs. Cao, that’s called hanging beams and thorns, don’t talk nonsense, give me clairvoyance, this fake girl often fakes It’s a pity that the direction is a bit problematic, not like a lady like a shrew, especially loves to pinch people with a pair of chicken paws. As soon as he stretches out his hand, Ge Pangxiao’s fat body hurts faintly, and he handed over his clairvoyance and told him, “Be careful if you break it. My father will make me into a pie, so-called thousand The inner eye is a small copper circle with five bats carved around it. The inner eye is covered with a piece of transparent glass. A rabbit ten miles away can see the male and female. The fat and small one is more delicate. Mrs.
Cao, left behind by my grandfather, held it fresh in her hand for a long time, lifted it up to look at the stars, and it was so clear.
Ge Pangxiao followed his gaze to look over and pointed out, “I know the one called Evening Star, also called Chang Geng, who taught me the same name as my elder brother, Mr.
Shen.” I remember Mrs. Cao, whoever curls her lips will be your elder brother.
Do you think they care about you? Chasing people with a shy face and insisting on recognizing your elder brother. Hey, wait and see if that is him, Ge Pangxiao, following his fingers Looking in the direction, I saw a boy holding a sword and lowering his head slowly walking down the general slope. Ge Pangxiao immediately rushed out as if he was not afraid of being haunted and rolled a mine. Brother, brother, he ran too fast. Stumbled on something at the foot of Jiangjun Slope, rolled out grumblingly, and rolled to the foot of the boy. Ge Pangxiao raised his head in disgrace, didn’t care to get up, and showed a silly smile flatteringly. Waiting for you for a day, the young man named Chang Geng retracted silently and almost stepped on Ge Pangxiao’s foot. Every time he saw Ge Pangxiao, he felt strange in his heart.
He thought that the butcher Ge, who had killed thousands of pigs, might be born with sharp eyes for so many years.
The son was slaughtered as a pig, but Chang Geng has a steady personality, his mouth is very kind, no matter what he thinks in his heart, he doesn’t say hurtful words, Chang Geng stretches out his hand to help Ge Pangxiao like a big brother, then pats the floating dirt on him and runs away, be careful not to break it I have something to do with you, Fatty Ge, Brother Changgeng, your father and they will be back soon tomorrow, we won’t be in class, you can go grab wild goose food with us, you will definitely beat the shit out of Little Monkey Li and the others Changgeng’s father is Xu Baihu, not his real father When he was two or three years old, Chang Geng came here with his widowed mother, Xiu Niang, to join his relatives. Unexpectedly, the relatives had already moved away with their families, and they just went back to the army.
Back to fill the house, Xu Baihu took people out of the customs to collect the tribute from the barbarians. Most of the time to return to the city is these two days. Cheese and dried meat are sprinkled to the side of the road along the way, which often attracts urchins to scramble to snatch it.
If there is such a serious matter, whoever can get Chang Geng to join his team will be invincible Chang Geng has been meticulous in martial arts since he was a child