The induction between them so he cant feel that this is Mu Xian little friend stop quickly Fang Dengs thunderous voice spreads across half of

Source 80 e-book uploaded with integrity and traveled all over the world. Pharmacist Mu Xian expressed pressure.
He was young and had a bright future, but he was unlucky to travel back ten thousand years ago.
Well, in this era of barren martial arts, it’s a good thing that I can use the profound knowledge and skills from my previous life.
Skills to open up the future, but only to find that this life is more difficult for me.
I have no money, no strength, no status. What is more deceitful is that I am born with no pulse and can’t cultivate. Mu Xian’s middle finger stands up to the sky.
Not enough to refine the holy pill, endless wealth, no strength in the bag, the best holy medicine, forging bones, plastic veins against the sky, changing fate, breaking the void, no status, then stepping on thousands of bones to ascend to the supreme throne that belongs to you The soil on the wide official road has been tanned to a snow-white color.
Stepping down a gray nest, the dust raised by the horseshoes is like wolf smoke. Three strong horses, one foot long and eight feet tall, are black like black dragons.
Galloping swiftly, the leading horse sat on top of a burly man with a height of nine feet. His body was muscular and twisted like steel. His square face was as calm as water, and his worry was hidden. Behind the horse was a decoration. The luxurious and exquisite carriage, under the driving of the big man, is as smooth as walking on the ground without any bumps, but no matter the gap of the long knife on the back of the big man, the strong smell of blood, or the glaring knife marks and sword wounds on both sides of the carriage, all tell the story of the carriage.
In the restless carriage along the way, a fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy in white robes was leaning on a tiger-skin soft couch. The boy had a pair of long and narrow phoenix eyes, and his eyebrows were like a crescent moon. His facial features were exquisite and full of beauty. The young man’s face showed a sickly paleness, and there was a deadly gray in his eyes. The young man held a handkerchief in the palm of his hands, and there was a small piece of black blood stasis in the center of the handkerchief. The young man stared at the blood stasis for a long time and couldn’t help showing a wry smile Among the seven kinds of elixir, there is dragon beard, ice fire fruit, buddha flame root, black heart demon soul flower, which is the ultimate elixir. Are you raising me like a medicine jar? It’s just that the person who feeds me the elixir doesn’t understand the principle of mutual generation and restraint of the five elements. Seventy Among the seven elixirs, there are at least eleven elixir medicines that have serious sexual conflicts. Not only will they not help stabilize my tendons at all, but they will kill me.
The white-robed boy carefully stuffed the handkerchief into the wide sleeve A trace of exhaustion that cannot be concealed flashed in the eyes of the stars, but the strange encounter that happened to him flashed across his mind like a horse on a horse. It has been half a month since he came to this world.
After experiencing the initial shock, panic and confusion, Mu Xian has completely figured it out. The world I live in now has also accepted the fact that I have traveled through. Mu Xian is the name in the memory of this body. He had another name in his previous life, but that name has no meaning to him at this moment.
In his previous life, Mu Xian was a person.
The orphan was brought up by Dandingzong and is the youngest and most outstanding alchemist of Dandingzong. He is deeply loved by the suzerain. Mu Xian is not complacent because of his talent and achievements in refining medicine. Let go of any spare time to finish reading all the collections in the Dandingzong.
The literature and martial arts are comprehensive.
The cultivation is also good.
Even the suzerain who has always been extremely picky about his disciples can’t find anything wrong with Mu Xian Mu Xian spent almost all his energy on refining medicine and learning, so that he didn’t understand the ugliness of human nature at all, and he didn’t realize the jealousy and resentment hidden under the amiable face of the sect’s senior brother, and was finally captured by his most trusted and respected senior brother. Even though Mu Xian succeeded in killing the elder brother before his death, the regret and resentment in Mu Xian’s heart could not be resolved. What Mu Xian never dreamed of was that when he opened his eyes again, he came to more than 20,000 years ago.
This is a barren era of martial arts, where a hundred schools of thought contend, and it is also an era where the law of the jungle is born in large numbers with strict ranks and sages.
In this life, Mu Xian is the young master of the Mu family in Shitang Town, under the jurisdiction of Yunmen County.
The meridian is dozens of times weaker than ordinary people, and it is necessary to feed medicine with secret methods from time to time to maintain life.
There is no possibility of embarking on the path of practice.
In order to prolong Mu Xian’s life, his parents have accumulated almost all the resources of the family on him.
Mu Xian has practiced for more than ten years, but he has only reached the initial stage of physical body. His physical strength is slightly better than that of ordinary people. In fact, Mu Xian’s parents did not expect Mu Xian to achieve success in martial arts.
They never forced Mu Xian to learn martial arts. Mu Xian was sent to the Yunyang College in the county city to study the theories of various schools of thought.
This time, the reason why Mu Xian rushed back from the school to his family was the news that his father died in the poisonous swamp forest in search of an elixir for his life.
The inside of the Zhong family was quite unsettled, but just after Mu Xian came out of the academy, he encountered a fierce surprise attack. Although all the enemies were dealt with by Ling Tian, ​​who was at a high level of the Condensation Realm, that is, the big man outside the carriage, Mu Xian was too weak.
But because of being overly frightened, he passed out and passed out, which gave him a chance to take advantage of it in 20,000 years. You can rest assured that you can’t fulfill your dreams. I will definitely fulfill your parents and relatives.
After uttering these words softly, Mu Xian’s body suddenly straightened a bit.
A mysterious and mysterious aura emanated from his body, making the originally weak young man a bit more sharp and ethereal. When Zhong regained his senses, he heard a whistling sound from outside, and then the carriage he was riding in stopped quickly and steadily, Xianer, you sit firmly in the carriage, no matter what happens outside, you don’t come out, Mu Xianzheng After asking what happened, Ling Tian was the first to tell. Mu Xian stretched out his pale and slender hands and gently opened a corner of the bead curtain, only to find that the official road in front of the carriage gradually disappeared.
It’s a dirt road that’s not wide