The information has been updated please check the electronic audio Information gold card flies out of name Bai Xiaobais goal is to become a top

The gourmet system has come to the bedroom on the second floor of an ordinary restaurant on Chaotianmen Street, Jianghai City. The alarm clock rings endlessly, Bai Xiaobai squints his eyes, turns over, slaps the alarm clock on the head hard, he just wants to swear, suddenly remembers that today is a good day, he can’t kick the quilt and drag two slats After hastily brushing his teeth and washing his face, Bai Xiaobai walked to the kitchen on the first floor and started to get busy.
The little black dog at his feet kept circling around Bai Xiaobai. While he was not paying attention, he picked up a piece of good pork next to him and wanted to eat Xiao Hei. Wait a minute for that piece of meat, when Bai Xiaobai said this, it was already a step too late. The little black dog had already licked the pork several times with its long tongue, then looked at him with pitiful eyes and let it be eaten. Bai Xiaobai sighed helplessly. Tone, he originally planned to save this piece of meat for lunch to make sweet and sour pork ribs. Anyway, today is his birthday, so he will celebrate it for Xiao Hei too. The little black dog used to be a stray dog ​​a few years ago.
In front of the restaurant opened by Bai’s parents, the couple saw it as pitiful and adopted it, but good people don’t live long. A few years ago, Bai Xiaobai’s parents both died in a serious traffic accident. The deviating street left Bai Xiaobai with this small restaurant. The store has two floors. The second floor is housing and the first floor is a restaurant. There is only Bai Xiaobai in this restaurant, so he is both the boss and the chef. He is still the cashier and even the sanitation is handled by himself.
It stands to reason that he has several jobs and gets up early and works hard not to be lazy. A row of bustling commercial streets has been newly built in front of it. There are countless gourmet shops of all kinds. No one would bother to find this remote shop on the corner of the street. In addition, Bai Xiaobai is not a professional chef. He has watched his parents’ skills since childhood. I have learned a little bit by example. For example, in the morning, I sell tea, eggs, noodles and noodles.
At noon and evening, I sell fried rice with eggs.
There are also some ordinary home-cooked dishes, and there are no special dishes that are good at it. The catering industry is already highly competitive. The store has been unable to make ends meet and often loses money.
Bai Xiaobai has gritted his teeth and persevered in the past few years. After all, he doesn’t need to look at the boss’s color and earn a dead salary.
As usual, I was cleaning all kinds of ingredients in the sink. At this time, I don’t know where there is a sudden cool electronic sound. During the installation of the system, Bai Xiaobai was startled.
Is the mobile phone tied up by a fraudulent advertisement again? He took out the mobile phone and looked at the screen. It’s black and there’s no movement.
Could it be that it’s because Zhou Gong’s body was hollowed out yesterday? Even his brain is not working anymore. Bai Xiaobai splashed cold water on his face to wake up. The system is installed, congratulations, you have become the host Xiaobai, I am sure it is not my insanity but the real one.
There was a sound, but he looked around the small kitchen, where are there other people besides himself and Xiao Hei? The host doesn’t need to look for it.
The system is already installed in your brain.
How did you get into my brain? What do you want to do? Bai Xiaobai was frightened If you touch your brain, it won’t be some kind of virus system. You want to use yourself as a human experiment.
The host, this system is the latest high-tech developed by the planet. It is only hidden in the host’s brain consciousness and will not cause any physiological burden. Please rest assured that Bai Xiaobai heard this. The heart hanging in the sentence gradually let go and asked what system host are you? I am a top gourmet food system will help you become a top gourmet chef. It’s a good thing that just appeared, it’s a good thing that I can meet the host system, I need to check your physical condition, please relax, beep, beep, with a sound similar to an electric current, Bai Xiaobai suddenly feels that the muscles of his whole body are shaking, but this feeling is very subtle.
Massage is as comfortable as massage. After the scan, the host is very healthy and meets the health standards of a gourmet chef. Here is the host’s information. Gold card. Please check for errors.
A huge golden card popped out of my mind, on which was written my information, my name, Bai Xiaobai’s goal, to become a top gourmet cook with knowledge of both Chinese and Western, gender, male, age, ethnicity, Chinese, earth, human props, no tricks, no experience, no physical fitness, lock to master dishes, no cook Artistic talent, current food system level Xiaobai remarks blank Xiaobai reads his own information and asks the system why there is experience in the information, tricks, sure it’s not fighting, etc. What is the system level? Why is it me? The name Bai Xiaobai asked several questions in succession. The current level of the system host is Xiaobai, and he needs to work hard. The next level is Dabai Xiaobai Dabai is actually a level. Bai Xiaobai can’t wait.
If you want to become a gourmet chef, you must first have your own restaurant system.
This restaurant is mine. Bai Xiaobai patted his chest with a proud face and said that the system is aware of it. Please wait a moment.
Bai Xiaobai is a little speechless.
The restaurant is right in front of you The system actually still needs to sense it. After about 20 seconds, the system senses it. The host store has all the certificates and has the prerequisites to become a gourmet chef. You can go to the next step to decorate the store system. My store is very new and there is no need to redecorate it. Bai Xiaobai immediately Interruption system The decoration style of the electronic sound shop must meet the standards of the gourmet system in order to produce gourmet food.
The host level is low and cannot be refuted. Please close your eyes